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Get It By Anyta Sunday,

  • Title: Get It
  • Author: Anyta Sunday
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 372
  • Format: ebook
  • Unrequited love is a bitch It sucks you into a narrowly focused world and leaves you blind as a bat to other thingsA prequel to William New and extended edition coming to Smashwords All Romance soon.
    Get It Unrequited love is a bitch It sucks you into a narrowly focused world and leaves you blind as a bat to other thingsA prequel to William New and extended edition coming to Smashwords All Romance soon

    One thought on “Get It”

    1. I m completely digging Anyta Sunday s writing it s just lovely Simple Effective.This is a short smigeon over 10,000 words candy sweet tale about a best friend who can t see what s in front of him There are no suprises, no twists, no shocks, no explicit sex, but it s just so sweetly written I m hooked.

    2. I have enjoyed all the stories by Ms Sunday that I have read, this short free is no exception.Unrequited love sucks and it s even worse when you can t just cut the person out of your life Benny and James are best friends and have been for yearsbut poor James has been in love with Benny the whole time, and Benny can t see what is right in front of him.It s sweet, gentle and very enjoyable story

    3. celebrityreaders.wordpressThis was a cute short story I loved how we got to see them come together It was nice to see Benny finally see what he had right in front of him.James was quite the forgiving character I ve been where he is and I had to walk away I m a huge fan of this author so I expected to love it as much as I did.

    4. 3.5 A very cute, short, friends to lovers type read Love Anyta Sunday s way of telling stories However, in this story, Benny s blindness to what s directly in front of him felt a bit exaggerated to me And again, there were some problems with editing and grammar slip ups.Since this is a free read I rounded up to four stars, anyway And it definitely is a recommended read for anyone reading the Enemies to Lovers series

    5. Cute, cute short read about two best friends who have been in love with each other for years One didn t know he was in love, and this story is about how he came to realise he was in love all the time.

    6. 3.5 starsCute Friends to Lovers short story I would have liked some internal connection with the first stories without depending on the blurb to know that it s related to next installment I prefer that a series explain itself, obviously excepting those where the link is by location or merely thematic.Read as part of Enemies to Lovers

    7. 4.5 starsA nice three part short story Benny was so much into Keith that he failed to recognize the obvious It took a visit from his sister to open his eyes about his best friend, James But, was it too late I really enjoyed reading this story It s short, but it manages to pack a nice flowing story.Recommended.

    8. Short but sweet This is a sort of prequel to the next book in the series, setting up Will s story and it s a short, but very sweet, exploratory how what we want is sometimes right under our noses

    9. The title is a bit misleading The two are never enemies but instead best friends One takes the other for granted and is blind to what s right in front of him Enjoyable characters and story.Typos See notes Blonde is a woman with blond hair, not a color, and a tick is a bloodsucking parasite, not a nervous habit That would be tic.

    10. It s funny how authors can write some of their best stuff when it is not published I absolutely loved this little short story based before the start of William.Ben and James are best friends and do practically everything together but unrequited love can be a bitch and Ben is heads over heels for Heath.I love when my favourite tropes are written well One person is crushing on someone who isn t that interested in him The other doesn t realise it is a lost cause, and the other watches from the side [...]

    11. What if you re in love with your best friend What if you re both guys What if one of you is tired of being the perfect wingman What if the other is blissfully oblivious Drunk, James steals a kiss arguing that he thought Benny was someone else and Benny STILL doesn t get it When he says the kiss didn t mean anything, James gives up Actually, it s really, really not pleasant I just asked him out He either didn t get it, or likely he shot me down James sighed Welcome to my world Then he stopped wa [...]

    12. Letto Ho dovuto andare a cercare questo piccolo regalo per capire un po la storia del 3 libro e il perch della rabbia di James verso Heart e questa una piccola parentesi della serie da nemici ad amanti, perch qui si tratta veramente di amici che diventano amanti, che sono appunto Benny e James, perch loro praticamente vivono gi quasi in un matrimonio senza sesso Dove un James ama alla follia il suo miglior amico e non dice niente, lasciando che lui abbia una cotta non corrisposta per il suo sosi [...]

    13. Poor clueless Benny He was so busy chasing someone who wasn t into him as other than a friend that he couldn t see what was right in front of him James.

    14. I just love this story.As a big fan of Anyta Sunday i reread this story Benny and James were perfect together in this story.

    15. I liked the author s previous books and writing style in general and this shorter piece was no exception I greatly admired James resolve in loving Benny and still being his best friend devotedly, even when Benny s stubborn pursuit of another mostly uninterested man obviously hurt James so much I feel ambivalent towards Benny who seemed nice enough, yet his blindness to James pretty obvious discomfort and the often selfish behaviour made him quite unappealing to me Perhaps if the story had ended [...]

    16. I liked this short story for the simple friends to lovers book that it is Benny, James, and Heath are all brand new characters in this series, though one of the guys will feature in book 3 along with a side character from book 2 Overall, the story was cute I would have preferred a little oomphf, because the set up seemed to wander a bit, but it was a quick read and had the best couple conflict resolution and ending in the entire series thus far A nice addition.

    17. Reviewed for Prism Book Alliance Stuffed is the story that stalled my reading of this series back when I started it in 2012 Part of me was eager to find out what happened to the two boys enemies from Shane and Trey s afterschool program Part of me couldn t bring myself to read their story Eventually, the story fell off my TBR, until it was resurrected by a friend on recently For full review see Prism Book Alliance prismbookalliance pos

    18. It s an adorable and cute freebie.I could write a review and actually the story deserves a review but there is already one written that explains very well what I want to say maybe because it s about the same story review show I love when you read a short story and in the end it felt like a whole book to you That s when the author told you enough.

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