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Loves of Yulian: Mother and Me, Part III By Julian Padowicz,

  • Title: Loves of Yulian: Mother and Me, Part III
  • Author: Julian Padowicz
  • ISBN: 9780897336161
  • Page: 232
  • Format: Paperback
  • Continues A ship in the harbor Chicago, Ill Academy Chicago Publishers, 2009.
    Loves of Yulian Mother and Me Part III Continues A ship in the harbor Chicago Ill Academy Chicago Publishers

    One thought on “Loves of Yulian: Mother and Me, Part III”

    1. Julian Padowicz concludes his three part memoir wonderfully in Loves of Yulian Fans of the first two books will be captivated once again, as Padowicz effortlessly describes the world through the eyes of a young child caught in the throes of first love and problems with communication, and although the stakes are slightly lower than before, and we are faced with daily life rather than daily survival the narration is no less enjoyable, and the pages turn just as easily Yulian and his mother are bot [...]

    2. A great conclusion to the three part fictionalized memoir by Julian Padowicz Written from the child s prospective as was the first two books , Loves of Yulian concludes Yulian s adventure that started way back in Nazi occupied Poland Regardless of what s at stake for our main characters in comparison to Mother and Me and A Ship in the Harbor, Loves of Yulian stands out for me in its conclusiveness and heartfelt insight Padowicz is at the top of his game in Loves of Yulian.

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