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  • Title: Hollow Faces, Merciless Moons
  • Author: William Scott Home
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 420
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A Weirdbook Special Edition
    Hollow Faces Merciless Moons A Weirdbook Special Edition

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    1. Quite incomparable strange stories with an incredible level of philosophical and occult erudition behind them Another thing about them that is incomparable is their sheer strangeness and oft nightmarish quality Home s themes and prose style are quite unlike anything else in recent weird and horror fiction His prose might appear difficult and overwritten, but I wouldn t describe it as poor or purple He isn t wasting words or engaging in description porn Rather, he is invoking very specific images [...]

    2. This collection s sole claim to fame is that Tom Ligotti once described is as unreadable Unreadable it certainly isn t, whatever else might be said about it, but I can sympathize with Ligotti nowadays, so much information lays easily available to everyone, and meaning of any obscure word can be deduced in a couple of seconds Back in 70s, this guy s vocabulary and the concepts from which he drew might have been a stumbling block even for those as intelligent and widely deeply read as TL.Home hims [...]

    3. In these stories, William Scott Home pulls off a veritable rape of the psyche in this Poe esque and dreamlike dismantling of the brain.Each story is sort of arcane, taking place in the far past, with soldiers or woodsmen or out of civilization figures And primitives, usually afflicted with some awful curse.Home spares the reader nothing Every story has the power of a lucid dream that the reader cannot escape from upon waking Some of the stories are like bits of dream that most of us would keep o [...]

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