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When Michael Calls By John Farris,

  • Title: When Michael Calls
  • Author: John Farris
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 476
  • Format: Paperback
  • When Helen Connolly receives a phone call from a little boy claiming to be her nephew Michael, she must discover if the caller is indeed Michael and what he wants, because Michael has been dead for sixteen years Originally in paperback.
    When Michael Calls When Helen Connolly receives a phone call from a little boy claiming to be her nephew Michael she must discover if the caller is indeed Michael and what he wants because Michael has been dead for si

    One thought on “When Michael Calls”

    1. My Description Don t answer the phone because Micheal knows your number Helen Connolly s young nephew died in a tragic weather related accident 16 years ago She begins to receive harassing phone calls from him Is it the ghost of young Micheal or was he ever really dead My Review This was a pretty cool mystery It had downright terrifying parts, one in particular, for me This book reminded me a lot of The Black Eyed kids you always read about in ghost stories The book is set in the Fall, so it s a [...]

    2. This was my first Farris book and a quick read at that It was very creepy with the phone calls from a dead boy The killings were very mysterious and i felt like this started out as horror, but then turned out into a whodunit mystery Once it was revealed as to who the killer was, i lost a little interest Overall it was very entertaining and well written I have about 5 other books from this author including All heads turn as the hunt goes by May leave that one for last Great first read though with [...]

    3. When Michael Calls is a terrific and frightening mystery novel, telling the story of a woman who finds that she can t trust anyone in town because someone out there is making supposed prank calls claiming to be her deceased nephew But is it someone who is closer to home than she realizes Eerie, gripping and thrilling, this book is great and I really enjoyed it.

    4. I enjoyed the story quite a bit Nothing like mysterious phone calls from someone who is supposed to be dead Fast paced, lots of action and some pretty good scary scenes Now, it didn t keep me up at night or rechecking the back door locks, but it did entertain me Hey, after all, that s why I enjoy horror Sure, I d prefer to freak out at night, fixated at the slightly open closet door in the dark after reading a great horror story But this book, with its decent story and flowing action still made [...]

    5. I had plenty of library books but for some reason I picked up an old book of mine that had been sitting around forever It turned out to be very good, not too scary but very much of a page turner Recommended for readers who don t want to be scared too much, also harkens back to the days before smart phones and other technology changed our world.

    6. this is a book i remember reading as a teen I wanted to know if i would still enjoy it its a good teen story it reminded me how our world has changed the book discussed winding watches and buying a soda for 20 cents and with cell phones the story could never happen ha ha

    7. Read this thriller back when I was in Junior High it still holds up pretty well Has some genuine creepiness but the culprit is pretty obvious from the get go.

    8. Another great book by John Farris Again, he wove a plot twist I didn t see coming and had me spellbound from the first page to the last Don t miss this one

    9. Solid premise and there are a few suspenseful moments, but I just couldn t get into this Also, the ending was lame and creepy not in the good way.

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