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No Name By Wilkie Collins,

  • Title: No Name
  • Author: Wilkie Collins
  • ISBN: 9780192816481
  • Page: 280
  • Format: Paperback
  • Condemned by Victorian critics as immoral, but regarded today as a novel of outstanding social insight, No Name shows William Wilkie Collins as the height of his literary powers It is the story of two sisters, Magdalen and Norah, who discover after the deaths of their dearly beloved parents that the parents were not married at the time of their births Disinherited and ouCondemned by Victorian critics as immoral, but regarded today as a novel of outstanding social insight, No Name shows William Wilkie Collins as the height of his literary powers It is the story of two sisters, Magdalen and Norah, who discover after the deaths of their dearly beloved parents that the parents were not married at the time of their births Disinherited and ousted from their estate, they must fend for themselves and either resign themselves to their fate or determine to recover their wealth by whatever means.
    No Name Condemned by Victorian critics as immoral but regarded today as a novel of outstanding social insight No Name shows William Wilkie Collins as the height of his literary powers It is the story of two

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    1. Everything in the Vanstone household is just tickety boo until a father dear is killed in a train crash and b mama dear dies in childbirth so c their two lovely daughters are orphaned and there are complications whereby the estate is inherited by the estranged older brother who couldn t give a monkey s about the two lovely sisters so what are they to do Well, actually, Wilkie is only interested in Magdalen, the sexier of the two, so let s rephrase that, what is she to do Does shea upload the dem [...]

    2. Love you Mr Collins You never cease to amaze me with your writing and uncanny ability to suck me into your books which look to be a million pages, but read as if they are a few hundred I so enjoy the fact that you have always shown a respect and concern for women and you present them, while often flawed, as people you admire and trust Oftentimes Victorian authors belittle their female protagonists and have inauspicious fates awaiting those who do not walk the Victorian line hear that Mr Dickens [...]

    3. Before Wilkie Collins became an enormously successful novelist in the mid nineteenth century, he studied law with the intent of becoming an attorney Although he completed his studies he never actually practiced His knowledge and interest in the field is revealed in the plots of many of his novels No Name is an example of Collins training in estate law and the various intricacies of the rules and loopholes during that period in mid 19th century England The opening plot of No Name presents an inte [...]

    4. When I turned the last page of No Name my first thought was Why did I take so long to read this book , so much time wasted My only Collins experience had been some years ago with The woman in white and I wasn t disappointed But I don t know why I kept postponing starting this novel, which had been in my shelves for quite a long time Maybe its lenght, maybe in my humble opinion the too much simplified summary plot, maybe because I thought I knew what kind of book I was going to readWell, wasn t I [...]

    5. A thrilling classic with a strong female character, a plot full of twists and turns, but too many details Recommended for classic lovers.Two sisters in Victorian England the sensible and compliant Norah and the somewhat spoilt Magdalen Vanstone come from a good family At their parents sudden death, a family secret is revealed and the sisters are disinherited and become Nobody s Children Norah makes her way by becoming a governess, while Magdalen sets out on a cruise for justice and revenge, usin [...]

    6. Basically the plot a devastating legal issue Norah and Magdalen parents are not legally married Mr Vanstone was married before abroad and was not unable to divorce.The current Mr and Mrs lived together as husband and wife, finally made legal when the first wife died Before they could make a plan for the girls, both parents die, Andrew is killed in a local train crash and the mother dies in childbirth.Andrew s money goes to his older brother, who hated him and refuses to part with any of the mone [...]

    7. I liked this novel first as an exploration of what happens to a person who knowingly chooses an action they believe to be immoral The protagonist of this story has been injured by social s she considers unjust and therefore she disregards the conventions of the community in which she lives to extract her revenge upon the people she holds responsible for injuring her family I must admit, however, that 600 odd pages of this moral dilemma would have gotten tiring even for me, an enthusiast for Vict [...]

    8. This is a truly remarkable novel There were moments when I could see quite clearly where we were going, and yet this didn t detract from the pleasure of reading the novel because I wanted to know how the author would achieve this end And Wilkie Collins didn t disappoint It is a novel of a complicated structure, with a whole host of characters well worth reading for the feel of the 19th century alone The legal angle only adds to the pleasure.The plot is complex and centres around a series of situ [...]

    9. One of the few novels which treats deeply the stigma of illegitimacy in the Victorian times.This is the story of the Vanstone family After their father s death in a local train crash followed by their mother s death in childbirth, the two sisters, Norah and Magdalen, the girls discovered that their parents that their parents have only been married a few months and the wedding invalidated their will.They are forced then to face life by their own way with the help of their loyal governess Miss Gar [...]

    10. I stayed up way past midnight last night to finish this one, not because I was so engrossed but because I could not face another night reading it I have this problem with so many of the 19th century British novels which were serialized at their publication, they drag for me Had this been a third shorter, I would have given it 4 stars It had much of what I like in fiction exploration of an unjust social structure, personally and morally ambivalent characters, two cunning female figures whose wit [...]

    11. Late in the first half of the nineteenth century, Magdalen and her sister Norah are raised in comfort At the threshold of adulthood, they are thrust suddenly into a life far different than they expected The sisters choose different paths, and as Robert Frost noted, that has made all the difference The story follows Magdalen on her path She seeks retribution for the people she holds culpable of forcing the changes Without revealing a whole lot , some of the things that stand out for me here are b [...]

    12. A truly gothic, Victorian novel and considered very immoral at the time, I have to say that I have enjoyed this Wilkie Collins novel best of the three I ve tried I ve only finished two.Magdalen and her older sister Norah, lose both of their parents not far apart only to learn that they have no name because their parents were only legally married a year prior and their father had neglected to rewrite his will With nothing left but their personal belongings, they are kindly taken in by their gover [...]

    13. Having just read Peter Ackroyd s biography of Wilkie Collins I decided to jump straight into reading No Name Wow, its a great book full of Victorian melodrama and intrigue I know many do compare Collins to Dickens however, I have often found his stories to be Conan Doyle like as their mysterious plots often involve legalities and quirks of the law which in turn affect the characters in his novels Collins studied law prior to finding success as a novelist Both Collins and Dickens serialised thei [...]

    14. From wiki No Name 1862 by Wilkie Collins is a 19th century novel revolving around the issue of illegitimacy It was originally serialized in Charles Dickens s magazine All the Year Round before book publication.All the ingedients of a rollicking good mystery5 The Woman in White4 The Moonstone3 The Haunted Hotel3 The Law and The LadyTR Basil4 No Name3 The Frozen Deep4 Who Killed Zebedee3 The Dead Alive4 The Terribly Strange Bed

    15. Fantastic A gem of a novel, hidden behind the well known titles of The Woman In White and The Moonstone Collins has created a modern heroine in Magdalen Vanstone, willing to fight against the confines of the laws which have deprived her of inheritance, name, and standing in society And, a conventional Victorian heroine, in her sister, Norah Vanstone The story of their trials, set adrift by harsh circumstances, makes for a thrilling page turner

    16. Absolutely loved this book The heroine is ruthless and driven to obtain her rightful inheritance at any cost, and my sympathies were with her throughout the entire story Collins is a master at writing women and their inner turmoil and struggle against society s strictures being a rather unconventional fellow himself The prose is intricate and Victorian, but not in the manner of the worst excesses of the time He s a stellar author at his best and timeless.

    17. I have enjoyed several Willie Collins books, but it requires patience I don t currently have I always say about 19th century literature that they wanted a book that would last all winter I think it was last year, I read some of his The Law and the Lady, and I had the same feeling I have with this insipid plots appealing to a Victorian.

    18. No Name is the second of the four novels generally thought to be Collins s best, and I quite agree with general opinion The plot centers on two sisters, Magdalen and Norah Vanstone, who find out that when their parents die that they weren t married at the times of the sisters births, making them illegitimate thus, they are disinherited by law and cast out from their childhood home by their estranged uncle Norah submits to her fate and finds work as a governess, but Magdalen vows revenge and emba [...]

    19. I read this book in the late 70s, when I was in graduate school at NYU, taking a course in Victorian Literature Wilkie Collins is best known for the Woman in White, a thriller that is still produced on the stage today Collins has been called the father of the mystery story in English literature, he wrote some of the first modern thrillers This one, about two daughters who find out the unspeakable their parents were never married set out in the world to reclaim their inheritance, which they were [...]

    20. This was considered pretty scandalous in its day because it deals with the subject of illegitimacy It tells the story of Magdalene and Norah Vanstone, who are disinherited because of the sudden deaths of their parents The family money which was intended to be shared between them goes to a miserly cousin who treats them with utter contempt The sisters have very different personalities Norah humbly accepts her lot in life and seeks work as a governess Magdalene the name s a bit of a give away but [...]

    21. What I love about Wilkie Collins books at least those that I ve read so far are his strong female characters And No Name doesn t disappoint on this count Magdalen may be a touch naive she is only eighteen when our story begins but she has plenty of spunk and a great deal of courage too when one thinks about it Her sister Norah is a polar opposite of sorts, quietly accepting her lot, also strong but in a different sense her conduct in line with the s of the day Magdalen as a result has a tougher [...]

    22. You know a 600 page book must be amazing if I can read it in a week Honestly, I do not understand why Wilkie Collins is seldom read his prose, characterizations, and narrative structure are superior to those found in current popular thrillers.

    23. This is the first book of Wilkie Collins I have read and it won t be the last Don t you just love it when you can say that about an author Many people have highly recommended The Woman in White to me since but I decided to read this one first as it has been on my TBR for about 4 years.I actually remember buying it in Waterstones bookshop because I d never seen this title before and in fact haven t seen it in a bookshop since I had a good feeling about it then even though I put off reading it unt [...]

    24. What an amazing story Wilkie Collins is officially in my top 5 list of favorite classic authors I already loved his style in The Woman in White and the Moonstone , and this book was no exception.Dickens, his friend, said about this book I have gone through the Second Volume at a sitting and I find it wonderfully fine It is as far before and beyond The Woman in White as that was beyond the wretched common level of fiction writing I wouldn t have stopped reading the book if i didn t have to The st [...]

    25. This book took me quite a while to get through, not because it is a bad book but simply because it is a big one In fact it is a brilliant book and I thought it was better than both of Wilkie Collins most famous books, The Moonstone and The Woman in White It is the story of Magdalen, who is rather happy with her life when we first meet her Unfortunately tragedy strikes as tragedy has a habit of doing and both her parents die within a short while of each other Because the parents were never marrie [...]

    26. Nothing in this world is hidden forever The gold which has lain for centuries unsuspected in the ground, reveals itself one day on the surface Sand turns traitor, and betrays the footstep that has passed over it water gives back to the tell tale surface the body that has been drowned Fire itself leaves the confession, in ashes, of the substance consumed in it Hate breaks its prison secrecy in the thoughts, through the doorway of the eyes and Love finds the Judas who betrays it by a kiss Look whe [...]

    27. The hard handwriting of trouble had scored her face heavily at some past time Like many novels of himself and his friend Charlies Dickens, Wilkie Collins addresses a grave social injustice with a captivating story No Namedeals with the issues familial, legal and emotional of illegitimacy in the society which hyperventilates about most everything moral or sexual In fact, sex as a verb is never even alluded therein The lasting preservation of a secret is a miracle which this world has never seen S [...]

    28. Un Collins un po diverso dai precedenti libri che ho letto Nn un giallo ma, una storia realistica che tratta un tema abbastanza scottante come quello della condizione dei figli nati fuori dal matrimonio Un apparato narrativo abbastanza complesso, a tratti un po stucchevole, personaggi sempre egregiamente delineati, colpi di scena, suspense, e situazioni ad incastro che portano ad un finale con tanto di lieto fine, cosa abbastanza straordinaria per una protagonista, una sorta di fallen woman per [...]

    29. Quite the page turner Wilkie Collins certainly knew how to keep his readers coming back for of his serialised stories While the situation which causes such life changing circumstances for Norah and Magdalen Vanstone are infuriating, unfair and are devoid of common sense, such was the moralising of the Victorian era Wonderful characters abound Captain Wragge, Scalloway that he is, is much my favourite I do love the way he cures everyone at the end of the book.

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