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Hushed By Kelley York,

  • Title: Hushed
  • Author: Kelley York
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 484
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • He s saved her He s loved her He s killed for her.Eighteen year old Archer couldn t protect his best friend, Vivian, from what happened when they were kids, so he s never stopped trying to protect her from everything else It doesn t matter that Vivian only uses him when hopping from one toxic relationship to another Archer is always there, waiting to be noticed.Then aloHe s saved her He s loved her He s killed for her.Eighteen year old Archer couldn t protect his best friend, Vivian, from what happened when they were kids, so he s never stopped trying to protect her from everything else It doesn t matter that Vivian only uses him when hopping from one toxic relationship to another Archer is always there, waiting to be noticed.Then along comes Evan, the only person who s ever cared about Archer without a single string attached The harder he falls for Evan, the Archer sees Vivian for the manipulative hot mess she really is.But Viv has her hooks in deep, and when she finds out about the murders Archer s committed and his relationship with Evan, she threatens to turn him in if she doesn t get what she wants And what she wants is Evan s death, and for Archer to forfeit his last chance at redemption.
    Hushed He s saved her He s loved her He s killed for her Eighteen year old Archer couldn t protect his best friend Vivian from what happened when they were kids so he s never stopped trying to protect her

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    1. Attention This is a review for a queer book full of boy cuddles If this makes you thinkthen press back and if, however, your original thought wasthen gather round and have a listen.Okay so firstly, I loved this book But it s not all about boy cuddles either, it s a very, very dark book Archer is an 18 year old college student with a hit list Jay LeeRonny BrownBrody HiltonRichter SamuelsHector BarnesBobbyLike Dexter, Archer is killing because these people have done terrible things Unlike Dexter t [...]

    2. Hushed is definitely not a bedtime story It s dark, sinister and completely unorthodox Frankly, I thought it was brilliant We all know Dexter, right Michael C Hall 3 Hushed is basically a YA version of Dexter A little less gory, a little angst Everything about this book screams unconventional The plot, the relationships, even the twists are completely unexpected because it s so different from what we re used to seeing I found it refreshing, really Especially in the YA genre, it s rare and impre [...]

    3. Goddamn, this is good.I don t know how Kelley York does it, but it s like everything that comes out of her brain and fingers is magic.Don t get me wrong, it does have a few flaws I think I mean, there must have been something It s just that I couldn t see it.From the writing to the characters to the plot everything was masterfully narrated and fully developed.Beware of the gushing.Let s start with the writing, shall we It s quite original, to be honest It has something different, something very [...]

    4. 4.5 StarsSo many wonderful reviews about Hushed and deservedly so Yep I have to say it started with a bang A great, great story emotional and absorbing with so many twists and turns and what a fantastic ending, a welcome surprise and one I never expected The sign of a brilliant book for me is when the author manages to make me feel compassion and love, emotions I don t want or expect to feel for a murderer you want to hate him but you can t because he s so damn messed up The confusion guilt and [...]

    5. Read in October 2012.Wowwhat a thrilling, brillant story There are a lot of things going on in this book that make it a real page turner Kelley York creates a bad guy there are no illusions about how messed up Archer is and portrays him in a way that we find ourselves loving him and only wanting good things for him Archer has reasons for doing what he s doing In love with his best friend Vivian and put through so much in his life, he kills for her Vivian is evil and cruel, a master manipulator a [...]

    6. Bueno, para empezar, la historia tiene muchos puntos que la pueden definir como un clich , ya saben, el amigo enamorado de la amiga, el cl sico sujeto que trata de arreglar a la gente rota, y bla, bla, bla Pero, saben La trama es buena en esencia, y a n cuando se pueda pensar que el libro no es m s que una recopilaci n de cari itos entre dos chicos, la verdad es que, este es un libro bastante oscuro Y eso me agrad de sobremanera.Hay cosas que yo definitivamente habr a cambiado, pero el argumento [...]

    7. An intense, unconventional book about eighteen year old Archer and his best friend Vivian Ever since their youths they stuck together and told each other everything, but after something horrible happens to Vivian, Archer makes it his goal to kill everyone complicit in the crime His vendetta shifts when he meets Evan, the first person to take an interest in Archer for Archer s sake Vivian, however, does not approve of Evan, and she does her best to dismantle Archer and all he has accomplished eve [...]

    8. Wow This book has been on my kindle since February, and kept trying to raise it s head above water several timesbut always ended up sinking back down into the depths, not on THIS occasion however and let s have a quick peek at the dancing girlsWhat a fabulous book I m not going to waffle on herefe s too short and I m too busy This is a perfect example of what happens when a person, in this case Archer, is totally in thrall to another Vivian.d what a horrible bitch she was and will do literally a [...]

    9. This review is going to be the most subjective one I ve ever written I warned you.This book probably deals with very serious topics, but due to the fact that I couldn t connect to the characters and that I m a heartless ass and compassionate af, I couldn t really get into it So bear with me and my sarcasm And there will be a lot of it Again, I warned you.Something happened when Archer and Vivian were kids You don t have to be a genius to figure out what exactly happened even after reading first [...]

    10. I really don t know how to feel about this book Overall I enjoyed it.Apart from Evan, I didn t like any of the other characters I was meh about Archer and I totally detested Vivian There are so many characters with a twisted mind in this book Initially you begin to hate Archer and kinda like and support Vivian But at some point, you begin to feel the opposite There aren t many things I can say without spoiling the story, though it was predictable The book is fast paced and of course I am a sucke [...]

    11. Right off the bat, I want to say thanks to the publisher and the Fantasy YA Addicted group for the opportunity to read this book Wow, this is probably one the top five books I ve read this year.Amazing can t describe I was captivated by the first words and it never stopped until my stunned silence at the end Archer is probably the most flawed characters I ve ever read about, almost to the point of being non redeemable However, the book was still that good I can t think of words to describe the s [...]

    12. Ooooh, I really liked this one Review coming next week BECAUSE IT S SPRING BREAK, BITCHES No joke, I actually flailed.

    13. My thoughts Cover A simply dark cover in my opinion Because of it simplicity it catches your attention Not girl ified No bare chest model Like those but their overdone It catches your attention becuase of the the blood smears on his cheek I ask myself what happened when I see that Book When I saw it on in August and read the synopsis I immediately added it to my wishlist and it is still there I received a e ARC When I got a chance to review it after being declined a multiple number of times on N [...]

    14. Do monsters deserve a second chance Wow, this book is book is a tough one I was gripped from the beginning and although this isn t the typical romance, I loved it This book would not be for some readers It s dark and disturbing, it has it s brilliant points But at the end of the day it s not in everyone s comfort zone Mine just happens to be in my own comfort zone.To star off, Archer, to me, wasn t the evil bad guy some may see him as In love with his best friend and put through so much in his l [...]

    15. Have you ever read an or is it a lgbt book just for the cuteness, cuddles and the vanilla Admit it, you have.Well, it s ten times better when you read all that with a touch of darkness, serial killings and a straight love triangle included Hushed is about a teen boy who is after the rapist of his best friend, but instead of avenging her eye for an eye, he is out to kill them and making it look like an accident, he created a hit list and is doing his plan until he met Evan who made him feel guilt [...]

    16. It took me a while after finishing to figure out how to rate this book I couldn t decide if this book was absolutely brilliant and I loved it, or if it was too messed up and I hated it.After several day s worth of reflection, I m going to say that I liked it The book sits around a 3.5 for me and I had to ponder whether to round up or down with the stars I read the story in almost in one sitting, and consider it a high 4 for uniqueness and entertainment value What dragged it down a bit for me was [...]

    17. 2.5 stars rounding up to 3 This was my first Kelley York book and for the most part I enjoyed it However, it was too melodramatic for me and the events were so OTT and extreme that I had a hard time believing them I like reading about dark and messed up characters believe me these characters have major issues , but there was so much going on that I had a hard time even suspending disbelief It ended up being predictable and clich view spoiler I couldn t get over the fact that Archer committed mur [...]

    18. Hushed by Kelley YorkThis is one of the best novels I have read this month maybe even this year When I first received Hushed I thought it was going to be about a young man who is seeking revenge on behalf of his best friend Vivian He would do anything for her, even kill.So as we start reading this story Archer has just killed one of the men on his list, you see how his love and his need to protect Vivian is what is driving him to do these murders The you read about Vivian and Archer the you st [...]

    19. Five stars, for sure Loved it Seriously couldn t stop reading this one, and it takes a LOT to keep me up at night Completely creepy and compelling and just, wow When I started reading, I was really worried that Archer s attachment to Vivian wasn t going to have a suitable basis You know the type of book where a guy is so devoted to a woman that he s willing to kill for her that s not a spoiler, it s happening on the first page , but you never really understand why the devotion is there No worrie [...]

    20. Hushed Review on K BooksThis is one of the best books I have read this month, possibly this year This is the first thriller type book I have ever read and I always assumed it just wasn t my thing I am definitely of a romance kind of girl but when I was asked to review it and I read the blurb I was really intrigued It was phenomenal I am so glad I read this and I am now much open to these kinds of books I loved it.Archer has been in love with Vivian since they were kids He will do anything for [...]

    21. 3.5 STARS To stay or let go To keep going and see where his past decisions took him, or try grasping that second chance Do monsters get second chances My Vivian, Archer and Evan Archer has always been a little bit obsessed with his friend Vivian He is determined to do anything for her, even kill people who hurt her in the past Than he meets Evan, nice and shy guy Archer quickly becomes fascinated with him, espcecially when he realizes that Evan is the only one who gives not just take from Archer [...]

    22. I beta read this book, and you are going to love it It s dark and beautiful and totally unforgettableA Now we re getting near the release date, I feel the need to update this I will start this with a warning that this book is disturbing and does mix genres, so be prepared not to have your typical experince Some will love it I did , and I highly recommend giving it a try, especially if you re into dark edgy upper YA.The best part of this book is the characters I thought it would be like Dexter wh [...]

    23. Damn I feel strange for liking Archer so damn much This isn t so much a review as my rambling thoughts and feelings that probably only make sense to me LOL.Is it a good thing when an author writes a killer that you can totally feel for and sympathise with Archer stole my heart very early on and kept hold of it throughout this very emotional ride When I first started this book I was assuming Vivian would be the bitch I loved to hate, but this book went much deeper Strangely while I did dislike h [...]

    24. So Here is what I wish I could do right now I wish I could say Stop reading this review Do yourself a favor, go buy HUSHED Seriously That s how much I loved this book, I don t even care if you read my review, so long as you buy it This book seriously kicked my butt and rocked my worldSHED opens up with a very Dexter ish vibe, with main character Archer taking vengeance on the wicked And yes, as indicated in the synopsis, Archer is a murderer But, he s a good murderer, hence the Dexter reference [...]

    25. 4.5 stars This book, specifically the beginning was not what I expected and I honestly did not know how I was going to be able to accept Archer and find any redeeming quality in him Once I got past that, this book held me until the very end This is by no means a light and happy book and at most times its is dark and has some disturbing scenes I had to keep reminding myself that this was YA, because the characters just seemed older But in my opinion it is brilliantly written and had me not wanti [...]

    26. Do monsters get seconds chances Loved it and want to read it again immediately Its definitely not for most people or everyone, but I like weird, dark things Its definitely one of my favorite books I read in a long while The author writes characters you know you shouldn t like or care for, but yet she made me care for every one of them at different points Nothing is wasted and everything has a place and a purpose I wanted the book to end well and I felt that it ended exactly as it should have.

    27. Archer Pond is a killer.He is seeking vengeance for the brutal crime that took his best friend Vivian from him years ago and turned her into someone he doesn t even know Someone he isn t even sure he likes.He s made a list He s studied his victims And one by one he plans on making each of them pay for what they ve done.Archer Pond is a monster but he doesn t want to be.He wants to be free Free from the guilt he feels over what happened to Vivian Free from Vivian, who keeps pulling him back into [...]

    28. This book This book that kept me up most of the night and made me a basket case.I wanted to stay up even later and write this review while all the emotions were swirling and twirling in my brain Saner heads prevailed.The main question is, how the fuck do I write a review about a serial killer who I completely and utterly wanted to have a HEA I remember when I watched the movie Psycho, and I felt almost bad for Norman Bates I couldn t bring myself to hate him After all, was his madness completely [...]

    29. Well s my book Thank you to everyone who contributed to HUSHED in some form or another my wife, the Entangled Publishing team, my crit partner, my betas, and of course all you fantastic readers I adore you all.

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