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Dirt Candy: A Cookbook: Flavor-Forward Food from the Upstart New York City Vegetarian Restaurant By Amanda Cohen Grady Hendrix Amanda Cohen,

  • Title: Dirt Candy: A Cookbook: Flavor-Forward Food from the Upstart New York City Vegetarian Restaurant
  • Author: Amanda Cohen Grady Hendrix Amanda Cohen
  • ISBN: 9780307952172
  • Page: 185
  • Format: Paperback
  • Amanda Cohen does not play by the rules Her vegetable recipes are sophisticated and daring, beloved by omnivore, vegetarian, and vegan diners alike Dirt Candy A Cookbook shares the secrets to making her flavorful dishes from indulgent Stone Ground Grits with Pickled Shiitakes and Tempura Poached Egg, to hearty Smoked Cauliflower and Waffles with Horseradish Cream Sauce,Amanda Cohen does not play by the rules Her vegetable recipes are sophisticated and daring, beloved by omnivore, vegetarian, and vegan diners alike Dirt Candy A Cookbook shares the secrets to making her flavorful dishes from indulgent Stone Ground Grits with Pickled Shiitakes and Tempura Poached Egg, to hearty Smoked Cauliflower and Waffles with Horseradish Cream Sauce, to playfully addictive Popcorn Pudding with Caramel Popcorn It also details Amanda s crazy story of building a restaurant from the ground up to its currently being one of the hardest to get reservations in New York City all illustrated as a brilliant graphic novel Both a great read and a source of kitchen inspiration, Dirt Candy A Cookbook is a must have for any home cook looking to push the boundaries of vegetable cooking.
    Dirt Candy A Cookbook Flavor Forward Food from the Upstart New York City Vegetarian Restaurant Amanda Cohen does not play by the rules Her vegetable recipes are sophisticated and daring beloved by omnivore vegetarian and vegan diners alike Dirt Candy A Cookbook shares the secrets to making h

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    1. Read it as a regular book specifically a graphic novel memoir about the restaurant industry in Manhattan than as a cookbook, since the recipes are too time consuming even by my standards Despite a kind of irrelevant kung fu theme, the book is an amusing read that I d suggest to graphic memoir fans and anyone who is fascinated by the fine dining world The characters, both good and evil, are really brought to life, as are the struggles of trying to run a business, cook to please other people, and [...]

    2. I don t normally review cookbooks unless I really read them This book is half cookbook half graphic novel, something I think stands alone, and stands tall, all by itself Will I ever make the recipes Not likely They are long, involved, complicated, and some have really obscure ingredients This from a girl with a pantry full of obscure ingredients But will I use the favors, the floor combos, the recipe ideas as bases to come up with my own easy recipes Absolutely They all sound delicious, they are [...]

    3. LOVE this cookbook graphic novel While I will probably never make a thing in this book as it s filled with fine dining recipes that take A LOT of time except the pickles chapter, I will make EVERYTHING in that chapter , I still adore this book Here s what it s got going for it There s a chapter on pickled veggies Need I say The style of this book is awesome I found myself actually reading this like a graphic novel instead of just as a cookbook There are actual plots and stories So cool It truly [...]

    4. This adorable book is the Scott Pilgrim of cookbooks While I probably will not be making portobello mousse or rosemary cotton candy any time soon, there are some really interesting recipes in here that sound delightful.

    5. The graphic novel portion of this novel kept me reading Amanda Cohen compellingly describes what it s like to run up a restaurant and the logistical and personnel struggles involved With limited words and pictures, she seems grounded and appealingly honest She is not a perfect person, and she s not afraid to let us know A telling section of the book involves a pastry chef she basically admits to mistreating in her fervor for perfection.At the same time, the recipes didn t inspire me nearly as mu [...]

    6. I loved it The illustrations are lively and witty, and the writing is dense and interesting The recipes look fantastic, too I m looking forward to eating at Dirt Candy as soon as I can get a reservation.

    7. Part memoir, part cookbook, this is one ambitious package that doesn t quite succeed.There s a panel on p.28, detailing the Iron Chef judges reaction Amanda Cohen s dishes, that perfectly sums up this book Pondering Cohen s pickle and broccoli combination, Kelly Hu finds it confusing, while the competitor s is deemed illuminating And that s exactly it Given the abject mistreatment that vegetables often receive in the US, you d think that a recipe book that claims to do to flavor what Justin Timb [...]

    8. I was lucky enough to get a proof copy, and I loved reading yes, reading this cookbook I haven t tried the recipes yet, but they look interesting and delicious What sets this cookbook apart is the story This isn t just a collection of recipes it s a tale of opening a restaurant, opening a vegetable restaurant, being a chef, and it s all done through funny and witty comic sections.I m giving this 3.5 stars for readability, but I ll need to make some recipes before knowing for sure how to rate thi [...]

    9. It s a weird mix of cookbook, graphic novel and business memoir Dirt Candy is a small New York City vegan restaurant There s a few basic recipes that are helpful how to improve grits by cooking them in stock instead of water , but most of the recipes are for restaurant level training and preparation It is pretty defensive about vegan food and vegetables There are some nice parts like I Fell in Love with the Wrong Dish and how American cooking s fascination with French cuisine obscures Asian and [...]

    10. I enjoyed the comic story telling about what it was like for her to open and run her restaurant, although there were some uncomfortable representations at times The recipes were fascinating and inspiring if a bit complex for small portions they seem conducive to batching than home cooking, which makes sense Some of the recipe instructions were less than clear However, in the end, I do find myself wanting to visit the restaurant next time I m in NYC

    11. This was such a fun book It s a vegetarian cookbook in the form of a graphic novel The illustrations are phenomenal, the writing is hilarious and I cannot wait to try some of the recipes My favorite part is when Amanda challenges Iron Chef Morimoto in Kitchen Stadium What a blast.

    12. I really enjoyed this book I m not vegetarian or vegan, but these recipes and the story that surround them make me want to try and make everyone of them

    13. It s a graphic novel about Amanda Cohen s restaurant journey Refreshing format So enjoyable Even if you don t like cookbooks But, I really do like cookbooks.

    14. Before your mother was trying to get you to eat your vegetables, someone was doing the same to her All the way back to John Harvey Kellogg s vegetarian diet that was intended to restore the body s purity But what will I eat Kellogg s Corn Flakes, of course and Sylvester Graham s sweet and crunchy cure for onanism the Graham Cracker , American health foods have framed vegetables as bland, better for you alternatives to meat rather than the delicious ends in themselves that they are Dirt Candy aim [...]

    15. Maybe the publisher was afraid this would get shoehorned as a graphic novel and people would miss the parts that are a legit cookbook I feel like the average GoodReads surfer would probably miss that this is largely written in comics form, with speech bubbles and panels and things.This book is written very much through the voice of Cohen, the chef, but there are three authors listed on the cover.Ryan Dunlavey has copyright on the artwork, according to the verso Grady Hendrix is Cohen s husband I [...]

    16. Dirt Candy A Cookbook by Amanda Cohen Ryan Dunlavey with Grady Hendrix Flavor forward food from the upstart new york city vegetarian restaurant Graphic Novel what an incredible book I wish every cookbook could be graphic novel I loved the attitude of a business person juggling the life of opening a business, explaining her perspective on vegetarian food, and managing many people in her life The cookbook actually made sense to me overall, which is honestly a miracle, usually everything goes over [...]

    17. Dirt Candy is a graphic novel cookbook mashup Dirt Candy, the NYC restaurant, serves vegetable dishes innovative, weird but good vegetable dishes, going by the recipes in the book.The graphic novel bits are entertaining and interesting, covering cooking techniques and food history as well as things like how restaurants price their food, why restaurants often hire immigrants to wash dishes, and the stresses of cooking food for strangers for a living So the comics are informative but they re also [...]

    18. Oh, vegetables What did you ever do to us to deserve such hatred It s not your fault that you are microwaved into oblivion and tossed onto so many dinner tables as of a nutritional obligation than an actual dish to be enjoyed If you re lucky, maybe you get a quick shake of salt and pepper, or even a little dab of margarine, but all in all, vegetables are seen by a HUGE majority as the villain of the dinner table My personal childhood arch nemesis was frozen peas Dirt Candy is a hilarious read h [...]

    19. This book has some innovating features that I liked The sections of graphic novel narration give a new perspective, especially for some of the less than idealized parts of the presentation Some of the parts of the story of starting and running a restaurant get a bit politicized some commentary on illegal immigration for example which distracts from the cookbook purpose, but I do like how the author points out that she wants a realistic portrait of her business than a lot of recent books, tv sho [...]

    20. No start up company is without its hiccups and the restaurant business is one of the hardest ones there is Even when success has been assured, every day in the kitchen is a crisis waiting to happen A chef calls in sick and others scramble to take his place The vegetables you ordered are rotten and you pray that no one asks for that dish until you get them replaced Injuries are common, inevitable and potentially crippling Prepare for scar tissue.Ms Cohen knows all this first hand and her brillian [...]

    21. I didn t have high expectations for this book it was an assigned book club read and all I understood was that it was a cookbook and graphic novel in one I m down for both genres, but usually separately I found it cute, energetic and brief Just because the story is being depicted in illustrated panels doesn t mean you can t convey deep emotion or profound moments I was hoping to feel connected to the author and her journey of running a restaurant, but it seemed condensed and after any meaningful [...]

    22. Dirt Candy, a comic and collection of recipes by the chef of the eponymous restaurant, is an entertaining look into what she learned during the years of owning her restaurant There are some funny and heartfelt anecdotes that I enjoyed reading and in between those, there are recipes, which I mostly skipped The recipes were skipped because they were all just too complicated sounding to make for a meal at home.I found that Cohen contradicted herself at times, like first saying that vegetables shoul [...]

    23. Dirt Candy is such a delightful book I wonder why no one else has thought to create a graphic novel cookbook The illustrations add whimsy and humor to the text, but most importantly they make techniques VERY easy to follow The visual element really adds something extra to the recipes I hope to see of this The content is great too Cohen has a lot of truths to tell and myths to debunk about the restaurant industry and vegetable cooking My boyfriend is a chef and he laughed through the whole thing [...]

    24. This is a graphic novel cookbook Is that a first I actually thought I wouldn t like the comic aspect, but I liked that better than the recipes The recipes didn t particularly inspire the first recipe I came across Kimchi Donuts I think, yeah, I ll pass on that and some of the recipes tomato pearls involved strange substances not easily found at a regular grocery store Mostly it seemed like a ton of work I hoped to be swept away by new and interesting vegetarian entrees, but mostly was not I thin [...]

    25. I really enjoyed reading this one It s half graphic novel memoir about Amanda Cohen and her career as a chef including a stint on Iron Chef America and half recipe book The graphic novel part was really fun It got into the details of both the cooking and the business of running a successful restaurant It got uncomfortably political at points, but it added poignancy to the story The artwork is very Scott Pilgrim, but doesn t feel derivative The recipes, however, don t really match up with the fee [...]

    26. This memoir comic cookbook is entirely wonderful and unlike anything else I ve ever read There s some great general tips on how to cook properly as well as delicious looking recipes Reading about the process of opening and running a restaurant and prepping for Iron Chef was fascinating and throughout the narrative there s humorous asides that are supported by drawings of everything from drunk tomatoes to synchronized swimming butter Cohen also goes into the history of food and why we view vegeta [...]

    27. From the start, this is in no way an unbiased review I ve been going to Dirt Candy since it opened, and went enough times to get to know and love Amanda And no longer living in NYC, reading this felt like a trip down memory lane of all the dishes I had eaten there, even remembering ones I had forgotten asparagus paella for example This book made me feel homesick in the best way possible.That all said, I think I d love this book even if I didn t have the same history with the restaurant Funny, en [...]

    28. a graphic novel vegetable cookbook hits all of my WANT levers the recipes look tasty and inventive, with a good balance of challenging and I ll go home and try this compote sauce and the comic interludes are fun and informative, covering why are salads 14 to how it ended up costing 380,000 to open a tiny restaurant and we still were cooking without gas for the first 5 months to how to listen to the customer and when not to, and There are non vegan and vegan options and advice on how to properly [...]

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