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Encantamento By Alice Hoffman Ana Mendes Lopes,

  • Title: Encantamento
  • Author: Alice Hoffman Ana Mendes Lopes
  • ISBN: 9789895575534
  • Page: 178
  • Format: Paperback
  • Estrella deMadrigal pensava que sabia quem era filha, neta, irm , melhor amiga, amada Ela a Estrela no C u Nocturno, a Verdade no meio da Escurid o Mas, em Espanha, neste s culo cruel e impiedoso, a verdade um bem precioso e raro Os judeus que recusam a convers o ao Cristianismo arriscam tudo o que t m o amor, a vida, a fam lia e a f A certa altura, uma descoberEstrella deMadrigal pensava que sabia quem era filha, neta, irm , melhor amiga, amada Ela a Estrela no C u Nocturno, a Verdade no meio da Escurid o Mas, em Espanha, neste s culo cruel e impiedoso, a verdade um bem precioso e raro Os judeus que recusam a convers o ao Cristianismo arriscam tudo o que t m o amor, a vida, a fam lia e a f A certa altura, uma descoberta espantosa abala profundamente a exist ncia de Estrella E no entanto, esta mudan a devastadora provocada por algo pequeno e doce Um beijo O beijo de algu m que Estrella est proibida de amar medida que uma nova rapariga emerge do casulo de segredos no qual foi criada, a paix o desponta e a amizade desmorona se a trai o acaba por libertar um monstro maligno das profundezas da terra Estrella d por si numa situa o que nunca julgou ser poss vel algu m que nunca imaginou ser.
    Encantamento Estrella deMadrigal pensava que sabia quem era filha neta irm melhor amiga amada Ela a Estrela no C u Nocturno a Verdade no meio da Escurid o Mas em Espanha neste s culo cruel e impiedoso a v

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    1. This book is a beautiful telling of a horrific story Set in Spain in 1500, Estrella DeMadrigal is a normal teenage girl whose everyday life revolves around her well respected family and her best friend, Catalina The peaceful existence of her charmed childhood is disrupted when soldiers build a bonfire of books in the town s center.This barbaric act signals a rebirth of anti semitism and as the government decrees against Jews heighten, Estrella realizes that her family may have reason to be afrai [...]

    2. Such a gorgeous book I read this last May, and now have found my copy Incantation is the one of the best historical novels that I have ever read I couldn t put it down Incantation is thrilling, beautiful, and just unexplainable Update Even better the second time reading it

    3. Every time I sit down and read a book about the Spanish Inquisition, I m shocked all over again What pointless and horrid brutality And though I ve read a story with this theme and plot before, it still impacted me.Terrific writing style and prose, though I have to say the dialogue being all italics instead of in s is disconcerting.You have a girl in Spain during these troubled timese notices little things Her family crosses themselves differently, doesn t eat pork, has mysterious visitors, etc [...]

    4. The day the books burned in the plaza, Estrella s life began to change She caught her first glimpse of a different side of her best friend She felt the evilness which had come up and inhabited her town She saw a part of her mother that scared her the same way her grandmother always had.Estrella s town has always been divided Years ago, the Jews we all made to convert to Christianity or leave Some refused both, and were forced to the outskirts, living behind a gate On the other side of town lived [...]

    5. Alice Hoffman is an amazing author She has the ability to write each novel like a poem It feels like poetry, but with an incredible story to go along with it But each book is so extremely sad, which is a hard emotion to write Alice Hoffman s books are super great, and the emotions they can control is extraordinary Incantation, my second Hoffman book, is about a girl, Estrella, who is living in Spain in the 1500 s All her life, she has thought she was a Christian and thought she knew who she was [...]

    6. The length of this book was a blessing I enjoyed it, but really only because it mystified me as I read With cryptic language and almost ethereal imagery, I could picture things, but it was almost as if the author did not want to present the situation as wholly real The formatting was also unique, being divided by parts and scene breaks alone I actually grew to like this and it assisted me in reading the book so quickly Looking at another of Hoffman s books, I believe it is a style she utilizes a [...]

    7. As others have said, this is a well written book about a little known period in time The Jews in Spain in the 1500 s were forced to become Christian Some chose to hide their true religion and lived a double life It s sweet, and bitter You know something terrible will happen, but you hold out hope until the very endI loved the main character Alice Hoffman did an excellent job of letting us witness the evil of the world through innocent eyes Beautiful, terrifying, hopeful, tender, harsh, real, won [...]

    8. I started this book yesterday morning and finished it by the evening It s not a long book, but it is a very heavy and emotional story From the beginning, I knew I was going to be swept away into a very dark time in Spanish history A time that always angers and saddens me so much And I was right I felt every bit of Estrella s narration, very deeply Estrella and her neighbour, Catalina, have been best friends since they were babies Estrella always likes to say that they look like sisters, and even [...]

    9. Some people say, Save yourself and you save your life.I say Be yourself and you save your soul.Incantation is the first young adult book I ve read by the wonderful Alice Hoffman and the first book I ve read about the persecution of Jewish people during the Spanish Inquisition During that time, instead of constantly running, many Jewish people pretended to be Christian in order to set down roots and start a family, while keeping their Jewish faith and customs alive in secret The Inquisition was m [...]

    10. A yeoman effort, telling the story of a young girl living in Spain during the time of Ferdinand Isabella i.e the Inquisition The fact that she is Jewish is kept from her until events prevent it from remaining a secret any longer This historical fiction is a one day read, quick and easy It s a bit of a paint by numbers plot replete with predictable Christian villains and Jewish and Muslim victims In short, almost didactic in its approach, which takes something away but doesn t change the fact tha [...]

    11. What can be said of Hoffman than has already been said Pure poetry, insightful messages, great setting, important topic of how Jews were treated during the Spanish Inquisition This is a YA novel, but the topic is brutal, so I would not give this to a very young or sensitive child But a great gift for an older child and adults who love history and are eager to learn about other cultures.

    12. by Stephany G Some people say, save yourself and save your life I say, be yourself and save your soul If one were to read this quote on would think of a wise man that had gone through many difficult situations, but this quote was of the lips of a young teenager, sixteen years of age to be exact Incantation is one of the most intriguing yet realistic books in the market to date, showing the intensive life of many people during the period of Jewish hatred 1500.This book uses elements in literature [...]

    13. I had no idea that Hoffman had written any books for young adults when I requested this from the library I was rather surprised, but decided to give it a go anyway, as the storyline sounded rather intriguing Whilst not as engaging as a lot of Hoffman s adult books, some of the writing here is lovely, particularly when she discusses colour There are certainly a lot of issues here which are of relevance to the modern world, as Hoffman intended An interesting novel, but not one which I would recomm [...]

    14. For young Estrella, living in Encaleflora, Spain is all she s ever known Staying with her grandfather, grandmother, mother, and brother Louis, Estrella has many questions about her life but never fully understands or gets answers about her family traditions When all seems right, Estrella s best friend Catalina rushes her to the plaza where something exciting is happening There Estrella finds a Marano or Jew that has been caught keeping a book It is burned while the man cry s and is mocked by the [...]

    15. Tendo j ouvido falar maravilhas desta autora e tendo adorado o filme Da magia sedu o , entrei com elevadas expectativas na leitura deste livro Pois qual n o foi o meu espanto quando come o a ler e vejo que este livro n o tem nada de m gico ou mesmo fant stico N o consigo de todo perceber qual foi a ideia da Gailivro em public lo dentro da colec o 1001 Mundos.Foi uma sorte eu ter lido anteriormente um outro livro que explicava o mundo dos Marranos o que me facilitou e muito a compreens o do que e [...]

    16. So I wasn t convinced this was the Spanish Inquisition I mean, clearly, that is when it is supposed to be set, but something about the language and the freedom enjoyed by Estrella and Catalina just didn t feel like 1500s to me The language was also just too flippant.That said, it was certainly a compelling and short book Seriously, it was less than 2 hours concentrated reading in a period of 7 hours total It was not very complex, but well done.I think my favorite passages all had to do with love [...]

    17. Alice Hoffman is known for writing fantasy books, but Incantation should be classified as historical fiction Set in medieval Spain, Incantaion is a story about friendship, betrayal, identity, and religious persecution Estrella deMadrigal lives in the Spanish village of Encaleflora with her mother, grandmother, and grandfather Her brother is away at seminary studying to be a priest Estrella s life seems idyllic until the Spanish Inquisition comes to Encaleflora and Estrella begins to question eve [...]

    18. Se suma a las mejores lecturas del a o y entra a mis libros favoritos.Con este libro me puse a pensar en religi n s , es raro pero cierto Est situado en Espa a durante la Inquisici n Espa ola y de nuevo hay jud os discriminados, pero, no es la misma crueldad que tuvo Hitler durante el Holocausto que las muertes que hubo por parte de la religi n cat lica durante la Inquisici n Para m , s es lo mismo, es muerte, es barbarie humana y con la situaci n que vive mi pa s actualmente M xico me averg enz [...]

    19. This woman creeps me out in a good way Her simplicity is masterful In Incantations she sets you up with a young girl s innocent observations Like this paragraph At first I thought the soldiers were burning doves White things were rising into the sky I felt so sad for those poor burning birds, then I realized the burning pile was made of books Pages flew upward, disappearing, turning to embers and ash, drifting into nothingness And then slowly you find out the ominous reason they were burning boo [...]

    20. I love the rich true voice of Alice Hoffman it seems as if each of her books takes me to a private moment in a corner of a well developed moment of time I ve no doubt as I read that these people have lived long and well before we entered their lives at the beginning of the story, and that at least some of them will continue on long after we close the back cover or turn off the Kindle In this short visit to Jews trying to survive as pseudo Catholics in a dangerous time in Spain As the story of he [...]

    21. This is my first book by Alice Hoffman but not my last This novel, set during the Spanish Inquisition, was filled with exquisite wording that filled me with intense emotion as I walked along with Estrella Demadrigal as she uncovers her true Jewish heritage Estrella, a young teen on the brink of womanhood, learns that to be yourself and you save yourself is the most important lesson her family s persecution had taught her The story is filled with such raw emotion that, at times, it takes courage [...]

    22. A very quick read, perfect for a rainy weekend This is a historical novel, about a young girl and her family They are Jews living as Christians during the Spanish Inquisition era Such a sad story of betrayal, human cruelty and ultimately survival I actually got teary eyed at the end of this book, which is unusual for me I read lots of horror, fantasy and mystery thriller type books, but when it comes to horror, nothing compares to the reality of how cruel humans have been and continue to be to o [...]

    23. I read this book in a matter of hours, I thought it was beautifully written I am becoming a big fan of Alice Hoffman It is set in Spain in the 1500 s during the inquisition Estrella does not know that her family is secretly jewish Even though their family has lived in the area for 5 hundred years, they are arrested and taken for being jewish, based on some very thin information It is the story of dealing with this and Estrella learning her family secrets It is a time in history that is not often [...]

    24. This is a powerful story about a young girl s awakening to the truth about her life It s steeped in ritual and poignancy a slice of life in a terrible time in history And yet it s also a story of love and survival This is definitely a book for my keeper shelf.

    25. I really liked this book For kids that are interested in historical fiction and like gritty reads, this book is for them It is a look at the way Jews were treated in 17th century Spain.

    26. Exquisitely mild depiction of the Spanish Inquistion but gruesome tale for teens A young girls entrance into the real world of prejudice and religious inequality A tale that needed to be short to provide the impactful punch that was intended.

    27. Catalina and Esrtrella are best friends who live in a small village in Spain They are such good friends that people cal them Raven and Crow THey look like each other even THe first part of the book dewcribes the life of Estrella who the story revolves around The mother is ffreinds with a family in the muslim quarter with a doctor and a wife who is terminally ill Her mother is a knowledgable healer and knows how to seww clothes THe Grand father teaches students late into the night and grandmother [...]

    28. A story that will embrace young and old readers alike, this tale tells the story of a young girl struggling to find her place in a segregated society Set during the time of the Spanish Inquisition, Estrella de Madrigal learns than she could have ever hoped about the importance of family, friends, love, and faith in herself and all those around her Her life reflects her struggle to conform to something that she isn t, and find her place in a society where she doesn t dread losing those she cares [...]

    29. The story Incantation took place in the 1500s in the country of Spain This story represented a lot of history especially several scenes about the the Spanish Inquisition War, crime, violence were only a few things that happen in the 1500s of Spain, listen to the story of a girl and her friend fighting through the biggest war they had seen and gone through In Incantation, Alice Hoffman implemented history well into each scene of the novel however, the story of the characters was confusing when ca [...]

    30. I appreciated the time period and perspective of this book 15th century girl during the Spanish Inquisition but ultimately found it sort of lacking It isn t a very long book, but I think that that might be the problem view spoiler We don t get to spend enough time with Catalina, and her friendship with Estrella seems very shallow, so when Catalina ends up betraying Estrella, it doesn t seem like such a blow By the same token, although the romantic interest with Andres isn t appreciatively the ma [...]

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