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Crater Lake: Battle for Wizard Island By Steve Westover,

  • Title: Crater Lake: Battle for Wizard Island
  • Author: Steve Westover
  • ISBN: 9781599559605
  • Page: 298
  • Format: Hardcover
  • While visiting his crazy Uncle Bart at Crater Lake National Park, thirteen year old Ethan s world collapses when all the adults at Crater Lake disappear, including his parents Now Ethan must rally his new friends and decipher the legends of Crater Lake to find the key to rescuing his parents from their earthen prison before he s captured too and their captivity becomes peWhile visiting his crazy Uncle Bart at Crater Lake National Park, thirteen year old Ethan s world collapses when all the adults at Crater Lake disappear, including his parents Now Ethan must rally his new friends and decipher the legends of Crater Lake to find the key to rescuing his parents from their earthen prison before he s captured too and their captivity becomes permanent.
    Crater Lake Battle for Wizard Island While visiting his crazy Uncle Bart at Crater Lake National Park thirteen year old Ethan s world collapses when all the adults at Crater Lake disappear including his parents Now Ethan must rally his

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    1. Really good book, though I kinda wish it wasn t set up for a series, since just the rescuing of the parents took up so much, it would be a better standalone Yep.

    2. CRATER LAKE Battle for Wizard Islandby Steve WestoverEthan is being taken to spend a week with Uncle Bart at Crater Lake National Park His mom, dad, and little sister Jordan are going to spend the day hiking before they leave Ethan Uncle Bart tells them the history of Crater Lake how it was created when Mt Mazama erupted 77,000 years ago creating a massive crater Ethan could care less about what Uncle Bart has to say, especially when he sees Allie, a teenaged girl who is going hiking with her pa [...]

    3. On the cover of the book, Crater Lake Battle For Wizard Island it also has the words, An ancient evil lurks in the depths It sum up the book, I think the blurb on the back does a nice job It says, While visiting his crazy Uncle Bart at Crater Lake National Park, thirteen year old Ethan s world collapses when all the adults at Crater Lake disappear, including his parents Now Ethan must rally his new friends and decipher the legends of Crater Lake to find the key to rescuing his parents from their [...]

    4. I ve never been to Crater Lake Actually, that s not truewhen my mother was alive she told me that I did see Crater Lake when I was only a few months old Had the events that take place in Steve Westover s new novel, Crater Lake Battle For Wizard Island actually happened when I was there as an infant, I would have been in REAL trouble Westover combines mystical creatures, Native American legends, the awkwardness of teenage years, and a battle for survival into a story that both entertains and keep [...]

    5. Review of Crater Lake, by Steve WestoverSteve Westover asked me to review the advance review copy of his middle grade adventure and fantasy fiction, Crater Lake the Battle For Wizard Island.Crater Lake was a fun and interesting read It will appeal to its intended audience, and it is a rarity a story directed to middle grade boys We need of those.I felt that the legend, geography, mythology and overall imaginative conceptualization of the world of Crater Lake were very well done The characters a [...]

    6. 5 kids An adventure Magic This is so me for many reasons, and that s exactly what i got it The cover only, promise you a wild adventure.Steve Westover s writing can be called captivating The world he created is amazingly described and really alive The mixing of magic in our world, with native americans, and kids trying to save the world was done incredibly well and believable And that s exactly what hold you into the book Not that the story, is not good Is quite interesting actually with many su [...]

    7. Ethan is not quite sure how he s going to survive the week that his parents are going to leave him with his crazy Uncle Bart at Crater Lake National Park Uncle Bart is a park ranger there, and there are lots of cool things to see and do, including a cute girl named Ally, but still, crazy Uncle Bart But Ethan s parents and his sister Jordan are at least planning to stay for the day, so he ll try to make the best of that Ethan, Jordan and Ally and their parents decide to go for a little hike, but [...]

    8. What an excellently captivating middle grade novel Steve Westover draws you in from the start Tied into the fantasy is a wonderful mystery involving kids who have to figure out what happened to their parents, find them, and figure out how to rescue them There is a lot of mythology surrounding Crater Lake and Wizard Island intricately intertwined throughout the story That, and the vivid descriptions of Crater Lake led me to search out the actual images for the real life lake The accuracy and bril [...]

    9. Ethan is reluctantly planning to spend some time at Crater Lake with his Crazy Uncle Bart, the park ranger When the family arrives Uncle Bart tells them the legend of Crater Lake, which Ethan ignores Ethan s family stay and take the kids on a hike, where they are joined by Allie s family While the kids are exploring their parents are sucked into the ground Jacob and Brady are Boy Scouts, whose whole troop disappears.All of the people over 16 have disappeared from Crater Lake, leaving 5 kids, Eth [...]

    10. Adventure, adventure, adventure That s how I would sum up this book Throw in a bit of magic and a common purpose and you get a great book There are several kids, brought together by the traumatic experience of watching their parents disappear In order to save them, they band together and face the challenges Swimming through freezing waters, exploring underground, fighting creatures, and near death experiences will keep you interested and entertained all the way through.This is a middle grade boo [...]

    11. My Opinion Amazingly written YA book Crater Lake is great for middle grade teens I have two so I know It was a fantastic, engaging adventure right from the beginning when we met Ethan and Jordan The last thing Ethan wants to do is spend two weeks at his Uncle s His Uncle begins to tell him stories of Crater Lake and as we go on you begin to realize that there might be truth to them We meet a lot of great characters in this book and you really get to watch them grow as the story goes on Ethan eve [...]

    12. I realized a long time ago that I usually enjoy MG titles from Cedar Fort Publishing I only review books I like well enough to recommend, and last year from Cedar Fort I reviewed multiple strong MG stories including Guardians of the Hidden Scepter, The Last Archangel, Huber Hill and the Dead Man s Treasure, Skipping Stones at the center of the Earth, and recently, Time Gangsters.Crater Lake is another story I can gladly add to that list I love the setting of this story The kids from different g [...]

    13. found Crater Lake a perfect book for tweens, a wonderful adventure for sure The book starts out with readers getting to meet Ethan and his family which includes his little sister Jordan This trip is one that Ethan is forced to go on , one he is bored on from the very beginning, even as his Uncle begins to tell about the native aspects of the stories that surround Crater Lake Little by little you get to meet an array of characters , some scouts, a girl that Ethan gets a crush on , even a Native t [...]

    14. Strange things are happening at Crater Lake, people are being swallowed into the ground No, it s not like quicksand It is a bizarre, unusual occcurance The ground has devoured everyone over the age of 16 Sounds like it might be a kids dream, but it turns into a nightmare Sound like fun This is an incredible book Would have been great as a stand alone book but it s even better knowing it s the beginning of a series and there are like this to come The characters are rich and engaging Their intera [...]

    15. All of the adults at the park have disappeared in front of loved ones eyes Those only under the age of 16 are still around Ethan, Jordan, Allie, Jacob and Brady, team up to try and figure out what has happened to all of the adults A Native American boy, Che Tan, shows up to help the teens in their search They soon find that Che tan is a magical being, who one minute is a boy, and the next he turns into several birds The teen characters all play very important roles that go along with their stren [...]

    16. I love reading books based on Native American legends since I am part Native American This one spooked me out a little, because the Chiefs were still alive Then we were seeing through so many different people s viewpoints Like the couple that disappears after a very scary afternoon I m hoping the sequel clears up why they were portrayed in this book I can t imagine everyone over the age of 16 just disappearing Poor kids Luckily they weren t younger I didn t like all the fighting but I just skim [...]

    17. This was one of those books that you re not sure if you ll like or not, but you re curious enough about it that you want to read it.It took me a few chapters to get really interested, but once I hit that spot, I was hooked I wanted to find out what else was going to happen, and I wanted to know now I didn t want to do anything else but read But, as we all know, ya have to eat and sleep sometimes Even still, I think I read it in just a few hours.There was adventure, bonding, mystery, adventure an [...]

    18. A really fantastic story Steve Westover develops his characters well They are all unique, and very enjoyable to read and live through The twists and turns of Crater Lake still have me guessing but Steve managed to give the book excellent closure as well I m very excited to read the next installment There were some POV moments that bothered me as I noticed in one of Steve s previous books but, even with that he navigates the story effortlessly and it s super easy to get lost in the adventure I re [...]

    19. I received a copy of this book from Cedar Fort Publishers, and am very glad I did This is a book for children 10 16, but was enjoyable even for me 20 s I enjoyed the Native American legends Steve Westover has added to his story They were believable although fictional, and coincided perfectly with the lives of his 5 main characters, Allie, Jacob, Ethan, Jordan, and Brady I would definitely recommend this book to any one looking for a good book for their child, or a quick young read for themselves [...]

    20. Battle for Wizard Island is the first book of the Crater Lake series and it was EXCELLENT I was pulled right in from chapter one and only put the book down when my munchkins insisted they needed Mom Steve Westover crafts a great mystery filled with suspense that will keep youth and adults on the edge of their seat I loved the characters, their attitudes, and interactions as they try to unravel ancient stories and clues I m definitely purchasing a print copy of this book I know my 11 year old dau [...]

    21. This was an interesting book All people age 16 or older have vanished from the area around Crater Lake There are 5 children left They are trying to find their parents and scout troops To bring everyone else back, they have to find, The Old Man , stab the conjurer in the eye, and their families and friends will come back This book is the first in a series I am looking forward to reading the rest of the books.

    22. A quick read I picked up because I knew the author in high school An action adventure for 11 14 year olds I think my boys will like it because of the Indian lore, transforming animals and zombies I would definitely want to read this before a trip to Crater Lake next summer I m hoping just to add to the fun I like it when authors use a real place to build their story in.

    23. Very fast paced and great book My friend won this book from the GoodReads first reads and let me borrow it It was awesome Good for teens and preteens Actioned packed and has some supernatural parts I hope the next one comes out soon, it has a cliffhanger ending.

    24. OH, now another book I have to wait for the next in the series to come out It really is a very fun and exciting read with lots of twists and turns It kept me guessing and involved all the way through

    25. If you like books with lots of adventure you will probably like this The story was fast paced and interesting.

    26. I would love to read this book I grew up near Crater Lake and visited several times What a fun setting for a book

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