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Daisy, Dad and the Huge, Small Surprise By Karen McCombie,

  • Title: Daisy, Dad and the Huge, Small Surprise
  • Author: Karen McCombie
  • ISBN: 9780439951821
  • Page: 182
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ally knows love makes you do funny stuff, but it doesn t really explain Grandma s behaviour Sure, she s got a lot on her mind with the wedding in just a few weeks, but Ally keeps overhearing whispered conversations on the phone and Grandma s being extremely secretive What is going on
    Daisy Dad and the Huge Small Surprise Ally knows love makes you do funny stuff but it doesn t really explain Grandma s behaviour Sure she s got a lot on her mind with the wedding in just a few weeks but Ally keeps overhearing whispered

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    1. SERIES REVIEW I have finally finished the series All fourteen books, in a space of ten days I read the first four books in the series when I was ten or eleven, and I adored them This January, I really felt like revisiting them, as well as continuing with the rest of the books in the series that were still in the garage I was scared that I wouldn t like them any in case I felt that they were too young for mebut I think I loved them even this time round IT WAS JUSTSO PERFECT sobs And I am now off [...]

    2. I picked this up, as you do, very cheap in a garden centre Having been years since I started this series, I went to the ultimate font of all knowledge to remind myself of who everyone was told me who was who and I started the book with a basic understanding of the characters and a vague memory of lots of cats and some fairy lights.I ended up enjoying it quite a lot, even if it only took a few hours of lazy reading to get through The humour might be immature, but it is funny and I remembered why [...]

    3. GENERAL REVIEW FOR THE ENTIRE SERIES Aww, man.I started reading these books when I was about nine years old I don t think I even read them in order at first, just got whichever ones I could find out of my schools library I loved them LOVED.Eventually I figured out the order and filled in the gaps And then proceeded to read the entire series about five times over Those were the times.Ally was my spirit animal in those days She was a little awkward, wasn t quite sure where she fit into her family, [...]

    4. While this series hasn t recaptured its edge, and now probably won t but you never know , this was better than the previous book Unfortunately Kyra really does seem to have lost all her best qualities, which is extremely disappointing, and the Sandie Billy romance is kind of annoying However, things are happening within the family again, and I do like Stanley Your dad has a fancy for someone A very well written character But honestly, Ally, stop being so bloody personal and lay off the poor guy [...]

    5. This book got a little confusing I m not one who likes change, so SPOILER ALERT when Daisy and Dad started getting cosy and Mum came back, I think it kind of spoiled the whole crazy family vibe Call me biased, but this book wasn t as funny as the others.

    6. S rie Alice a.Tuto s rii jsem naprosto milovala.Alice je velmi vtipn a bl zen.Obl bila jsem si celou rodinu a mimo to i Alfieho.Rozhodn doporu uji sice je Alice 13 let,ale mysl m, e kn ku si m ou p e st i star.

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