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What Can Be By Mary Calmes,

  • Title: What Can Be
  • Author: Mary Calmes
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 150
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Thirteen years ago, Eli went on a summer trip with his mother and never came back Now, existing in a new life as Jacob Somerville, he s again running from fear and memories, only to end up where he started As Jacob struggles to reconnect with his father and brothers, he realizes that his lover, Craig Zhao, was the only thing filling his empty heart and standing between hThirteen years ago, Eli went on a summer trip with his mother and never came back Now, existing in a new life as Jacob Somerville, he s again running from fear and memories, only to end up where he started As Jacob struggles to reconnect with his father and brothers, he realizes that his lover, Craig Zhao, was the only thing filling his empty heart and standing between him and ghosts of the past It will take the power of love from his family, from Craig, and from himself for Jacob to see that his life truly is filled with the promise of what can be.A novella from the Dreamspinner Press 2011 Advent Calendar package I ll Be Home for Christmas
    What Can Be Thirteen years ago Eli went on a summer trip with his mother and never came back Now existing in a new life as Jacob Somerville he s again running from fear and memories only to end up where he st

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    1. No one can Mary Calmes like Mary Calmes Mary Calmeses Many have tried to out Mary Calmes Mary Calmes, many have tried to imitate Mary Calmes, but only Mary Calmes can top Mary Calmes And that s Mary Calmes.Miss Mary was in full Mary mode with What Can Be From the minute I pressed play on the audiobook, I was in the Land o Mary and it made me roll my eyes and grin in sheer joy I feel I should warn you to not listen to or read Mary in public you may freak people out with your out of character gigg [...]

    2. BMB Reviews February Author of the MonthMary Calmes Jizzmas Sugar to be exact 3.5 stars O.M.G I thought this day would never come Mary Calmes is our AOTM for February flutters her wings like Tinkerbell I get like this when I see a new Mary Calmes book Happy with precious, don t want to part kinda feels.I am currently riding a MC sugar filled rush, so I ll just blurt out my feels on this story which was good but not a MC slammer Because Jizzmas It wasn t super saturated with Santa cum but manwas [...]

    3. Yep It was every bit as good as the first time I read it Bumping it up a star I ve had my latest dose of Calmes sugar crack And it was goooood.I just wanna dance and twirl and bask in the awesomeness that is Mary Calmes.What I don t have a problem I can stop any time, I swear Oh I almost forgot Mary Calmes is our February Author of the Month over at the blog SQUEEEEEEE

    4. 3.5 starsWell, wella surprising twist from our Queen O Fluff, Ms Calmes What Can Be is a bit darker than anything I ve read from QoF before And I quite enjoyed it It s about Eli Jorya 28 year old young man with secretsa past life kept secret from his current and a current life kept secret from his past The details of those secrets aren t revealed until the end, but the build up was quite suspenseful and I was entertained purely by the relationships in the story of the MC couple and the family dy [...]

    5. This ain t your typical Christmas story In fact, I think it may have broken my brain I need a minute to process my likes dislikes before rating.24 hours after readingDid I love it Or, did I hate it I still don t know Seriously You can t see me right now, but I have the most bewildered expression on my face The writing in this one felt kinda sparse But sometimes especially nearer the beginning of the story as Calmes was establishing her characters and laying the trail of WTF breadcrumbs for me I [...]

    6. very annoying how every character says how much he looks like his dead mother like in details the reader gets it, he is physically perfect and everyone loves him whole book everyone keeps saying how much he looks like his mom, even characters that already said it repeat it WHY although nothing really happened and i didn t like the MC he was 28 but acted like he was 13 Apparently growing up with a drug addict made him perfect perfect appearance, perfect manners, perfectly flawed, perfectly endear [...]

    7. A nice surprise and not what I was expecting, this had it all drama, tears, courage and love and I loved every little bit I adored Craig he is my hero the lovable sneak such a smarty who wouldn t give up on his skittish Jake Eli who runs when he feels overwhelmed and can t cope What he doesn t realize is it s too late Craig is not stupid he knows everything about Jake and what makes him tick the tactics he uses to find him are clever and I was cheering him on throughout his talks with Jake which [...]

    8. This one made me cry It was a lovely story of coming home, of facing your demons, and of realizing that the person you love the most is the person who gives you the courage to do just that Mary Calmes sets her stories in the land of the lovely and the rich and powerful, but that doesn t make her people any less human for all of that I loved Jake Eli, and I loved Craig their dialog was sweet and affectionate, and made all of Jake s healing apparent and possible Melodramatic Yes but I m a fan of m [...]

    9. Eli left California thirteen years ago with his mother for a summer vacation before school started back His mother needed a break from the pressures of being a successful man s wife and mother, and Eli needed to be away from a crush gone wrong, and to watch out for his mother They never came back.Until now Present day, Eli, driving through his home town after hightailing it away from his lover, Craig Zhou, is spotted by his younger brother as he stops for gas Funny the people you forgot till you [...]

    10. 3.5 starsWhat I do like the idea of love and devotion between Craig and Eli, it s simply awesome, my favorite scene will be when Craig is handling Eli view spoiler when he suffers the hysterical blindness hide spoiler I also like Eli s brothers The secret that keeps Eli away from his family for 13 years is dark and heartbreaking What I don t like, the way Eli refuses to talk about his past is a tad too long after several chapters Plus, I have to admit that the story is a bit melodramatic, in add [...]

    11. Maybe 3.5 As ever with Mary Calmes for me it s part YES and part eye roll.Book chat soon, with the unicorns.

    12. A lovely story that will bring you to tears but with a perfect ending Poor Eli is a beautiful character, his lover Craig is a real knight in shining armour, I loved them both Eli s story is heartbreaking but a must read For a short story this packs a lot in without feeling rushed or feeling like parts are missing Brilliantly told I had to read in one sitting as I couldn t wait to see all the hows and whys of Eli s disapearence.

    13. This story blew me away I wasn t really sure what was going on for a while, but had a feeling the mystery about to unravel was going to be devastating, interesting, or both It ended up being utterly emotional on top Not only was I totally invested in the main character who tells the story in first person, I was also fascinated by the psychology of what was going on, the slow reveal of the reasons behind his behavior and the final revelations and solution had me tearing up A truly amazing story, [...]

    14. I love that there s quite a bit of emotion packed into this novella and that it also includes a sprinkling of angst and some heated sexy times If I have one complaint it s that I would have liked for the end to have been fleshed out a bit , but that s about me being greedy and wanting of these characters than anything else.Please note This is classic Calmes where the main character Eli Jake is beautiful and beloved by all, andwell if you re a Calmes fan you know how it goes Just sayin.Robert N [...]

    15. Gallic Cheesy Elf, you are truly awesome Thank you so much for this gift You are spoiling me and I love it hugs For the shortness of the book, there is a lot covered here but I didn t feel like anything was missing at the end It was nicely wrapped up without being rushed.This is not a light, feel good Christmas story It s about a man with a horrible past who with the help of his family and his boyfriend is starting to heal after many years of running away and hiding from his memories and his emo [...]

    16. Someone needs to poke me in the eye the next time I try to read a Mary Calmes book This author is so not for me.

    17. 2.5 starsVery confusing story I was completely bored and confused for the first half, then something happened that ignited a little spark of interest in me.But after that it was boredom for me It s not that it was a bad story, it just wasn t the story for me.We have Eli, who hasn t seen his brothers and father for 13 years He disappeared with his mother when he was 17 Eli left his boyfriend , Craig, behind in Chicago even though it is clear he still loves him.Eli gets a very warm welcome from h [...]

    18. This story was great The end.But really, this story worked well for a short Taking up a few hours at work and making it not so boring The narrator worked well, giving Jacob Eli a nice husky inner voice that created quiet reflection rather than chaos and drama This was a dramatic story It was touching and intense, and emotionally draining I worried for Jacob I wondered what his damage was, and why he found it so difficult to trust, open up, and not flee from those who loved him.The story unfolded [...]

    19. Well color my ass surprised I want to give this 3.5 because there were some moments that felt a bit rushed, over the top, and not developed, but fuck it I liked this.

    20. This is definitely not your standard Christmas fare It s a story with mystery and intrigue as Eli returns to his family after 13 years As I read the first chapters I was full of questions why can t he stay Why has he not seen his family for so long Why has he changed his name This story is very much about Eli reconnecting with his family and gradually his story is unveiled We don t see much of Eli s boyfriend at the beginning of the story, just being introduced to him by a phone call but he feel [...]

    21. An emotionally driven short story from Mary Calmes with slightly darker undertones than her normal offerings Like another review I ve read about it I agree that the story would have proffered if it had been longer There was a lot to explore from each of Eli s Jacobs separate lives, but having said that it was still a satisfying read Not sure if I would want to reread it again but having read all her others I m glad I did give it a go.I like Mary Calmes books and am one of her readers who doesn [...]

    22. I really like this one 3.5 stars rounded up to 4 Very dramatic and dark, but I liked the characters Eli Jake is of course damaged and scarred by his ordeal He still has trouble dealing with the aftermath of his mother s death, but he is ready to close this page and move on to the next chapter of his life with the help of Craig and his family I usually like this writer s work, so no surprise here Liked the closure at the end.

    23. 3.5 rounded upA story made for eye rolling but I fell for it anyway I teared up, and I smiled, and my heart melted a little I really liked it The reactions from Eli s brothers and father got to me And Craighe was too good to be true, but I didn t care The feelings he had for Eli, the things he said sigh

    24. 3.5 stars Good holiday m m romance about a guy who hasn t seen his father or brothers for 13 years, since his mom took him and left Since then, he s avoided getting close to people except he has and now he s running away from that.

    25. That was fantastic I gotta say this story definitely had its Calmsisms but they were buried pretty deep The MC s story grew perfectly over the course of the story and it totally worked I loved the ending.I listened to the audio version and the narrator Robert Nieman was amazing There was a ton of dialog and he didn t get bogged down trying to do tons of different voices which worked well I ll definitely check to see what else he s narrated, really nice.

    26. There is something about Mary s writing and characters that makes me love them even when sometimes I want to yell at them This story was actually a bit of a surprise because it s a light, easy read and then it becomes deeper, delving into topics that made me, the reader, feel sympathy for the main character, Eli aka Jacob I loved Eli from the beginning but his constant need to evade everyone s questions frustrated me beyond belief Probably because I m one of those people that hate it when someon [...]

    27. This was 3.5 for me First, I really enjoy the way Mary writes Her characters come screaming into your life and you cannot help but go along for the ride That is exactly how I felt with What Can Be It opens at a gas station and someone calling the name Eli We are then taken into Eli s world where he has not seen his family for 13 years The story unfolds to a remarkable and at parts twisted story of how Eli became Jacob and what has happened over the last 13 years All through the story I just want [...]

    28. I really loved the conversation between Craig and Jake At first, I thought Craig would be a jackass but turns out, he s really a knight in shining armour I really don t understand why Jake didn t reach out in the first place Guilt remorse By god, he s only a freaking teenager His mom deserves what she got for the things she made Jake to suffer.

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