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Growing Up Tiny! By Art Baltazar Franco,

  • Title: Growing Up Tiny!
  • Author: Art Baltazar Franco
  • ISBN: 9781401235253
  • Page: 420
  • Format: Paperback
  • These all ages tales from the DC Universe, beautifully written and illustrated by Art Baltazar and Franco, will entertain new readers and seasoned fans of comics.
    Growing Up Tiny These all ages tales from the DC Universe beautifully written and illustrated by Art Baltazar and Franco will entertain new readers and seasoned fans of comics

    One thought on “Growing Up Tiny!”

    1. Like all the other Tiny Titans books, it s cute, silly, and probably most likely to be enjoyed by elementary age kids who ve watched the Teen Titans cartoon.

    2. My 7 year old picked this out at our local comic book store today Being new to comics, I knew nothing about the Tiny Titans After she was reading this book, laughing out loud hysterically and trying to tell me the story from the back of the car on the drive home I did a little research and am stoked to see that we have a lot of catching up to do Simple, light, humorous, and refreshingly not crude It s nice to see a comic appeal to kids without the typical cheap crude humor that kids these days t [...]

    3. While I do think the creators are talented on this series, I know every time I read a T.T book it s intended for children and it s not really meant for me as the target audience My children absolutely adore and love the book and that s all that matters I appreciate what the creators bring to the table, but often than not it s my kids that laugh out loud at the jokes not me This book continues to remain full of W I N for both young boys and girls.

    4. This volume covers pink clothes, flashpoint, the reboot and some love stories It hits all the right notes again to make me laugh out loud Yes, this is good for kids But if you know a bit about the main series continuity it is hilarious I just love the idea of Zod getting pizza delivered to the phantom zone And the reboot issue is really, really funny A great read.

    5. I remember the first time I encountered the Tiny Titans series which was a year ago , and this was the first issue that I saw Funny that I was in my Young Justice phase when I read this, so obviously the resemblance was quite striking Even after a year, this volume still holds a special place in my heart Aw yeah Titans

    6. This volume of Tiny Titans consists of a couple of themed issues Loved that Cassandra Kane and Barbara Gordon were in the same story I loved the pink issue and bizzaro love story This comic always makes me happy and I still very sorry that it has ended There should be one graphic novel out though

    7. Crushes, a tiny Justice League, and bizarros are just some of the fun appearances in this book Tiny Tutans continues to be adorable and a hoot to read

    8. This latest addition to this series is just as good as the others I know that kids who are fans of this series, are really going to enjoy this volume Another Tiny Titans hit

    9. 3 1 2 stars Adorable art, appropriate for young audiences I was on a Young Justice kick after watching the stellar short lived television show, so I m going through comic books now.

    10. Bit better than the previous one, but still it is getting boring So I am thinking of cutting the week short I still have one to go, but I really don t want to read it any .

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