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100 Sideways Miles By AndrewSmith,

  • Title: 100 Sideways Miles
  • Author: AndrewSmith
  • ISBN: 9781442444973
  • Page: 223
  • Format: ebook
  • 6 Parts 7 HoursFinn Easton sees the world through miles instead of minutes It s how he makes sense of the world, and how he tries to convince himself that he s a real boy and not just a character in his father s bestselling cult classic book Finn has two things going for him his best friend, the possibly insane but definitely excellent Cade Hernandez, and Julia Bishop,6 Parts 7 HoursFinn Easton sees the world through miles instead of minutes It s how he makes sense of the world, and how he tries to convince himself that he s a real boy and not just a character in his father s bestselling cult classic book Finn has two things going for him his best friend, the possibly insane but definitely excellent Cade Hernandez, and Julia Bishop, the first girl he s ever loved.Then Julia moves away, and Finn is heartbroken Feeling restless and trapped in the book, Finn embarks on a road trip with Cade to visit their college of choice in Oklahoma When an unexpected accident happens and the boys become unlikely heroes, they take an eye opening detour away from everything they thought they had planned and learn how to write their own destiny.
    Sideways Miles Parts HoursFinn Easton sees the world through miles instead of minutes It s how he makes sense of the world and how he tries to convince himself that he s a real boy and not just a character in h

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    1. Onvan 100 Sideways Miles Nevisande Andrew Smith ISBN 1442444959 ISBN13 9781442444959 Dar 277 Safhe Saal e Chap 2014

    2. I was actually surprised by how much I enjoyed this Andrew Smith is an author I m very familiar with, but if you re not and you decide to pick this or any of his books up , you re in for a real treat Truly, there is nothing like them that is done quite as well Crude in a total teenage boyish way, but not disgusting it s HILARIOUS I loved the plot of this book I love how Finn, our main character, is both silly yet intelligent I loved that he had a seizure condition it made the book so real He had [...]

    3. Find all of my reviews at 52bookminimum Sometimes books imitate life And sometimes books imitate lives that imitate books How do I even summarize 100 Sideways Miles Rather than blubber all over the page, I m going to use the author s own words to tell you what it s about A story involving alien visitors from outer space, an epileptic kid who doesn t really know where he came from, knackeries and dead horses falling a hundred sideways miles, abandoned prisons, a shadow play, moons and stars, and [...]

    4. I thought about words like words in books and how just saying them made things real This is the first book I ve read from Andrew Smith and I chose this because it is not that long compared to his other novels Hahaha.100 Sideways Miles is a coming of age novel that I enjoyed reading because of its realistic characters If not for them, this will be an ordinary typical read for me In books that seem plotless, the characters and their growth are what I am rooting for It is a great factor for me if t [...]

    5. Sometimes I don t want reality, it seems Although I can t deny that Finn s voice is pretty believable, the writing is bugging me for two reasons Overly long sentences that drive me nuts Look, I read far worse particularly during my college years, with La Route des Flandres, or The Flanders Road in English where Claude Simon writes sentences of 3 pages I m dead serious 3 fucking pages AW FUL My teacher used to say that it was aimed to lose the reader like the character in WW2 Yeah Whatever Awful [...]

    6. Warning Rant Incoming.I had so many issues with this novelwhere do I start How about with the gross overuse of the terms I ve got a boner , ridiculous and knackery we get it everything is a damn knackery.The characters are 17 but act like 13, which may or may not be a realistic portrayal of teenage boys Finn was kind of an asshole, and although his outbursts were always blamed on his blank outs , an asshole is an asshole is an asshole What really grinded my gears to the point of no redemption w [...]

    7. My favorite Andrew Smith novel REVIEW ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED ON SHELF AWARENESS Andrew Smith Winger Grasshopper Jungle pens a phenomenal novel about life s many detours, told in the unforgettable voice of an epileptic teenager with heterochromatic eyes one blue, one green and a strange history.When 16 year old Finn Easton was seven years old, a dead horse that was being transported to a rendering plant fell one hundred sideways miles off a bridge and landed on Finn and his mother The impact broke [...]

    8. Finn Easton is a 16 year old boy living in the middle of no where, California Finn never tells anyone how he really feels He is very good at just being fine He s okay Always okay Except he s not, really This is the story of Finn s becoming than okay with who he is The journey of an epileptic, baseball playing, poetic, never been kissed teenage boy And it is a journey that all boys someday go on how to escape from the book of their life and write their own story.By the second chapter I had a cry [...]

    9. Classic Andrew Smith This book was strange, quirky, and funny Not quite as good as Winger, but still a great read

    10. Leaning toward 4.5 starsybe.I really liked this book There were a few minor flaws, but the story and character development finally fell through in the end I have to say, though, that the blurb on the inside jacket of the hardcover literally spoils the entire booke road trip and climax of the story happen in the last 50 pages or so It s a little misleading My main complaint is that the love interest, Julia, strangely felt like she had no personality Their relationship and love felt a little rand [...]

    11. Check out Scott Reads It for reviews, giveaways Andrew Smith s novels always fill me with intense feeling of wonder and happiness 100 Sideway Miles made me want to scream my love for it from the rooftops because it s just that good This isn t your average coming of age story, it s so much better but if you ve read anything by Smith, this isn t news to you 100 Sideway Miles is a wonderfully strange novel that will make readers laugh and fill them with so many raw, irrepressible emotions I m not [...]

    12. The planet of humans and dogs spins and sails, spins and sails.There is nothing I can do about it Things keep moving The knackery never shuts down This book is perfect All around and in every possible way It s not for everyone, it s probably not for most of y all, but to me it is perfect It s special and meaningful and intelligent and clever and freaking awesome and if I was Cade Hernandez I would totally get a boner now Thank you, Andrew Smith.

    13. Short Review I love Andrew Smith and I loved this book This one is a little lower on the WTF scale than some of his other books, but it definitely has that trademark Andrew Smith style great writing, great characters A really sweet, funny, and moving story.Full Review coming eventually

    14. 4.5 starsEven though it often is awash in a cascade of quirk sideways falling horses at twenty miles a second, fallen angels thatahemhave their way with and eat their hosts, emoticon shaped cicatrices, sticky atoms, knackeries, bullfighting names , little girl ghosts, flood disasters, lakes that are not lakes, abandoned prisons, character swallowing books, etc , Andrew Smith s 100 Sideways Miles is a real charmer Though the quirk level often seemed to drown the fact that there wasn t much core s [...]

    15. 100 Sideways Miles An odd title isn t it But it makes so much sense I LOVED THIS BOOK This is the first book that I have read by Andrew Smith Yes I am probably the only one who has yet to read his famed Winger series Trust me, I ll get to it soon enough I am in awe with this writer s skills of storytelling I loved it so so much Every character in the book were relatable and they felt age appropriate Nothing seemed out of place and I must say that Cade and Finn are my absolute favourites Cade s s [...]

    16. I received an Advance Reviewer Copy of 100 Sideways Miles from Simon and Schuster Canada though First Reads I m really grateful to have gotten my hands on this book, and not having to wait until September was even better.I d never heard of Andrew Smith before I found this book listed as a giveaway I read the summary and read a few reviews and I thought the book sounded really cool After I read the actual book, I decided that the book is than just cool It s fan freaking tastic Seriously, Smith d [...]

    17. 2 starsI didn t really like this book It was boring and i didn t like the beginning when the author kept switching back and forth between different topics and then continuing with one of those topics a couple pages or sometimes chapters later I do like the concept of instead of measuring by time, you measure in distance instead That was the only part I found really interesting As for the rest of the book, I couldn t care less I didn t care for the characters especially Cade And as much as I like [...]

    18. The thing about Andrew Smith s books they are weird, and I mean WEIRD His characters are quirky, his plots are strange and his writing style takes some time to get used to, but he manages to write masterpieces every time I have a love hate relationship with his books because they are so freaky but he manages to write them in such a way that they seem normal I m not even going to try to explain the plot of 100 Sideways Miles because my explanation would just be nonsensical All I can say about thi [...]

    19. 4.75 5This was my third Andrew Smith book of the month and I guess the third time is a charm because this book is a charmer The only issue I had was getting into the story at the beginning of it That might be all books for me, but I truly enjoyed it It wasn t as weird as I wanted it to be, but it portrayed the teen culture and Andrew Smith is the mastermind of writing teenage boys It was soooooooo good.

    20. 2.5 I m really conflicted on how I want to rate this Like I think I enjoyed it, but I feel like there was no point to the novel at all I m reviewing it now, and I really don t know where I want to round it, because I feel like it was a little better than just okay, but I didn t like it as much as some of my other 3 star books, like Princess of Thorns, or Rites of Passage for example So the 2.5 stays, with rounded down to a 2 It was a really quick read, that was mostly just funny, but I didn t fe [...]

    21. I love Andrew Smith s style He s a social media master, and his novels have given me many hours of enjoyment But it all peaked for me with the first Smith book I read, Winger, which felt authentic, hilarious, bawdy and fun, just lots of fun to read The second Smith I read, Grasshopper Jungle, was calculatedly weird in an irritating way but still had plenty to admire Now the latest, 100 Sideways Miles, was worth checking out but felt foremost to me like a half baked throwaway.I read an interview [...]

    22. 5 StarsI LOVED THIS BOOK 100 Sideways Miles proved to me once again why Andrew Smith is a favorite author of mine He writes for the male population Like the Marbury Lens series this novel is really a clever way to tell a coming of age story Finn our young hero in this book easily stands with Jack from the Marbury lens series.I LOVED THIS BOOK Why did I enjoy this read from start to finish It is really quite simple Andrew Smith knows what the men and boys like and is not afraid to tell it This bo [...]

    23. Andrew Smith is a twisted genius I love the circular nature of his books, circling back to seemingly unimportant details until the significance emerges.

    24. I could not put this book down I cannot wait to read this book again I am always immediately pulled in to books that are about other books or people trapped in books or books that have a some mind bending element It is about a teenage boy who lives inside of his father s book and no, not like in Stranger Than Fiction But, this book is about so much than that It is about the billions and billions of miles that are our lives as we speed through space on this planet It is about those most magical [...]

    25. This is accessible and, I think, better written, tightly edited, and enjoyable than Grasshopper Jungle It s still a weird story about aliens and falling horses and a boy who sees things in miles, rather than in minutes, but Finn s story is also one about love and learning how to live your life for yourself This is also a solid story of guy friendship Smith offers up a diverse cast of characters, too Finn has epilepsy, Julia is half black, and Cade is Latino My one criticism with Smith remains [...]

    26. Worry and regret are both useless weights that provide no drag They never did anything to slow down the planet for one goddamned second I absolutely ADORED this book I loved every last bit of it, from the way finn measures time in miles, to the way cade constantly talks about his boner.Andrew Smith manages to write a book with amazingly realistic characters that you easily fall head over heels in love with Finn suffers from an identity crisis, and tries to figure his way through life just like e [...]

    27. The best contemporary book I have ever read Words cannot describe the amazingness The writing style is flawless, the plot is SO creative and probably took so much work and dedication and I love Andrew Smith for putting his all into this book This is an automatic all time favorite for me now Its a book for a mature audience really there is some things in there that some people would not feel comfortable reading but the characters are so relatable and real and the whole story just came to life no [...]

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