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Scattered Leaves: The Legend of Ghostkiller By Lynny Prince,

  • Title: Scattered Leaves: The Legend of Ghostkiller
  • Author: Lynny Prince
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 435
  • Format: Paperback
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    Scattered Leaves The Legend of Ghostkiller None

    One thought on “Scattered Leaves: The Legend of Ghostkiller”

    1. YES IT IS SO VERY WONDERFULLY GREAT Oh WOW just amazing with awesomeness when I read this,I immediately wished things had REALLY happened the way they had done in the time travel versionI will read the rest of the books this author writes in this series,and will buy the movie when available as wellMORE BOOKS AND MOVIES PLEASE CONTINUE THIS SERIES

    2. SPOILER ALERT This review contains an examination of the book s ending.This book tells the story of Kyle Ghostkiller and a group he leads into the past to attempt to right a wrong that led to death, destruction and misery in the present time The premise of this story is fascinating and the author writes in an engaging style The story flows pretty well and the characters are likable I especially like the way this author handles spooky scenes There are some real shiver worthy ones in this story.Al [...]

    3. I thoroughly enjoyed this fast paced paperback supernatural type story that I received as a part of Goodread s first reads program The book had a historical Indian base that I was strongly attracted to because of my own distant Indian heritage that I, like the characters in the book, was cheated out of The book has a lot of action, a little history, a lot of suspense, a little love story, murder, curse, even time travel I was a little skeptical going in because I thought Indians time travel to p [...]

    4. Kyle Ghostkiller, a decendent of the Dakota 38 who were hung in 1862 after the Sioux Uprising, journeys into the past to break a curse that has haunted the small Minnesota town of Moccasin Flats since the day of the hanging I first read Scattered Leaves when it was published in 2011 It was such a fantastic read that I was compelled to read it again Ms Prince is a wonderful storyteller, weaving her characters through a web of history, romance, and fantasy that captivated me from the first page to [...]

    5. 5 stars is not enough I am tempted to go back and downgrade every one of my reviews by 1 star just to make this book stand out as it deserves, but that really wouldn t convey the message correctly so let me just state that this book stands apart and is well worth the 5 stars and then some Never mind any editing flaws the story is that good.My ancestors on both sides were in the New Ulm region of Minnesota at the time of the Uprising and the infamous massacre that is central to the theme of this [...]

    6. I enjoyed the story very much, well if you need emphasis on that, I loved it Awe inspiring, yeah that s better I focused on the story nothing , so with that I have to say my heart goes out to the Indian Nation We heard the struggles the Indian Nation endured in the past and today, but to bring this piece of history to light and to add a twist that made me wished it could happen, is brilliant What if we could change the course of history Yep, Chase Riley brought that question up, Could the prese [...]

    7. First sentences, The bright moon did little to light the black leaves as they danced their dead dance in the brisk wind Howling as it was, their faint murmurs could still be heard Skittle, skittle scratch Skittle, skittle scratch A lone streetlight, a single beacon of life along the dark and deserted road, blew out as the leaves scampered past It was as if the leaves needed a shroud of darkness for their mission and though they could do little about the moon, the streetlight was but a nuisance C [...]

    8. Amazing, most riveting book I have red The author has included all of what readers like Native Am History about a time not so long ago Action, drama, romance, suspense, paranormal, and time travel on a what if A story among many that is long overdue to be written about by one whose heart and spirit lies tragically close to the innocent one Once the book is taken into hand, one cannot put it sown until the last word has been read two thumbs up on readability, as well as vivid pictures in ones min [...]

    9. Interesting read Brought back to my attention the disservice we had for the Indian people of the US The greed and non caring attitude shown to our fellow man on earth Love the thought of time travel and this book did not disappoint.

    10. I enjoyed the culture, historical and spirituality aspect of this story I loved the time travel twist and wish that could have happened to save all the indigenous people of Turtle Island I have high hopes for the rest of the series.

    11. Light reading, combining fantasy with mystery and history, It manages to capture one s attention from cover to cover

    12. Good storyIt was a good story just a shame it was way too short could be expanded a lot with back story and history change people places

    13. It was just ok I think I will enjoy the next book s in the series , because it did make me think about how the folks who went back in time changed their future.

    14. Amazing story of the past that draws me in for and Really a great book, keep up the good work Lynny Looking forward to the rest of the series.

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