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The Forbidden Ferrara By Sarah Morgan,

  • Title: The Forbidden Ferrara
  • Author: Sarah Morgan
  • ISBN: 9780373130740
  • Page: 483
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • A Ferrara should never share a bed with a Baracchi however high the stakes Dark hearted Santino Ferrara has always remembered how long legged, hot tempered Fia Baracchi felt in his arms much to his frustration Then a million dollar business deal throws them together, and keeping his distance is no longer an option.But Fia is living a lie If it s ever discovered thA Ferrara should never share a bed with a Baracchi however high the stakes Dark hearted Santino Ferrara has always remembered how long legged, hot tempered Fia Baracchi felt in his arms much to his frustration Then a million dollar business deal throws them together, and keeping his distance is no longer an option.But Fia is living a lie If it s ever discovered that her precious little son is Santino s heir, she ll be disowned their families feud is legendary But her real fear That she can t forget the scorching memories of her one night with the enemy and that she still craves .
    The Forbidden Ferrara A Ferrara should never share a bed with a Baracchi however high the stakes Dark hearted Santino Ferrara has always remembered how long legged hot tempered Fia Baracchi felt in his arms much to his fr

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    1. Don t ask me how it happened It was supposed to be just a little peek before bedtime I read the excerpt on the authors site and it finished at a point of maximum impact I just wanted to know what came next What came next was 1am and it was all over bar the clean up.Fia is a resiliant woman who responded to her loveless childhood by building herself a little family around her restaurant to provide a loving environment for her son Having watched the Ferrara family from a distance as a child, due t [...]

    2. I so enjoyed this bookcond chances is my favorite trope, and when in the hands of a writer like Sarah Morgan, you can t help but get a 5 star read.I actually enjoyed this one than the first book I felt this one really delivered a much loving story For me, the first was a little too dark Especially the way Christiano refused to take responsibility for abandoning his wife.The fact that he didn t take the time to truly understand what happened, lessened him I also couldn t respect Laurel for refu [...]

    3. I love the elder brother s story, sadly this didn t have the same emotional intensity and pull and ended up only being an average read The h H families have feuded for years mainly because the heroine s family isn t willing to let it go Three years ago the h H spent an explosive night together then all hell broke loose, her brother died and the hero was blamed even though it was her brother who had stolen his car.Three years later the hero wants their families to end the feud and finds out that [...]

    4. I love Italian heroes and the Ferrara brothers, Cristiano Santo are absolutely fabulous Having first met Santo Ferrara in the first book Once a Ferrara Wife I was really looking forward to his book.This is such an emotional, gripping, romantic and passionate tale of two people with so many obstacles in their way to finding each other.It s like reading Romeo Juliet just that here we have the bitter feud between the Ferrara Barrachi families and Santo Fia do not die at the end There are so many se [...]

    5. If I hadn t already read a thousand secret baby HPs, I might really like this I liked Fia, a successful but affection starved heroine from a very dysfunctional family Her wistfulness about Santo s loving family is touching Still, at its core it s the same old story you had my baby, now you must marry me You only married me for the baby and you don t love me Tired of it.

    6. 3.5 starsI have been waiting for this book to finally land in my hands for ages I loved the first book in this duet by Sarah Morgan Once a Ferrara Wife , so I was pretty excited about this one.I have to be honest and say that I was a little disappointed with this one I m not saying this is a bad book, it most definitely is not I just felt it wasn t quite there.I usually love a secret baby book but there has to be a good reason for the baby being kept secret in this book I don t really think ther [...]

    7. Well, I really really enjoyed this book The second story is about the second Ferraro brother , Santo He s fabulously sexy and arrogant to match Fia, the heroine, has had such a tough life, I cried for her But she s a survivor.Santo ends up eating humble pie and doing his utmost to win the love and respect of Fia after a shaky beginning This story is great, in the usual tradition of Sarah Morgan

    8. I didn t like this one as much as Once a Ferrara Wife, but it was an enjoyable second chance, secret baby story Sarah Morgan breaks no new ground here, but she creates a sympathetic character in the h with the evil family that has declared all Ferraras enemies It s a half hearted Romeo and Juliet scenario because the Ferraras don t feel any animosity toward the h s family.I think I would have liked this better if the hero actually had to defy or be estranged from his family for awhile, at least [...]

    9. There is a nasty feud on the coast of Sicily between the Ferrara family and the Baracchi family The two families hate each other for many reasons but that isn t stopping Santino Ferrara from wanting to expand his hotel onto Baracchi land His family thinks he is crazy and the Baracchi family would never in a million years sell their land to him But what they don t know is Santino and Fia Baracchi had a passionate night three years ago When it was over, they both walked away and never spoke again [...]

    10. 4.5 stars Another highly emotional book from the wonderfully talented Sarah Morgan Despite the feud between their families, Santo Fia shared a very passionate night Three years later, when santo walks into FIa s restaurant, he has the chock of his life he has a son.Santo is an alpha hero to whom family is everything He always get what he wants, and he wants to marry Fia for the sake of his son Luca With his my way or no way attitude, he is too cruel to Fia Not for once does he put her feelings i [...]

    11. This is Fia s and Santino s book and while it did not have the emotional punch as Laurel and Christiano s story I enjoyed this one quite alot.Three years ago Fia and Santio spent an erotic night of sex and a pregnancy resulted.She never told him about the baby because there was contention between the two families.One night Santino shows up at her resturant and finds out he has a son.The story moves along nicely,progressing to the couple marring for the sake of Luca,their son.Fia carries around a [...]

    12. I absolutely loved it , I was crying by the end of the book He was so amazing with her but not the begging , he was horrible , I wanted to shout my lungs of the things he said to her He blinded himself of the good things she did just because he was angry she did n t tell him about his son Did not stop for a second to think what happened to her after that night the good thing is he tried his best to fix his mistakes.And I loved her , she is very good mother and a strong woman even if she did n t [...]

    13. Fia was terribly sweet And so was Santo He has always been sweet and caring towards Fia Especially on the last chapter, that was a warm loving Sicilian guy declaring his love for his wife along with a warm sense of security which was necessary for Fia than love It did bother me a little about Santo s non celibacy, but surprisingly, even though this is one of my biggest pet peeves and is usually a deal breakers, this book is an exception to the rule that earned it s 4 stars.Where can I get one o [...]

    14. When the hero saw the heroine and discovered he had a son from one night of passion, he aimed to make it right So he married not because he had t but because even when they were mere teenagers, he loved her She loved him too, so she married him hoping he would eventually love her When the misunderstandings get sorted out, things become clear, they were made for each other.It was a totally sweet and enlightening book I was uber glad to see another Ferrara book out there.

    15. My Reviews HarlequinJunkie Romance Reviews Sarah Morgan Bravo Ever since I read about dark smoldering Santo in Once a Ferrara wife, I couldn t wait to get my hands on this book and Santo was delicious for use of a better word Wow Back story Santo and Fia s family have feuded over the years, so it comes as a shock to Santo when he learns that one night of passion with Fia resulted in a pregnancy and a son he hasn t know about for 3 yrs Santo decides to make right by Fia and Luca and proposes marr [...]

    16. Quite enjoyable I liked it better than the first book because it was romantic, fun, sexy everything Santos and Fia s characters were likable as well Santos was basically a nice guy beneath the sexy, alpha veneer I loved his family values and how he didn t hesitate to be a father once he discovered he had a son.Fia was a sympathetic heroine The secret baby trope can be tricky, but in this situation I understood Fia s motives for keeping Luca s paternity hidden Fia never had a loving childhood [...]

    17. I hated the first book so I was very reluctant to read this one but I am glad I did The first story had an awful heroine and a flat doormat hero so I couldn t connect with it But this one was emotional and intense It was a story full of chemistry, passion, true love and second chances to get it right and fighting for what you want I loved Santos from the moment he entered the story He s hot, sexy, possessive and 100% alpha Most importantly he is instantly smitten with his son and becomes a hands [...]

    18. I really enjoyed this book This is the second book about Santo i dont know if i like it or less than Once a Ferrara Wife It so diferent as it should be This story has a whole another vibe it romantic, sexy

    19. Originally posted at longandshortreviewsspI thought that Cristiano was a tough nut to crack but his brother, Santo has a challenging situation to deal with in The Forbidden Ferrara as readers are treated to an unusual spin in this engaging romance You know the old saying, The grass is always greener on the other side In this story it s the truth and the conflict is compelling and fascinating.Imagine a woman who yearns for a family life filled with love, affection and unconditional support What [...]

    20. Keluarga Ferrara dan Baracchi tidak pernah akur Apalagi ketika salah satu anggota Baracchi tewas karena kendaraan milik keluarga Ferrara Santo Ferrara ingin memperluas hotelnya, dan itu berarti dia harus membeli tanah keluarga Baracchi Dia pun menemui Fia Baracchi, sekaligus menghadapi masa lalunya Ternyata Fia menyembunyikan rahasia darinya selama bertahun tahun, dia punya anak dr hasil hubungan semalam bersama Fia.Alur ceritanya mudah ditebak Sekarang Santo berusaha mendapatkan anaknya Tapi di [...]

    21. Review by DesereThe Forbidden Ferrara by the wonderfully talented Sarah Morgan is the second book about two very delicious and incredible bothers.Santo has always gotten whatever he wanted and this time around he will not only have his son but he will at any and all costs have the one and only woman responsible for turning his blood to boiling point and not only in anger but in pure unbridled passion.Fia s character is that of a strong,independent,hard working and loving single mother who having [...]

    22. maybe i was expecting too much, i dunno the book had so many great reviews what i found was a lame one, not even great chemistry here i also disliked how at every turn, santino wud attack fia s past dat was his reference point where she was concerned her awful family this was a sensitive subject and he hurt fia by mentioning it i did not feel any big love they had very obviously had a one night stand and shud have left it at dat

    23. So I liked Santo than Fia loved his reaction when he found out her secret, also love that we had his pov as well as hers So now I have to read once a Ferrara wife should ve read that one first but no matter Gave three stars because after the marriage it got a little boring but then it picked up again The ending was nice especially the description of Fia explaining and sobbing at the same time that really touch me So yes I recommend this one enjoy.

    24. First time I don t like one of Ms Morgan s books The hero was a typical Presents hero I m getting sick of the Mediterranean man stereotype , the secret baby plot was thin and poorly done The premise was interesting but I felt there were lots of missed opportunities.

    25. A hot steamy passionate sweet read Loved the fight she put up not to show her emotions but wanted a loving family enviroment for her son and tried her best to suceed she does a good job too.

    26. Saya mau buat pengakuan I m falling in love with Santo FerraraGimana saya gak klepek , krn Santo memenuhi kriteria suami idaman saya, sudah ganteng, tajir melintir, cinta keluarga dan akan melakukan apapun demi orang yg dicintainya Super alpha deh Dari awal cerita Fia sudah diberondong, disirami hujan emosi oleh Santo Tanpa kenal ampun, Santo merangsek ke dlm kehidupan Fia, tidak mengenal kata tidak Mungkin bagi sebagian pembaca, Santo terkesan hero kasar dan gak pedulian dan author sukses mende [...]

    27. Awalnya nggak niat baca karna review temen2 rada minus dibanding si ChrisTapi, setelah baca duh eman kalo diabaikan HAHAHAFia mandiri banget Wanita independen yang kuat berdiri walau sekitarnya gitu dan jago masak Luv deh Apalagi jago masak food and cake duh duhDan gemes sama Santo yang terlalu mengandalkan logika yaiyalah yacepet tanggap juga kalo udah sadar Konfliknya oke Pesannya juga sampe Dan minus typo ketimbang seri 1.

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