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Exit 9 By Brett Battles,

  • Title: Exit 9
  • Author: Brett Battles
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 322
  • Format: ebook
  • From thriller and suspense master Brett Battles comes Exit Nine, the second book in the Project Eden thriller series.Before, it was just a test, a little demonstration to see if the virus worked It did, and so much better than its creators could have ever hoped.But the testing phase is over It s time for Project Eden to take the next step If its members have their way,From thriller and suspense master Brett Battles comes Exit Nine, the second book in the Project Eden thriller series.Before, it was just a test, a little demonstration to see if the virus worked It did, and so much better than its creators could have ever hoped.But the testing phase is over It s time for Project Eden to take the next step If its members have their way, humanity is about to get a reboot.It s up to Daniel Ash and the others in the outnumbered resistance to keep the Project from severely downsizing mankind But can their small force succeed in the face of a plan decades in the making The human race had better hope so, because if Ash and his friends can t Praise for SICK, the first Project Eden Thriller SICK didn t just hook me It hit me with a devastating uppercut on every primal level as a parent, a father, and a human being Blake Crouch, author of RUN SICK is a a gem of an outbreak story that unfolds like a thriller movie and never lets up all the way to the last page Absolutely my favorite kind of story John Maberry, New York Times bestselling author SICK not only grabs you by the throat, but by the heart and gut as well, and by the time you finish you feel as if you ve just taken a runaway train through dangerous territory Buy this book now You won t regret it Robert Browne, author of THE PARADISE PROPHECY Like a fever, SICK makes you sweat and keeps you up all night, wondering what the hell is happening It ll make your heart race like someone shot you with an EpiPen You think Battles was badass before He just cranked it up to 500 joules CLEAR popculturenerd SICK is Brett Battles at his best, a thriller that also chills, with a secret at its core that s almost too scary to be contained within the covers of a book Tim Hallinan, author of the Edgar nominated THE QUEEN OF PATPONG
    Exit From thriller and suspense master Brett Battles comes Exit Nine the second book in the Project Eden thriller series Before it was just a test a little demonstration to see if the virus worked It di

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    1. I enjoyed Brett Battles s first Project Eden novel, Sick It was sleek with an interesting plot and characters you became acquainted with It was breezy, light, a popcorn trip of a novel Exit 9 was all plot That was the focus the whole nine yards Exit continues the Project Eden narrative and Battles gives us a brief summary to start which I appreciated , but it s a plot summary from the first It did little to set the characters back up on the page The action begins and, to be fair, there s quite a [...]

    2. Second book of a series As I noted with the first book Sick , this was obviously an ongoing story, and that book did not stand alone very well This one was worse, ending with a huge unanswered question which must be answered in the third book.

    3. Not as good as the first in the series I already have the third one for I ll stick with the series through that one, but if it doesn t step it up, this will be a series I don t finish.

    4. I read Sick and Exit 9 back to back in one frantic, tense, and exciting week, and I m glad I did Sick is the first book in the Project Eden trilogy, and introduces us to a group of bio terrorists who want to rid the world of 99.9% of the population in order to start a new and better breed of humans Now, this concept isn t new or original There have been plenty of books and movies, not to mention historical events, which deal with the idea that humanity is out of control, and the only way to make [...]

    5. At the end of Project Eden series opener Sick, Daniel Ash knew the nightmare that had been dodged by the resistance s victory in preventing a global pandemic was only temporary After all, the virulent Sage Flu was not a natural phenomenon, but rather a genetically engineered virus produced by a group known as Project Eden, whose mission is to bring about a reboot of the human race by killing 99% of the population and starting over with a select group of the best and brightest the world has to of [...]

    6. Exit 9 is the second book in the Project Eden series, and the author has managed to maintain the same high tempo that we liked in Sick This novel can act as a stand alone book compared to the first novel , but it is strongly recommended that one reads the series chronologically I was able to finish this book in a single 3 4 hours sitting.The story continues and builds up from where it was left in the first novel Project Eden is well and truly on its way to being implemented the radical people be [...]

    7. Daniel Ash returns in EXIT 9, the sequel to SICK As many have previously said, you don t really need to read SICK, but you should not only because it s a great book, but it gives you some background information about Ash Project Eden But I digressWill the end of mankind, with the exception of a few who believe they are the elite, become reality in EXIT 9 Will Daniel Ash his team be able to stop Project Eden from releasing the Sage Flu before ID, Implementation Day These questions and will be an [...]

    8. Exit 9 is the second book in the Project Eden series and yet another fantastic read from Brett continuing with his fast paced action keeping you gripped to the very last page.I literally burnt through both book one and this one as I couldn t put them down,Im loving this series.Turning digital pages quickly we are with our favorite characters in particular Captain Daniel Ash as he is asked to join up again with the resistance who originally saved him to help them track down the Bluebirds HQ to he [...]

    9. Project Eden, the organization behind the Sage Flu in Sick, plans to launch the Sage Flu virus around the world They ve vaccinated the chosen and the rest will die Will Ash and the resistance group that saved him in the first book be able to stop them in time I usually dislike epidemic novels and that featuring this sort of storyline intensely but Battles brings a new flavor to the genre that is exciting and kept me on the edge of my seat What Battles gives us a taste of in Sick, he follows thro [...]

    10. Exit 9 is the second book in the Project Eden series, Sick is the first book and although you don t need to read it first you probably should just because it too is a great book Exit 9 continues the story of potentially world ending terrorism with Project Eden seeking to change the world forever.The story continues to follow Daniel Ash, and a number of other characters, but now lines between good and evil are a little blurred than they were before, trust no one Brett Battles has another awesome [...]

    11. I thought Sick was one of the best books I had read in a long time It had everything I always hope for in a book Exit 9 is even better and makes me wish we could give stars than five I was a little disappointed at the end when I found out that it wasn t the end yet but then I thought, Great, to come I wish I didn t have to wait for the next book.In Sick, the project ran a trial run, but in Exit 9 they are gearing up for the real thing and boy is it scary The fact that something like this could [...]

    12. Another great book by Brett Battles, following on from the previously read Sick , the story continues so it s probably best to read Sick before this one to follow the story of Project Eden and Captain Ash, now living under a new name and face The resistance is still committed to stopping the Project, but faces problems of an immense scale, as Project members seem to thwart them at every turn Not quite as gripping as the first book, and a little confusing as it introduces a whole host of not nec [...]

    13. Although I throughly enjoyed Exit 9, I didn t find it as enthralling as the first in the Project Eden series It s the continuing story about the struggle for survival not only for Captain Ash, his children and the people in the battle to stop Project Eden but for the whole human race and for me whilst it filled in the next part of the story and did it extremely well, I found myself missing the heart wrenching and blood pumping hook that was in the first book Don t get me wrong, there is no lack [...]

    14. This was a pretty good sequel to Sick I wasn t as impressed with Exit 9, though It was very nice to see to the story than what Sick left us with, but it seems to have skipped ahead past the part I was most interested in reading I m not sure how far this one skipped ahead a year or two When I finished Sick, I really thought that the second book would go into detail about what happened to the reporter and her camera man as well as Ash, the main character from Sick Thankfully they did include thes [...]

    15. I have been looking forward to the continuation of this story since 30 seconds after I finished Sick This is a great story conceptually and followed through with great writing Battles penchant for action and speed makes it seem as though the book reads itself Building on the characters from Sick, we get character development and deeper insights into their thinking without sacrificing the never ending action Looking forward to the next in the Project Eden series in the next book I hope Battles g [...]

    16. This is another fast and furious ride, intense and exciting The good guys are compelling and likeable, easy to relate to and care about The supporting characters, who are portrayed really well, are working as they believe, for corporations that promise better things for themselves and their community, but are in fact being manipulated This part of the storyline goes a long way in racking up the tension.The narrative hops from country to country and cleverly shows the scope of the planned operati [...]

    17. It took a long time to get into this book I just wasn t impressed with the plot or suspense and I couldn t connect with any of the characters The scenes kept jumping around and there wasn t really a main character to focus on and get to know But the ending was fantastic The entire time I was reading the book, I kept thinking that I was done with the series once I made it through this book But then the last 20 or so pages of the book happened and well I might have to reconsider my opinion While I [...]

    18. The theme of this book is Second Verse Same as the First If you read the first book in the series Sick then you know what to expect from Exit 9 Project Eden is trying to end the world and the Resistance is trying to stop it Unfortunately this book just continues the overall narrative with a few cliff hangers so again nothing is resolved which is a pet peeve of mine On the other hand it has a lot action than the first book making it into of a thriller and it s exceptionally well written with in [...]

    19. A great follow up to Sick While it didn t have the same intensity as Sick it was still a great sequel that was very exciting The intensity from Sick came primarily from the raw story of a father fighting for his family and now the story changes to really going after the Project The story picks up with the Project counting down to Implementation Day the day the virus will be released while the resistance team along with Ash are trying to figure out not only how to stop ID but how to minimize the [...]

    20. I m still out of breath and had to start Pale Horses right away It will be a while until I can breathe right again What an interesting concept in its own way, but not surprising that one organisation would want to take over the world In a sense, the idea makes me think of Pinky and The Brain, but it frightens me that, in this case, The Brain is actually getting there I was well into the characterization and was glad to see the outcome with Olivia To be honest I didn t think she would turn one wa [...]

    21. I was completely engrossed in EXIT9 and can t wait till the next book in the Project Eden series comes out The circumstances are terrifyingly plausible, and the twists and turns made it impossible for me to put the book down I was very glad I read the first book in the series, SICK, before picking up EXIT9 because it follows the lives of many of the same characters so I felt like I knew them as I got caught up again in their quest for survival The cliff hanger ending definitely left me on the ed [...]

    22. The second in the Project Eden series Enjoy the plot and background of the series Most of the characters lack depth the reader you only get to know a couple of them at all, so keeping track of so many names isn t possible, nor do they contribute anything to the storyline Despite that, I really enjoy the science behind the story and the idea that Project Eden would impose on humanity I am looking forward to the next one, Pale Horse.

    23. This a great second book in a big series Loved it, although Daniel Ash is the principal character in this one, we follow a lot of people Perhaps it is because of scope of this saga, that we have so many characters to absorb, but it s the reason, and the only reason this book doesn t have a five star I will go on reading this series, and i will repeat the last words of the author Anxious to know what happens next Look gor book three of the Project Eden Thrillers I will.

    24. After trying the first book hoping it would be another zombie apocalypse series and it wasn t, it was much better The second book in the Project Eden series is a further development on the characters and storyline that slowly comes together to really start to scare and make you read on Book 2 was read in a day

    25. The first 2 books were a gift, but I probably won t continue reading the series I like the premise of a virus being developed by an underground corporation, but the whole story is lacking for me There didn t seem to be a lot of plot development It wasn t a deep read, that s for sure A couple scenes seem implausible like the scene with Sanjay and the nurses Not all that great for me.

    26. Non stop action in this sequel to Sick as project Eden continues to plan for the end of the world and Captain Ash and his new friends in the resistance try to stop them while rescuing Ash s kids from the clutches of Project Eden s mad scientists As Implementation Day approaches, can Ash and the resistance stop them from unleashing Armageddon

    27. This is the second book in the Project Eden series A secretive organization thinks mankind needs to be renewed by killing off over 99% of the world population Starting over, the few who are left will be forced to live by the organization s rules A small but resourceful resistance group seek to thwart the organization s plans This is fast paced intriguing series.

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