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The Paleface Redskins By Jacqueline Jackson,

  • Title: The Paleface Redskins
  • Author: Jacqueline Jackson
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 388
  • Format: None
  • Story of children on vacation at a lake in Wisconsin who are upset when a Boy Scout camp moves in disturbing their idyllic summer.Author s URL jacqueline jackson mat
    The Paleface Redskins Story of children on vacation at a lake in Wisconsin who are upset when a Boy Scout camp moves in disturbing their idyllic summer Author s URL jacqueline jackson mat

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    1. This was one of my favorite books as a kid It perfectly captures the feeling of Summer and long days to fill up with one s passions and imagination instead of schoolwork During the summer in which this story takes place in the late 1940 s, I think , Marcy, her older sister and younger brother, and a neighbor at their lake house are passionate about pretending to be Potowatami, members of a Native American tribe that lived in Wisconsin But while they were gone for the winter, a Boy Scout camp has [...]

    2. One of my all time favorite books My mother gave me a signed copy of this book when it first came out I read it numerous times, my kids all read it, and I was fortunate to meet the author a few years ago I wish they would bring it back into print My original copy is incredibly beaten up but will be read by my grandchildren The children, used to having the entire lake to themselves, playing Indians, are devastated when a Boy Scout camp is built at the end of the lake I think it s a classic Wonder [...]

    3. I re read this in response to the prompt read a book you loved as a child Published in 1968, this is the story of a group of children at their summer cottage and what happens when a Boy Scout camp is built on part of the lake property The siblings and their friend are respectful about Native American heritage, but this book is wildly politically incorrect for today, beginning with the title I wanted to see if I could look past that and still enjoy the story It was better than I expected, and I r [...]

    4. This was my favorite Jacqueline Jackson novel when I was a girl It s about a family who spends the summer at a lake in Wisconsin I was so envious that they could spend their days exploring and swimming in the lake The main character, a preteen girl, loved to float in the lake She imagines that there was still glacial ice in the depths of the cool lake I wanted to be there with her

    5. All of us kids read this book multiple times to ourselves and each other It epitomized childhood and summertime for us.

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