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  • Title: The Sword of Hope: Destiny Awaits
  • Author: ChristopherBryant
  • ISBN: 9780741465962
  • Page: 400
  • Format: Paperback
  • This is the story of two boys, one who is destined by the stars to walk a path laid out by destiny The other, who is simply the help, will step out from the shadows and prove he s than just the help.
    The Sword of Hope Destiny Awaits This is the story of two boys one who is destined by the stars to walk a path laid out by destiny The other who is simply the help will step out from the shadows and prove he s than just the help

    One thought on “The Sword of Hope: Destiny Awaits”

    1. More like 4.5 Even though this book was short, it was good It held your interest all the way and I liked the plot.

    2. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewNS The use of exclamation points in the narrative was too much For example, here s a few but not all that appeared on just two of the pages near the beginning Christian started screaming and shaking violently She gave him a sarcastic look, grabbed a pillow, and hit him in the head It was a beautiful day Christian got up, smiled, and tackled him This happens throughout the whole book The start could have been stronger It s starts [...]

    3. Destiny Await by Christopher Bryant is the first in the series of books called The Sword of Hope This first book introduces us to Christian and Tiberius, boys who have been trained by Shino to fight in a style called Hope Christian s destiny is the one that waits as he could be the warrior who will defeat the dreaded Black Knight and its master, Sephiran However, first Christian must first prove he is the chosen one As this is the first book in the series, we are introduced to the characters As [...]

    4. The Sword of Hope Destiny Awaits by Christopher Bryant the 1st of a series Christian and Tiberius have pretty much lived an ideal life, as ideal as any life can be Christian s father died sometime ago and his brother, Barkley, has gone over to the dark side Christian and Tiberius have spent their days learning a fighting style caused Hope by their training master, Shino Things change for the boys when a little girl from their village disappears into the Forest of Lost Emotions It is after this t [...]

    5. My Thoughts 4 out of 5 unicorns I really liked it Book gifted to me by author for an honest reviewOkay let s start with the cover because that s where we start with a book, right I think is definitely leads you towards picking up the book My son says it is neat and makes you think of adventure.I originally set out reading this book with my son, but it is summer vacation, and my son would rather be outside with his friends So he is still on chapter 7, but I went on and finished it because I was t [...]

    6. Sword of Hope Density Awaits by Christopher BryantMeet two young teens on a mission to save the world Christian and Tiberaus have a very ideal life until the Forrest of Lost emotions monster take a little girl from their home village of Bachwood That is when Christian s mother and the boy s Hope Fighting Style Master tell them of their greater density, to save the world From start to finish this story was engrossing to me While reading I found this book playing out in my mind in total Anime styl [...]

    7. Well one thing I can say for sure about this book is that I honestly never knew what to expect next Wow, from city s made out of cars to vengeful cell phones Knights, old men, cars that are alive and can kill you Axes that collect souls Mud people and hazy soul sucking black clouds Sheesh And a giant spider crossed with a crab What an imagination For all the above alone I have to give this book a four star Sebastian and Christian have literally been thrown in the deep end and are helped by an od [...]

    8. It took me a while to properly get into this book due to personal things happening in my life, when I did however I felt like I couldn t wait to finish it The story was very interesting Bryant has done an excellent job on this new style of fantasy novel The story keeps the reader involved I found visualizing the book very easy, There were parts I really felt like I was in the book The building of suspense is done almost masterfully by Bryant and I m really excited to see what happens in the next [...]

    9. The Sword of Hope is an imaginative story I m probably not in its target audience, though, which I feel is several decades younger than me Perhaps because of this, I didn t really connect with the writing or the characters.Therefore I have chosen to leave this book unrated.I would like to thank the author for providing me with a copy of The Sword of Hope through his blog.

    10. I did not enjoy this book as much as I hoped I would While I enjoyed the plot, I found the characters and the writing a bit flat This book would be good for maybe younger readers.

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