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Dead Weight By T.R. Ragan,

  • Title: Dead Weight
  • Author: T.R. Ragan
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 465
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • DEAD WEIGHT A missing girl, a cold case, and one angry teenager keep Lizzy Gardner busy in this suspenseful sequel to Abducted by T.R RaganHer First Cold Case Lizzy Gardner, a private investigator known as the one who got away, has spent over a decade trying to get over her past and move on Although she knows that the man responsible for ruining her life is now dead,DEAD WEIGHT A missing girl, a cold case, and one angry teenager keep Lizzy Gardner busy in this suspenseful sequel to Abducted by T.R RaganHer First Cold Case Lizzy Gardner, a private investigator known as the one who got away, has spent over a decade trying to get over her past and move on Although she knows that the man responsible for ruining her life is now dead, letting it all go is easier said than done Hoping murder and mayhem are behind her, she delves into her first cold case twenty one years ago, a girl went missing and the girl s dying mother is desperate than ever to know what happened to her only child.A Missing Woman After a woman walks into Lizzy s office and offers her a large sum of money to keep a close eye on a fitness guru, a man she believes is responsible for her sister s disappearance, Lizzy realizes she might have taken on than she can handle.An Angry Teenager Lizzy calls in the help of her two assistants, forcing Hayley and Jessica to work together Hayley might be of use to Lizzy if she wasn t wandering the streets of Sacramento in the dead of night
    Dead Weight DEAD WEIGHT A missing girl a cold case and one angry teenager keep Lizzy Gardner busy in this suspenseful sequel to Abducted by T R RaganHer First Cold Case Lizzy Gardner a private investigator kno

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    1. The first book in this series was brilliant I don t think this one gripped me as much but it was nice to catch up again with characters that I had already met before.I think it was the story line that disappointed me People s insecurities about being obese didn t hold much interest for me, probably as I have so many of them myself There wasn t the scare factor that the first book had which is what I like in a thriller.I did enjoy the romance between Lizzy and Jared which is progressing nicely in [...]

    2. A certain character H reminded me a bit of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo,especially with her methods of vengeance I was a bit surprised that she seemed ok at the end of Abducted, but was soooo way off the deep end in this book There is IMO a bit of unneccessary dialog descriptive prose, but overall it was an engaging plot the characters were engaging Quite the cliffhanger ending with H being in jail,so I ll probably read the next book I hope there is one Note I read Abducted Dead Weight on my [...]

    3. I decided for once to try an audiobook What a mistake that was I don t like the person that is reading this book It s just awful Not only it ruined this book for me, but it also ruined the characters from the first book that I got to know and love They sounded completely different than I had envisioned Some of them are read in high pitched voice and sounded whiny Then there is background noise like cats mewing It was so weird Then there was an attempt to imitate male voice Weirdest thing ever Th [...]

    4. 3.5 starsI ready this right after the first one on in the series and I liked being able to see how the characters grew and their relationships evolved Again my favorite character is Hayley In this book, she really went to the dark side and got revenge on some men emulating some of the same tactics that Spiderman did on her It is sad to see how victims then become their abusers I hope to see Hayley overcome her battle with her dark side but her terrible home life with her mom and Brian seems like [...]

    5. This was my second the first being Abducted trip into Mystery Suspense Thriller as I have never really been interested in the genre but Ragan pulled me right in.This was a great follow up to Abducted I loved getting to spend time with Lizzy and the rest of the crew I loved seeing Lizzy s evolution after Abducted and as painful as it was, I liked knowing what happened to Hayley The storyline was gripping and exciting She had me right up until the very end I have seen some who think her storyline [...]

    6. I enjoyed this book, but in comparison to Abducted this story didn t have a chance I bought the next book in the series and already it s a better start this book is good book, just not the thrill I was needing.

    7. This book wasn t as good as the first but it still kept me interested The crazy, unimaginable things these women go through make you feel a little on edge, even in your own home I m excited for the third one.

    8. T.R Ragan s second Lizzy Gardner novel Dead Weight starts right away where the first left off Gardner remains haunted by the memories of the serial killer she named Spiderman who nearly succeeded in finally snuffing out the one who got away Gardner is flawed, her family is falling apart and she attracts like minded women who all have been wronged Somehow, she makes it work Hayley and Jessica become sidekicks and important subplots in the novel Gardner s seen her share of media hype since bringi [...]

    9. I absolutely loved Abducted, and so was expecting a lot from this book I really didn t want it to become just that middle book in the series, so I am very glad to say that I LOVED it Lizzy has evolved a lot since the start of this series Yes, she still has her issues, but now that she is over that whole Spiderman part of her life, she is able to try and move on and make the most of it She is still the tough, kick ass and say exactly what you mean PI, but still book lets us see her a bit vulnera [...]

    10. The problem that I find with this book and the one before it is that it s about the worst of humanity The bad guys are so insanely bad that you kinda cringe But the other characters are trying to make the most of the world they live in and the baggage they carry I very much enjoy Lizzy I will continue to read her stories.

    11. This is the second in the LIzzy Gardner series I liked this book a lot, but not quite as much as the first book, Abducted If I could, I would rate this 4 and 1 2 stars.I was happy to see that the characters of Hailey and Jessica return as well as Lizzie s beau, the handsome FBI agent.Lizzy has primarily two cases to solve here although a couple of side cases also come into play I loved the twists and turns, the fact that I thought I had it figured out the perps in both cases only to find out I w [...]

    12. Lizzy Gardner s world is populated by flawed and damaged people, and she, too, is one of them She was abducted years before, but her interior world is still dark.However, she is a successful Private Investigator, determined to help those in need And her two assistants, Jessica and Hayley, bring a unique style as they join in the adventures.In Dead Weight The Lizzy Gardner Series 2 , Lizzy and her associates are in search of missing persons One disappeared twenty years ago, while still another se [...]

    13. I wasn t exactly thrilled by the first book in this series, but there were some characters I really liked and wanted to see again Most of all Jessica and Hayley, because I think they were interesting than the main characters and I really wanted to know what happens to them Unfortunately the case itself is not very interesting, the story just dragged along and yeah There were a few intriguing characters related to the case, but not enough to actually get me involved with them, and at the end of [...]

    14. The plot was interesting Sadly, this book wasn t as gripping as the first Chains again Really The cat was my favorite character I didn t like Haley s vengeance plot line Lizzy is just kinda sorry Letting things go Not cleaning her carpet in her office or paying her employees I thought business had picked up because people knew who she was She didn t seem to grow from the first book I am still not feeling the romance between Lizzy and Jared He seems like just an extra walk on character The sex s [...]

    15. It was amazing what a person could do with the right motivation I enjoyed the first book in the Lizzy Gardner series Abducted The Lizzy Gardner Series 1 but I enjoyed this second book even .It was great reading about Lizzy, Jared, Hayley, and Jessica again The side story starring Hayley is especially hair raising shades of Lisbeth Salander of Stieg Larsson s Millenium Trilogy.The whole weight loss scenario seemed a bit contrived but it is fiction and anything goes, I guess, and the different plo [...]

    16. For months he d provide nutritious meals, books to read and even a journal to track progress Never once raising his voice, let alone his hand Once she was down to his ideal weight, he would remove the shackles and let her go Lizzy was hired by Andrea, Donna s sister Donna has been missing for months Soon they find other missing women All obese Her assistants, Hayley and Jessica are on the hunt for the common denominator An obsessive fitness guru with an unhealthy fear of germs as big as his disg [...]

    17. Interesting turn of eventsThis one was way less suspenseful than Abducted but I kind of liked it Lizzy deserves a break after the bulletin she s put up with in her life I liked the progression of Lizzy and Jared and their new kitten I was so distraught over Maggie in the last book, I was glad they got a new kitty I was disappointed about Haley s change in attitude but I did compare her to Lisbeth Salandar in my last review so I m not necessarily surprised by it Overall, great read

    18. Again, just like the first in the series, this isn t the most original out there and you can figure out what s going on without too much difficulty But it s an easy read I devoured it in one day and that was around all the other things I had to do, just because I wanted to know what would happen next, despite having guessed Again, the characters are caricatures than anything else and Hayley, the most interesting character is written out by the end, but it s still a fun read and if you like thri [...]

    19. Loved it If possible, this was even better than the first book I love all of the characters, especially Hayley She is such a strong young woman, even having been through all that she has, she still able to keep on living and see the good in the world I love Lizzy and I m glad she s finally starting to open up and let people in and realize that nobody is perfect I hope her and Jared get married because he s one of the good ones I ll admit, the characters intrigue me than the story I just can t w [...]

    20. The premise sold me honestly I hadn t read the first book and thankfully that wasn t a prerequisite I don t know what bothered me about this story The pacing, the deferring, the abundance of characters their development or the ridiculous character Hayley , who not just a distraction but bordered unbelievable I just feel that the author experimented a lot with unnecessary avenues if that makes sense Overall, due to said complaints I give it a 2 5 Still, an enjoyable ride.

    21. Ragan offers readers a readable and fairly dark series with a decently textured protagonist who is also female Women are nicely centralized in these books their varying hopes, challenges, strengths, passions, and abilities This isn t a highly complex series with diverging and converging plot lines e.g like Girl with the Dragon Tatoo , but each book is a quick just before bed or on the road read.

    22. Compared to the first book, Abducted, in this series, this one felt like a lark It had a bit of a Scooby Doo pull off the mask feel to it Not that it was so super cheesy as one of those older cartoons, but it certainly didn t stack up to the first I can see the third one hitting on what Hayley ended up doing I m glad to see the reviews for the 3rd book are much better than this one, because Dead Weight was just that to this series, a dead weight.

    23. I read the first Lizzy book and enjoyed it, so I decided to continue on the series This one picked up a few months after the previous one left off It still reminds me of a darker Janet Evanovich, but not as funny I liked the strong female leads It was a bit graphic also, which didn t bother me I thought the story line of the weight loss group was kind of interesting also, and I liked the way they intertwined I m looking forward to reading the next one.

    24. OK I like it but as much as the first I don t know I found some lengths in it and I was having difficulties keeping my interest but I finish it and happy I don t know but I think it is the fact that the author had try in this book to have too many plots going at once who keep me unfocused So I will give a try to her next one but really hope that she will focus on a couple of plots and not .

    25. This book was solid in spots I think that if the focus would ve stayed on Hayley s issues, I would ve rated this higher I felt that the conglomeration of cases muddied this effort as opposed to the first book s keen focus on Spider Man That said, I enjoyed getting to know the characters better, and I m really glad that the author did not belabor the romance.It was a very fun summer read I think I just convinced myself to lean toward 3.5 stars.

    26. Good bookThis one wasn t as good as the first one It jumped all over the place and then seemed to end kind of abruptly But this is pretty typical in a series so I still liked it I was happy with the character development and am anxious to see where they end up On to the next book in the series.

    27. Good Audio ReadI enjoy this book series because the writing is correct in both grammar and punctuation I also love the voices of the narrator It s my second audio kindle book I ll listen and read along with book 3, too The stories are exciting thrillers and they keep you guessing

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