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Laterna Magica By Ingmar Bergman,

  • Title: Laterna Magica
  • Author: Ingmar Bergman
  • ISBN: 9789943154
  • Page: 134
  • Format: Paperback
  • When a film is not a document, it is a dream At the editing table, when I run the strip of film through, frame by frame, I still feel that dizzy sense of magic of my childhood Bergman, who has conveyed this heady sense of wonder and vision to moviegoers for decades, traces his lifelong love affair with film in his breathtakingly visual autobiography, The Magic When a film is not a document, it is a dream At the editing table, when I run the strip of film through, frame by frame, I still feel that dizzy sense of magic of my childhood Bergman, who has conveyed this heady sense of wonder and vision to moviegoers for decades, traces his lifelong love affair with film in his breathtakingly visual autobiography, The Magic Lantern.More grand mosaic than linear account, Bergman s vignettes trace his life from a rural Swedish childhood through his work in theater to Hollywood s golden age, and a tumultuous romantic history that includes five wives and than a few mistresses Throughout, Bergman recounts his life in a series of deeply personal flashbacks that document some of the most important moments in twentieth century filmmaking as well as the private obsessions of the man behind them Ambitious in scope yet sensitively wrought, The Magic Lantern is a window to the mind of one of our era s great geniuses Bergman has found a way to show the soul s landscape Many gripping revelations New York Times Book Review Joan Tate s translation of this book has delicacy and true pitch The Magic Lantern is as personal and penetrating as a Bergman film, wry, shadowy, austere New Republic Bergman keeps returning to his past, reassessing it, distilling its meaning, offering it to his audiences in dazzling new shapes New York Times What Bergman does relate, particularly his tangled relationships with his parents, is not only illuminating but quite moving No tell all book this one, but revealing in ways that much longer and allegedly franker books are not Library Journal
    Laterna Magica When a film is not a document it is a dream At the editing table when I run the strip of film through frame by frame I still feel that dizzy sense of magic of my childhood Bergman who has conveye

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    1. Laterna Magica shows how difficult it is to define that odd word, autobiography Bergman isn t very interested in telling you what happened, though you absolutely don t get the feeling that he s trying to hide anything from you either He isn t interested in defending himself from the numerous charges that have been filed against him sex addict, irresponsible father, tax evader, etc What he wants to do is show you how he experienced his life from the inside, and turned that raw material into some [...]

    2. vote harvesting v t h r v sti v 1 writing brief, generally worthless reviews, usually of one s back catalogue, in order to increase one s net vote yield 2 producing many usually short, irrelevant reviews with little regard for quality n 1 the act of vote harvesting See also vote harvest e.g He can expect to see a large cumulative vote harvest from his one sentence reviews of all those Little Golden Books.Although my specific recollections of this book are as spotty as a poorly secured maxi pad o [...]

    3. Ah yes, the old myth of the tortured male genius and all that And an autobiography containing everything from stories on how his dad used to beat him, about discovering masturbation and girls in roughly that order , multiple marriages and families sacrificed to his demons and the drive to create ART, the torment from which great ideas are born, truthlessness as an excuse for rambling on at lengthSo sue me Bergman was a genius film maker, and what I love about his autobiography is that everything [...]

    4. Ingmar Bergman s autobiography, The Magic Lantern, may not be the best book that I read this year that word carries so much weight with it , but is quite probably my favorite book of the year It has everything one often hopes for when reading an autobiography In it Bergman not only provides readers with a discussion of his life and work, but he also is incredibly open removing the curtain that typically separates the front and back stage, the work is very well written and it is very easy for rea [...]

    5. I have no recollection of the moment I started watching and liking that came in time, though Bergman, since none of my friends and acquaintances had any taste in his films whatsoever There must have been different listopias with his films, like 100 films to watch in a lifetime or stuff like that.Anyway, what struck me in Bergman s several films I ve seen so far Persona being by far my favorite was the deep sense of simplicity, the austere and grave atmosphere Most of them being B W, the films I [...]

    6. I don t know if I was upset at myself or Bergman for being so disappointed with this memoir I expected to read about his actual artistic output, a la Tarkovsky s Sculpting in Time What s most infuriating I realise now after having finished the book he wants to seem very honest and open in his writing, making reference to this childhood ordeal or that crumbling personal relationship, but I perceive no such openness as a reader, only an attempt at it It could be the translation Then again, it mig [...]

    7. I began reading this book some twenty years ago but had to give up because it was too brutal in its honesty Luckily, I had followed Doris Lessing s advice that one should collect a private library so that when one suddenly has an urge to read a book one only needs to walk to the bookshelf and get the book Another Lessing advice that the same book can be totally different experience when returning to it years later was proven right as well because this time around I really enjoyed the book.The Be [...]

    8. I tapped out of this book a few chapters in because I found myself either skipping pages at a time or sleeping I had higher hopes of this because it took me a little while to track it down in the public library system, and because it has a cool title and because Bergman is supposedly an amazing filmmaker but then I tried to watch a few of his films and fell asleep too, and just didn t really have the time for Not usually like me but maybe i just have to be at a different point in my life to appr [...]

    9. I got this book to try and glean some insight into the workings of the mind of the Swedish genius of cinema Ingmar Bergman.i have to say that if you are hoping for a look into the creation of his films, I think Images , another autobiographical book, is the book for you This book focusses on Bergman s personal life, his physical and mental health, his relationships and, with a remarkable and sometimes shocking candidness, his childhood.Given this, the structure of the book is as unconventional [...]

    10. Original title is Laterna magica.It is the history of a little boy who needed love His mother had consulted a pediatrist He had forbiden her to have affection gesture to his son This is the history of an unhappy loveless little boy which discovers joy with a toy,a magic lantern.He search happiness all his life He met many women, he had many children He had never find peace He will deliver his anguishes in all his movies I saw all of them I prefer Monika, Persona,The Serpent s Egg, the seventh se [...]

    11. Berman s movies are a passion for me, so I absolutely devoured this book however, it does not contain that much insights into his methods Hence the three stars.

    12. Memoir books are usually same But this book is different Because Ingmar Bergman doesn t tell all of his memoirs with his huge ego Certainly, he had got an ego Like everyone else However, Bergman s difference is that he knew himself very well with his negative and positive characteristics In my opinion, that s the real wisdom I feel the same thing for Andrei Tarkovsky Also, Bergman says Tarkovsky is the biggest of cinema directors in this book What s , he explains his life, his works, his everyth [...]

    13. Reads like a Bergman film pretentious, probably overlong, and with surprising mentions of bodily functions But none of that is really a complaint The stream of consciousness narration makes way sense for an autobiography than had even occurred to me, and he really did have a beautiful handle on language props to the translator.

    14. Fiquei extremamente impressionado com a leitura de Lanterna M gica, a autobiografia do grande Ingmar Bergman Nota inicial, Bergman um dos meus diretores de cinema favoritos Admiro muito o seu cinema de temas filos ficos, longos di logos, closes constantes no rosto dos atores Concordo plenamente com Woody Allen que assina a introdu o do livro quando ele diz que, se o cinema tem por ambiente, normalmente, o plano externo, Bergman o oposto, fazendo filmes sobre a mente Ali s, a melhor defini o sobr [...]

    15. Quando fui professor, durante uns anos, da Escola de Drama de Malm , quisemos dar um dos nossos espect culos de fim de curso mas hesit mos na escolha do que hav amos de representar Vieram me ent o mem ria todas essas imagens que eu vira, quando crian a, nas paredes das igrejas Durante umas quantas tardes escrevi uma pe azinha a que dei o t tulo O Ret bulo da Peste Nesta pe a havia pap is para cada um dos alunos do curso O rapaz mais bonito da escola era, infelizmente, o menos dotado, mas como ti [...]

    16. A noriu ramyb s, tvarkos, nuo irdumo Tik itaip mes galime priart ti prie begalyb s Tik itaip menam m sles ir valdom kartojimo mechanizm Kartojimas, gyvas, pulsuojantis kartojimas Be tav s n ra ir man s inoma, mes esam mat puiki spektakli , atsiradusi i laukin s neapykantos, ta iau neapykanta irgi tam tikras prisilietimas, ji persmelkia taip pat kaip ir meil Tyla atrodydavo tarsi am inyb , tod l, suprantama, buvo verta pagarbos Wenn Du Geburtstag hast, bin ich bei Dir zu Gast die ganzr Nacht

    17. Me di cuenta ya a finales de marzo que el proyecto era irreal y propuse por ello una pel cula corta con dos mujeres Cuando el director de la empresa me pregunt cort smente de qu iba a tratar, le contest , sali ndome por la tangente, que iba a tratar de dos mujeres j venes que est n sentadas en una playa con unos sombreros grandes, enfrascadas en la comparaci n mutua de sus manos Las dos mujeres segu an compar ndose las manos Un d a descubr que una era muda como yo La otra era locuaz, diligente y [...]

    18. Film has dream, film has music No form of art goes beyond ordinary consciousness as film does, straight to our emotions, deep into the twilight room of the soul A little twitch in our optic nerve, a shock effect twenty four illuminated frames in a second, darkness in between, the optic nerve incapable of registering darkness At the editing table, when I run the trip of film through, frame by frame, I still feel that dizzy sense of magic of my childhood in the darkness of the wardrobe, I slowly w [...]

    19. The first hundred pages or so, largely covering Bergman s childhood, are extremely interesting The remaining 200 or so pages, unfortunately, were largely boring accounts of theatre productions It should come as no surprise to anybody familiar with Bergman s films that he is a rather selfish, pompous, opinionated, and generally unpleasant individual he readily admits as much throughout the autobiography I wouldn t discourage a fan of his work from reading this, but would not generally recommend i [...]

    20. By no means this should be the only work to dig into if you are interested in the great man, but the autobiography is very good and very interesting It is also one of the handful of books I ve read both in my native Swedish and translated and therefore I can say that the translation unfortunately is a bit lacking Not disturbingly so though, I believe at least, for someone not making the comparison.

    21. I quit around p 150 Very tough read It just wasn t engaging I m usually fine to push through books, but I have other books sitting in my to read pile that drew me away Maybe I ll finish it some other day.

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