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Water Bound By Christine Feehan AngelaBrazil,

  • Title: Water Bound
  • Author: Christine Feehan AngelaBrazil
  • ISBN: 9781609988272
  • Page: 287
  • Format: Audio CD
  • The last thing Sid remembered was being enlisted to protect a vulnerable young woman in the coastal town of Sea Haven Then, as if in some nightmare, he was lost in the swirling currents of the ocean, and sucked deeper into a freezing black eddy Just as quickly, he was saved pulled ashore by a beautiful stranger Her name is Rikki, a sea urchin diver in Sea Haven Soon thThe last thing Sid remembered was being enlisted to protect a vulnerable young woman in the coastal town of Sea Haven Then, as if in some nightmare, he was lost in the swirling currents of the ocean, and sucked deeper into a freezing black eddy Just as quickly, he was saved pulled ashore by a beautiful stranger Her name is Rikki, a sea urchin diver in Sea Haven Soon they will be bound by tantalizing secrets, which will engulf them both in a whirlpool of passion and danger.
    Water Bound The last thing Sid remembered was being enlisted to protect a vulnerable young woman in the coastal town of Sea Haven Then as if in some nightmare he was lost in the swirling currents of the ocean

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    1. Listened to audiobook from 6 23 6 29 11 My thoughts I thought the narrator was pretty good I think she tried to vary her speech to signify that different people were talking Her Russian accent was pretty good Sometimes her female voices for Rikki s sisters , particularly Blythe sounded a little hokey But overall I was happy, because she brought the characters to life I could easily picture them in my mind as I listened She made Rikki adorable and fierce and loving Lev was the sexy, awesome letha [...]

    2. Water Bound is the 1st book in Christine Feehan s Sisters of the Heart Series, a spinoff from her Drake Sisters Series.The synopsis of the series Six women of varying age meet in special grief counseling group composed of victims of violent crimes Each has suffered unbelievable loss Working through their grief, they learn to love one another and trust only each other Pooling their resources, they purchase a large farming community Each has their own home and five acres, sharing the rest of the f [...]

    3. Water Bound is the first book in Christine Feehan s spinoff series, Sisters of the Heart It s exciting, beautiful, passionate, and fans of the Drake Sisters series are sure to love this story Off the shores of Sea Haven, a beautiful diver rescues a man from drowning, a man with no memory of who he is or why he seems to possess the violent instincts of a trained killer But soon, he and his savior will be engulfed in a storm of dizzying passion and inescapable dangerGenerally speaking, I don t oft [...]

    4. Rikki Sit is not your average female She has strange reactions to things people may consider normal She only likes to eat peanut butter and broccoli and likes everything to be pristine and untouched She might also be a sociopath because her parents, foster families, and fianc s houses all burned down and many of them died But being a possible serial arsonist is not even the oddest thing about her The winner is that she has the ability to control water think water bending in Avatar The Last Airbe [...]

    5. Water Bound by Christine FeehanOkay, I m the first one to admit Christine Feehan s stuff is sometimes over the top Her Dark series is extremely melodramatic, her alpha male heroes are one step short of cavemen, her 80 pg love scenes go on and on about creamy skin and velvet sheaths Nevertheless, I love her books.Why Well, Christine Feehan knows something about what women want, and what is the essence of romantic fiction One man, filled with purpose and integrity and courage, whose entire life ce [...]

    6. A sea urchin diver finds an injured man underwater and shares her air supply with him to save his life She has no idea what kind of man she has rescued or what she has let herself in for.I was amazed and surprised by the characters Christine Feehan chose for her protagonists I ve gotten used to the men she writes, agressive killers with a protective streak a mile wide This one started out a little closer to sociopathic killer than I was comfortable with Feehan redeems Lev by having him suffer qu [...]

    7. Dear Mrs Feehan,Yes yes yes I know Rikki has a form of autism, that she acts thinks different, people think she is rude, got quirks, she stares at people, doesn t like to be around a lot of people crowds or have them touch her, and doesn t like people in her home I also know she likes to be near the ocean, loves her routines and that she loves peanut butter and so on with lots of other things And yes we know Lev is the big bad dangerous alpha male with lots of weapons and a smoking hot body For [...]

    8. The story in itself was good, this book had so much potential But how many times did I really need to know that Rikki was a water element and that she had a deep connection with water

    9. Christine Feehan s Water Bound is sort of a continuation of her Drake Sisters series, but not really It is set in the same town of Sea Haven and features a handful of our familiar characters Our hero is Lev Prakenskii an undercover Russian operative who has lost chunks of his memory and identity following an accident at sea Our heroine is the spunky sea urchin diver, Rikki, who finds him in the water and saves his life and later, his soulOT SPOILERS The book picks up loosely where Hidden Current [...]

    10. Re read 9 10 I wasn t sure what to expect when I re read this I loved it the first time around, but many of the Drake books didn t hold up on second read I m happy to report this one did I adored everything just as much this time around Definitely one of my top reads of 2010 __________________It was lovely returning to Sea Haven and I very much enjoyed the new characters introduced her, as well as the glimpses we had of the previous characters This book picks up right where Hidden Currents left [...]

    11. Truly, the dumbest and worst books I ve ever read Unless you re into 100 pages of explicit sex, 100 pages of descriptions of autism which are about as enlightened as and 100 pages of ho hum plot, RUN FROM THIS BOOK I can t believe I finished it.The characters are dumb, dumb, dumb Some combination of reality and fantasy What the heck is a water element Ever met one A fire element Well, that s an arsonist.Have to hand it to the authore managed to keep an orgasm going for 20 pages Not bad.Every cha [...]

    12. I really liked this book a lot and rate it a 4 1 2 star read for me The characters were so different from any other I have ever read and that made this book special It took a while for the heat but the wait was well worth it There were parts that had me LOL I just wish that the action would have been just a bit I am very interested in reading the next book in this series and possibly also reading The Drake sister series.

    13. Wow This was not at all what I was expecting It wasn t what I imagined it to be like I was thinking it would go down the same line as the Drake Sister s series but it didn t It wasn t good but it wasn t bad either, it was different For Sid, the last thing he remembered was been on board a yacht that was quickly sinking, the mysterious bodyguard was lost in the swirling currents of the ocean, and sucked deeper into the nothingness of a freezing black eddy Just as quickly, just as miraculously, he [...]

    14. This was a very good read I am always looking for something different The heroine here is a very high functioning autistic Plus she has a magical power The hero was briefly in the book about Elle in the Drake sisters series He is the brother of Ilya who is married to Joley He is one of seven brothers who all also have some sort of powers.He seemed to be damaged than Ilya But once he discovers Rikki he leaves his old life behind and never looks back He does a very good job coping with someone wh [...]

    15. Lev es un hombre con un pasado dif cil Rikki es una chica que aprende a sobrevivir cada d a Ambos se encuentran Una conexi n explota Encuentran en el otro lo que han buscado, sin querer, toda su vida Tienen mucho que ofrecer el uno al otro Esta conexi n especial m s los d as de convivencia y una particular atracci n, hacen que terminen juntos Las cosas no ser n f ciles para ellos por la conexi n de Lev con las Drake Los chicos solo quieren un hogar, lejos de todo, un nuevo comienzo, pero el pasa [...]

    16. I m not really sure what to say about this book, for I find myself somewhat conflicted regarding how I feel about it On the one hand, I loved it, hence my 5 star rating, on the other, there were several things that annoyed me to a greater or lesser extent in it Overall my reaction is definitely positive, though that might have changed had the book been very much longer One thing I will note is that I think you ll get a lot out of this book, or at least some things will make a lot sense, if you [...]

    17. I actually loved this book The heroine s autism is handled really well and is only labeled as such maybe 2 3 times total Here, in this house, there s only us What we do, how we act, doesn t matter to anyone else If you need order, teach me your order and I ll follow it.I d have given it 5 stars but there were some times where the plot dragged, IMO Loved the romance and the hero, though.Safety OverviewSafety Stats view spoiler Ages Both are adults, neither is a virgin, probably 30s That s what I [...]

    18. When you mention the name of paranormal romance writer Christine Feehan, most anyone that enjoys reading romance has picked up at least one of her books out of the many series she has written I started with the Carpathians in the Dark series several years back I think I made it to the eighth or ninth book and then became burnt out on the repetitive, one dimensional, alpha men reciting the famous you are my lifemate speech So when Water Bound, the first release of the Sisters of the Heart series, [...]

    19. After the last Drake sister book, I was a bit hesitant about reading Water Bound because I wasn t sure I was up to literally tortured or brutalized leads, but Feehan takes it easy on her starring pair for a change in this new Drake Sister s series spin off I believe that each book will star one of the remaining seven magical Prakenskii brothers and pair him with with one of six equally magical woman who are not sisters by birth but who are sisters by choice.Waterbound begins just before the end [...]

    20. Water Bound A Sea Haven Novel by Christine FeehanParanormal Romance July 27, 20105 starsWater Bound is a spellbinding romance that will sweep you away and never let you go I was mesmerized by the beauty and moving romance in this new paranormal series set in the same world as the Drake sisters series Rikki has a talent for water It soothes and comforts her and she is able to manipulate it But Rikki is troubled Her parents were murdered and disaster after disaster has followed her since their dea [...]

    21. I only have a few pages left to read in order to finish the book To be honest I had other expectations Sorry, I can t wait to express my disappointment about the book I divide the book in 3 parts 1 Woman with issues saves meets killer handsome hurt man.2 The love making a full chapter of love making 3 A few paragraphs of some kind of adventure The End.I would have appreciated it if adventure and danger had taken place throughout the whole book The story would be balanced with risks and less [...]

    22. I can t believe there were so many high reviews for this book 1 You do not have to read The Drake Sisters series before reading this one They re lightly mentioned and this story is completely self contained 2 Lev finds out his youngest brother is alive and living locally and he NEVER makes an effort to see or contact him, doesn t even seem interested in meeting the brother he hasn t seen for 30 something years and was forcibly separated from WHAT THE BLEEP Really His brother is a trained operati [...]

    23. REALLY damned good A romance novel in which the lead character is autistic is a gutsy move to begin with, but author Feehan pulls it off with style and grace Rikki s autism is revealed naturally, through events and perceptions no one mentions it until halfway through the book, and though it s never treated as a superpower thank all the gods that be , it s not treated as a prison either Seeing as how I have a lover who is high functioning yet notably autistic herself, I related deeply to the book [...]

    24. OMG Levi Hammond eres un amor de cosas bellas y perfectas.Ese amor incondicional, adaptarse a tantas rutinas sin importarle, d ndole espacio para adaptarse a l, respetar sus espacios Oh Dios, oh Dios No puedo ser objetiva Es todo taaan rom ntico Sobre todo que ellos est n enamorados y no lo niegan, simplemente dos personas que no est n acostumbradas a compa a, con sus individualidades, man as y detallitos propios empiezan a convivir, a aceptar el afecto y el perd n de otros, as como superar el p [...]

    25. You remember how good the first couple of Shadow Walkers was and how good those first couple of her Seven Sisters was This book was good like those books were, she took her time and wrote the best story she could and I loved it I won t go over the entire story, but Lev and Rikki really worked well together for me as a couple and their romance was hot Rikki s autism and raw childhood never slowed her down They were both broken people from their past but together they were whole The magic was ther [...]

    26. Good lord Two DNFs in one week, it s a record for me I was almost 150 pages in when I gave up Nothing had happened, and all Feehan did was repeat herself over and over again I get it Rikki is autistic, she doesn t like people in her house, she doesn t cook, blah blah blah, and Lev is a man of action, he knows how to kill people, blah blah blah Did Feehan think our reading comprehension skills were SO POOR that repeating everything was the only way she would get us to remember just how special th [...]

    27. My review coming soon, not sure what to say yet.For now it s a magical romance, and rather thin in action bits for a paranormal story, but an enjoyable read.

    28. They stared at one another, and she swore that she felt as if she were falling into his eyes He didn t take his gaze from hers, not once, not like everyone else always did It was as if they were so connected that if they looked away from one another, neither would make it to the surface She felt as if the water flowed through her to him and back again, binding them together in a strange ritual she didn t understand Rikki Lev Who are you What did you do to me Her heart jumped He spoke English wit [...]

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