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Det dyrebare By Linn Ullmann,

  • Title: Det dyrebare
  • Author: Linn Ullmann
  • ISBN: 9788249510375
  • Page: 192
  • Format: Paperback
  • Jon Dreyers liv er i ferd med rakne Han kjemper med skrivesperre og er stadig utro Alt begynte da nitten r gamle Mille forsvant uten et spor, for s bli funnet d d to r seinere Jons kone, Siri Dreyer Brodal, har sine egne stridigheter overkomme Ikke bare er hun gift med en trol s mann, men hvordan skal hun forholde seg til den sterke og utr stelige n, JennyJon Dreyers liv er i ferd med rakne Han kjemper med skrivesperre og er stadig utro Alt begynte da nitten r gamle Mille forsvant uten et spor, for s bli funnet d d to r seinere Jons kone, Siri Dreyer Brodal, har sine egne stridigheter overkomme Ikke bare er hun gift med en trol s mann, men hvordan skal hun forholde seg til den sterke og utr stelige n, Jenny Brodal, som begynner drikke igjen etter ha v rt t rrlagt i tjue r, akkurat i tide til den lenge planlagte 75 rsfeiringen Og verken Jon eller Siri aner hvordan de skal h ndtere den uregjerlige datteren Alma Milles forsvinning og uvissheten om hva som skjedde, preger alle som var ber rt av henne Gradvis avdekkes en historie om kj rlighet og gr dighet, om hemmelige liv og smertefulle forbindelser Linn Ullmann har skrevet en besettende, beksvart og humoristisk roman om sorg og overlevelse, om en familie som blir offer for sine egne hemmeligheter og om en brutal forbrytelse.
    Det dyrebare Jon Dreyers liv er i ferd med rakne Han kjemper med skrivesperre og er stadig utro Alt begynte da nitten r gamle Mille forsvant uten et spor for s bli funnet d d to r seinere Jons kone Siri Dreyer B

    One thought on “Det dyrebare”

    1. 3.5 There is something that really captured my interest in this story and I am not quite sure what that was The prose is unsentimental, almost detached and the characters were all multi layered and complex There was as much going on under the surface as there was in the face they presented to each other and in their relations with other people There was a great deal of simmering tension and palpable unease The setting is Siri s childhood home, a seaside town a few hours south of Oslo The house w [...]

    2. Mystery and threat and gothic, haunting imagery mixed with quotidian life in a slightly foreign slightly familiar environment A momentum that had me racing through the story and yet I didn t read it as fast as I might have several times I put the book down to let things reverberate it was too good to rush through.Complex characters with shadows and faults and also goodness Ullmann could draw a minor character that was true and complex with only a scene or a paragraph by revealing an action or a [...]

    3. Nordic Noir can be pretty tough slogging but it is usually leavened by the mystery This is Nordic Noir without the mystery Which means it is just a tough slog I am not of the school that believes I have to relate to the characters in a novel nor am I the least put off if I can t identify with them It isn t like I am looking to join a social club or start a family But I do need to feel something for them other than shock and awe at their gobsmacking dysfunction I have to feel that there is a take [...]

    4. Me gusta como escribe pero la historia en s no ha llegado a captar mi inter s Podr a haber metido veinte p ginas m s y tener al menos un final decente y tampoco2 5

    5. Why do we read Why do I read It s a question I ask myself over and over again while reading What makes a book the end all, be all for me Sometimes my sister and I have a conversation where we bond intensely over things She says a line that rings so true with me and why would it not We have a similar history, the same nature vs nurture, a background that couldn t help but ring truths in our present regardless, she will say a truth to me that feels right to my bones It bonds us, this truth.Charact [...]

    6. I just finished The Cold Song and I really don t know what to say about it This book was intense and it made me feel tense while reading it From the description we know that Milla the nanny disappears and is killed, but I was expecting the plot to lead up that happening This is not the case, Milla s death happens very early in the book and we even learn who the accused right away, but then we begin to flash back and forth in time This book is definitely not a mystery, but a story of a family tha [...]

    7. A fantastic read I was absolutely mesmerized by Linn Ullmann s thriller about a dysfunctional family and how they each react to the murder of 19 year old Milla, a summer nanny for Jon Dreyer and his wife, Siri This novel delves deeply into the marriage and the painful betrayals on the part of Jon, a writer in the throes of writer s block the relationships of Siri to her aging mother, Jenny Brodal, and the effects of the accidental drowning of her four year old brother, whom she had been instruct [...]

    8. This novel wins first prize for the lamest book ending, to me, this year Parts of the story were very insightful, especially the parts about the disturbing reality of young girls and the woes of a dysfunctional marriage But much of the prose was just okay Maybe it was simply due to a flawed translation This is a psychological thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat, with lots of juicy details There s a murder, a wacky marriage of two troubled souls, a hellion of a daughter, a depressed [...]

    9. This is a very odd book It s not really a murder mystery, although there is a murder, and there is a hunt for a body From almost the beginning, the whodunnit question has already been answered The rest of the book is devoted to the circumstances surrounding the event and is told again and again from the perspectives of various characters in the book It hops around in the timeline and at times was a bit confusing Sadly, I found most of the characters to be rather unlikeable and unsympathetic and [...]

    10. Easy to read inspite of its sad and gloomy story about not beeing able to talk about the difficult things and therefore lying to cover yourself and avoid the hard stuff.

    11. He le do rese as no muy positivas que digamos de esta historia Pero bueno, cada lector es diferente, a mi realmente me atrap , si bien tuvo un comienzo bastante lento y algo pesado que me costo enganchar, logre tomar el ritmo Lo mas curioso es que desde el inicio sabemos quien mat a la joven que desapareci , lo que la novela nos plantea son sus momentos antes, todo lo que ocurri antes del terrible desenlace Pero seguimos con lo curioso ya que esta joven, Millie, no es nuestra protagonista princi [...]

    12. I won this book as part of the First Reads program It did not influence my rating or review.There was much I liked about The Cold Song The writing is simple, solid, and flows well, making for an extremely quick read The characters are complex and realistic I never felt like they were merely stereotypes thrown together in a house Emotions are conveyed well through both actions and words Overall, The Cold Song is an interesting study on how a lack of communication can damage relationships.That bei [...]

    13. Litteratur.Min f rste, men ikke min sidste Linn Ullmann bog.Eftert nksomhed L ste den p under et d gn, kunne ikke slippe den, da jeg f rst var kommmet i gang 3

    14. It s amazing how destructive secrets and assumptions can be.Siri Brodal is a driven, successful restaurant owner in Norway She s married to Jon Dreyer, a well known author who has written two thirds of a popular trilogy, but can t seem to find the words or inspiration for a third book Instead he spends his time staring at his computer, sending texts and emails to other women, and then having affairs with them under the guise of walking the family dog or running errands Siri knows that Jon is a p [...]

    15. Siri and Jon have been married for well over a decade She owns and cooks for two restaurants and he is a best selling author They spend their summers at the summer resort town of Mailand with Siri s mother This has worked well until the summer in this book Jon is a serial philanderer, which Siri has chosen to ignore He is also years overdue on finishing his most recent novel, due to writer s block Thinking that it will free Jon to write, Siri hires 19 year old Milla to babysit their two daughter [...]

    16. I ve read four novels by Linn Ullmann and I ve enjoyed and admired them all The Cold Song begins with the discovery by three boys of a body buried in the woods near a small vacation town on the coast of Norway The boys themselves are not exactly innocents and the woods are suitably atmospheric, misty and dark, haunted by the drowning of a child The boys, their parents, the two elderly women who live in a century old house, are all in some way involved in the disappearance and death of Milla No o [...]

    17. This is a hard review to write I really loved this book I loved the writing style and I loved the way the story was told in different voices.Siri and Jon are busy parents and they hire Milla a young woman as a nanny for Alma and Liv, their children Then things in the household change The family is already dysfunctional but things start to change for the worst So many secrets and lies and I couldn t stop turning the pages I think I have found a new author

    18. I had, however, noted that we were not so quick to smile as before and that we observed a certain care in our speech We had discovered the weight and the worth of the spoken word Life had certainly not mellowed our judgement, but wisdom had eventually taught us that all one s words come back to one further we had come to see that men cannot be described in full tones, but that one must also use halftones in order to express as accurately as possible one s opinion of a person.

    19. I wish I could have cared about at least one of the characters, because then I would have found something redeeming about this book As it is, I found nothing redeeming at all about Jon and Siri and even the children in the book were without charisma, did not draw my interest I have no idea how this book made it into the NYTimes Review of Books as a recommendation.

    20. A quiet, sad little book not much of a plot, rather a study of the effects of the absence of words, or failure to speak communicate, of keeping one s silence, on several characters, each distinct and each described in razor sharp depth I felt very satisfied with the ending I am looking forward to reading from this author.

    21. Secrets past and present seem to rule this family It is all in what no one WANTS to talk about, nothing substantive, everythin surface like today s families Ullman s writing is precise, undemonstrative, very like Siri and her family A great study in family dynamicsd nothing will really change.

    22. Maybe 2.5 This is such a dysfunctional family that is was almost a comedy Even the dog thought it was a dysfunctional family The ending was not a real ending and in some ways I almost wish I had just not finished the book rather than getting to the non ending.

    23. OH MY GOD I am sick of books where literally nothing happens This novel even had a murder in it and still nothing happened Ullmann is a good writer, so if you like her prose, and absolutely no plot you will enjoy this book.

    24. Dette er en fin bok, lettlest, men samtidig gripende Et prakteksemplar p en fortelling om hvor galt det kan g n r man stilletiende aksepterer mangel p kommunikasjon i relasjoner Ullmann er en god iakttager og beskriver Fin sommerlektyre

    25. Guilt and sorrow haunt the landscape of coastal Norway, as guests gather to celebrate Jenny Brodal s 75th birthday Layers of family tragedy unfold as another act of violence takes shape Griefs and dishonesty overlap love, beauty and forgiveness and no one is innocent A spellbinding novel.

    26. Wish we could give half stars I would give this 3 1 2 The characters are all very complicated but not like able It started iff like a mystery thriller and I was enjoying it but then fell flat and became about a completely dysfunctional family.

    27. Very captivating and modern read, interesting family dynamics from different perspectives, so it s hard to take sides on who you believe I will definitely check out her other books.

    28. A book that begins at the climax of the story and works backwards, each character working rings around the other characters There is so much than plot in a successful book

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