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Camille and the Sunflowers: A story about Vincent Van Gogh By Laurence Anholt,

  • Title: Camille and the Sunflowers: A story about Vincent Van Gogh
  • Author: Laurence Anholt
  • ISBN: 9780711221567
  • Page: 105
  • Format: Paperback
  • One day a strange man arrives in Camille s town He has a straw hat and a yellow beard The strange man is Vincent van Gogh, seen through the eyes of a young boy entranced by Vincent s painting.
    Camille and the Sunflowers A story about Vincent Van Gogh One day a strange man arrives in Camille s town He has a straw hat and a yellow beard The strange man is Vincent van Gogh seen through the eyes of a young boy entranced by Vincent s painting

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    1. The story of a child who could see talent when everyone else could notwill teach young children that sometimes their friends can be wrong.

    2. Camille, whose father was a postman, lived in a town where the sunflowers grew so high that they looked like real suns and he delighted in running through a field of them to meet his father at the railway station to unload each day s delivery of mail.One day a man with a yellow beard, wearing a straw hat arrived on the train and he introduced himself as Vincent the painter to the postman and his son The visitor had no money and no friends but he moved into a yellow house at the end of Camille s [...]

    3. If I was a little one and someone read this book to me, I d ask tens of questions 1 Is this story true 2 Why Vincent came to live in the yellow house and why he had no money and no friends 3 Why some men from the town wanted Vincent to leave their town my favorite part is the ending Camille s father was right People did learn to love Vincent s paintings Today, you would have to have a lot of money if you wanted to buy one But now people all over the world go to musems and gallaries just to see V [...]

    4. I d like to hear what children have to say if they read this on their own It s best used with an adult, however Kids should know that Van Gogh is a famous artist, and that the paintings in this story are examples of his work.This is a wonderful intro to the idea that there s a story behind every painting Why did the artist choose to paint this scene portrait What s included in the scene Who s the person Where was the artist living when this was painted The last page provides additional info abou [...]

    5. This is the fictionalized story of a young boy and his family who welcomed Vincent Van Gogh to their village when everyone else in town turned their backs on him The boy, Camille, is sorry that Vincent is so poor and that no one appreciates his work He brings him a bunch of sunflowers to cheer him up In this volume in Anholt s artist series, the real paintings are fully integrated into the story Van Gogh s famous postman portrait is of Camille s father, for example.

    6. Van Gogh may be my favorite artist and I love Anholt, so it was a given that I would love this book It s not quite as good as the Picasso Maybe because the story is sad Still, this is just as relevant as the Picasso and as helpful in interesting children in art in general and the individual behind the masterpiece.

    7. Author Illustrator Laurence AnholtFirst Published 199430ish pages, easy vocabulary, full colour, full page illustrations in the style of Vincent Van Gogh, focussing on his time spent in Arles, France, 1888 1889.Another book from Anholt s Artists collection, this time focussing on Vincent Van Gogh and his time spent in Arles, France, 1888 1889, and the Roulin family.Anholt bases his Artists collection on the stories of real children who met the artists In Van Gogh and the Sunflowers , Camille Rou [...]

    8. Camille and the Sunflowers by Laurence AnholtMy rating 4 of 5 starsTonight s read with my daughter was Camille and the Sunflowers by Laurence Anholt Again, I read this when it was published back in early 1999, but this was the first time for her I guess that is one of the things I love about being a mother, I get the joy of watching my daughter experience some of my favorite books for the first time This was one of Anholt s less wordy picture books, and it was perfect for my two year old She lov [...]

    9. Many people have made much money from Vincent Van Gogh s paintings sadly, he was not one of them This sweet story from an incident in Van Gogh s life both delighted and saddened me I was delighted to find out that the lonely painter had non family benefactors and non painter friends and I was saddened to find out he was run out of town.Unlike other of Laurence Anholt s artist series books, the pictures in this book have the feeling of Van Gogh s work, but are not illustrated in the style of Van [...]

    10. This is one of my favorite children s book I have always been interested in Van Gogh and his art It has always been interesting to me that no on enjoyed his paintings in the time he was living and how frustrating that would be Now that he is dead they are some of the most famous paintings in the world I found that portrayed in this book very well Than I loved learning new information about this family he became friends with I think this would be a wonderful book for children and it would give yo [...]

    11. Camille and the Sunflowers recaptures a snippet in time in the life of painter Vincent Van Gogh He was a poor man, traveling from town to town in order to fulfill his passion of painting A lovely picture book that ellicits a feeling of pure joy for nature Van Gogh meets a young family and sets his mind to painting the family and the countryside These pictures become some of the most famous and well known works by the artist A simple and joyous book to introduce Vincent Van Gogh to young people.

    12. You never see many children s biography books about artists bit this book is definitely a book I would use in my classroom This book tells a story of camille, a young girl who becomes friends with the lesser known, poor artist Vincent Van Gogh It follows him and hos story and painting and would definitely capture art for students However, the text might not be as catching as necessary I would recommend this book to all elementary aged students, k 1 grade probably as a read aloud It is a great bo [...]

    13. Love these artist in focus books A story told of the author s life is a personalized approach to getting to know an master artist We used this book to during our art exploration, looking at van Gogh s particular style, colours used and textures It s fun to then grab some art supplies and recreate the images A deeper appreciation develops when we get to know an artist personally and see how difficult it is to capture their paintings on paper Fun and inspiring while nurturing a love of the arts.

    14. A beautiful picture book that takes a brief snapshot of a period in Vincent Van Gogh s life Vincent rolls into a small town to paint, but is bullied and teased by the people there because he is different Camille and his family befriend him and eventually become subjects of his paintings.Loved how they had the illustrations of the story, but then showed a reproduction of one of Van Gogh s pictures i.e the portrait of Camille and the little boy Camille in the story.

    15. This book is an amazing introduction to the paintings of Vincent Van Gogh The children would be able to explore the biography of Van Gogh, his paintings and relationship he had with the community The book has great illustrations that are smaller versions of the real paintings The book could be used as an informational piece for the early grades, before going to the Museum Of Modern Art

    16. I labeled this as a work of historical fiction since I do not see an author note saying how much liberties she had to take with her writing That being said this was a beautiful but sad read about Vincent van Gogh and a family that became some of his closest friends and supporters while he lived in the famous Yellow House.

    17. Another great picture book about a famous artist I love this series by Laurence Anholt They share a wee part of the artist s life, include pieces of their work that they are famous for And help provide some insight into what made the artists create what they did Great books to share with children.

    18. I really enjoy how the author manages to capture the feel of the art of each of the artists he writes about I am a sucker for Van Gogh, so of course I liked this, but I did think that this one did not do as good a job with conveying the complexities of Van Gogh s personality as well as he did with some of the others in this series.

    19. I really enjoyed this book My 2yr old was distracting so I think that hindered my 4yr old from really enjoying it This will definitely be a book we visit again when I do art study with my 4yr old in the fall.

    20. Loved how several of Van Gogh s paintings made appearances An holt sometimes showed small reproductions of Van Gogh s work, but also sometimes slyly set the scene inside one of the paintings My students enjoyed spotting thm.

    21. This book is very unique and different from other children s books I have read It holds a very important message that would be beneficial for students in school It is also extremely visually appealing The illustrations are amazing.

    22. Excellent book to teach children about art This book is about the life story of Vincent Van Gogh It is an ideal book to use to teach a lesson about this famous artist.

    23. This book is based on a true story and shows the inspiration behind one of the artist s Vincent van Gogh s paintings Some parts are a little sad.

    24. Sensitively portraying the tortured life of a genius who wasn t discovered until he cut off his ear, shot himself in the stomach and wandered back into townen died.

    25. Genres for this class fulfilled by this book PicturebookCopyright Date 1994Estimate of age level of interest K 4Estimate of reading level 2Brief description It is the story about the friendship between the young boy Camille and Vincent Van Gogh Not everyone in town likes the painter and eventually he leaves.Identify at least 2 characteristics of this genre and subgenre and discuss how they appear in your book This story that has roots in historical fact and the content is sensitively told It is [...]

    26. Vincent VanGogh Holland 1853 1890 Started painting at 27 after studying to be a clergyman Went to South of France super close to where Cezanne was developing modern techniques looking for sunshine and bright colors Met Camille s family there who showed him kindness by helping furnish his yellow house and Camille brought him his first sunflowers Only sold one of his many paintings during his lifetime Became lonely and ill and in a fit of madness tried to cut off his own ear Shot himself.

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