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The Tomten By Astrid Lindgren Harald Wiberg Viktor Rydberg,

  • Title: The Tomten
  • Author: Astrid Lindgren Harald Wiberg Viktor Rydberg
  • ISBN: 9780698201477
  • Page: 402
  • Format: Hardcover
  • No one knows when he came to the farm, no one has ever seen him, but everyone knows it is the troll Tomten who walks about the lonely old farmhouse on a winter s night, talking to all the animals and reminding them of the promise of Spring.
    The Tomten No one knows when he came to the farm no one has ever seen him but everyone knows it is the troll Tomten who walks about the lonely old farmhouse on a winter s night talking to all the animals and

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    1. It is a long winter s night, and the Tomten a small, ancient gnome, who lives quietly and mostly unnoticed on a remote Swedish farm awakens He watches over the farm s livestock, encouraging the winter weary animals with the promise of spring talking to them in Tomten language, a silent language that the farm animals, from cows to barn cats, are able to understand The farmer and his wife, although also under the Tomten s watchful eyes, are unaware of the Tomten s presence and unable to understand [...]

    2. I love Astrid Lindgren and Kitty Crowther so much that I ended up buying this little picturebook in French and, painfully, translating it It was only after reading about other work by Kitty that I found someone has already done itStupidity aside, this is such a lovely little story about a little troll the Scandinavian like their trolls who, I suppose are similar to Brownies whose job it is, in the winter, to ensure that the people and livestock of a remote household are safe and well and feel co [...]

    3. 4.5 STARSA beautiful, gentle adapted from the wonderful poem by Rydberg story lovingly illustrated about the Tomten gnome who keeps watch over a family s small, lonely farm and encourages the animals in the winter while they dream of spring I adored how the Tomten was friends with all the animals, and I think young children would love to imagine a tomten outside their house and keeping a kind, watchful eye on things while they sleep The rhyme scheme makes this a very gentle, story, almost like a [...]

    4. First, let me say how thrilled I was to discover that Astrid Lindgren adapted this book Pippi Longstocking was one of my favorite books characters as a child and it just thrills me to read of her work Second, let me share that I have always admired gnomes and I have a special gnome that sits on my favorite bookshelf to protect my favorite books I am such a dork.The Tomten is Lindgren s adaption of a classic poem written by Rydberg For the record, I prefer Rydberg s verses Lindgren writes in rhy [...]

    5. We recently reread Hedgie s Surprise by Jan Brett, so we already had an idea about what a Tomten was This book is similar, but depicts the Tomten in a slightly less mischievious manner The narrative is repetitive and soothing, and the story is perfect for bedtime reading The illustrations are also softly muted, showing the quiet of night We really enjoyed reading this story together This story was selected as one of the books for the April 2012 Mystical Magical Creatures reads at the Picture Boo [...]

    6. This book is a family favorite to read at Christmas time My grandmother grew up hearing stories about Norwegian nissen very similar to tomten from her grandmother so this story has a special place in all our hearts Astrid Lindgren s soft, sweet words translate the poem beautifully It s easy for small children to understand We got so into the idea of leaving rice porridge for the Tomten, we leave rice pudding for JulNissen at Christmas along side Santa s cookies and milk The illustrations are a l [...]

    7. Me ha gustado mucho, es un cuento precioso e ideal para el invierno, pero le doy un cuatro porque me gusta m s la versi n en ingl s, tanto por los dibujos como por el texto En esta traducci n pierde un poco y se lia con cosas como que dice que el duende cuida de todas las casas y no es as , cuida de esa granja en particular, es el t pico duende casero tomten, brownie o kobold, o lo que J K Rowling llamar a elfo dom stico Pero en general est bien y es muy bonito.

    8. I remember hearing the story of the tomten when I grew up from my Grandpa who grew up in Sweden and this folklore was common I never knew about the poem or that Astrid Lindgren wrote a children s picture book based on the poem So when I was an adult, introducing my fianc to our Swedish traditions, I found The Tomten.I was so pleased to find this story It was a sweet tale about the tomten s night activities, silently providing help and comfort on the farm where he lives The illustrations by Haral [...]

    9. A favorite picture book from my childhood The story of a little Swedish tomten elf type creature and his life on the farm I read the book out loud to my boys tonight and while I was basking in the warm glow of a familiar, beloved story from my childhood, they were creeped out that little men might be walking around the house while they were sleeping looking in windows Matter of fact, one of my boys came and crawled into my bed about 20 minutes ago Guess that story backfired a little

    10. Que bonito, me ha gustado aun m s que Pippi, Astrid Lindgren tiene libros infantiles preciosos, este es muy adecuado para esta poca, nos habla de como un tomten , algo as como un gnomo domestico, que vive en una granja, sale por la noche y ayuda a los animales El tomten es una antigua leyenda escandinava de origen pagano.

    11. Great bed time picture book about a troll that speaks tomten to children and animals, reassuring and encouraging them while the rest of the world is sleeping I would use this book at nap time.

    12. The Tomten by Astrid Lindgren, illustrated by Harald Wiberg, and adapted from a poem by Viktor Rydberg, is based on a mythical creature who watches over farmsteads and protects the inhabitants.Wiberg s illustrations have a peaceful, almost dream like quality From information on the book jacket of the library s 1968 copy, it states that Mr Wiberg originally made these illustrations for his sons, taken from the lonlyfarm where the artist was born They were first published in a children s magazine [...]

    13. Such a magical little book I first read this to my daughter when she was 3 and 5 years later we still read it a couple times every winter It s a very simple tale about a benevolent gnome like Scandinavian farm sprite The illustrations are enchanting, gorgeous, pure winter

    14. A traditional scandanavian folk tale best read around Christmas time for maximum enjoyment and relevance as it is set in winter.The Tomten is a little troll also affectionately known as a gnome The Tomten wanders round solitary farms looking after and talking to the animals that live there He also keeps a watchful eye over the children to ensure that they come to no harm while they sleep I read this book to my year 2 class under the visualiser It took me about 10 15 minutes to read They must hav [...]

    15. This book is interesting, but a little freaky It s about a creature called a Tomten that creeps around a farm while the people who live there are sleeping I can totally see Stephen King rewriting this book as a horror novel for adults.I googled Tomten and discovered that it is a mythical creature of Swedish folklore This book makes a lot of sense if you know this background information.

    16. This is my new favorite bedtime story The kids like it too A true classic type of children s book that doesn t talk down or preach, just tells a gentle story with a quiet rhythm.

    17. A book that I remember from my youth and I just rediscovered I always wished that my home had a Tomten Okay, I still wish this

    18. Read this book to little M s class last year before having a tomte hunt and a pepparkakor snack Super fun morning.

    19. A delightful wintertime story about the little gnome who goes around the farmhouse at night, checking on everything and making it safe.

    20. Sweet little book about the tomten that goes around a farm in the middle of the night and talks to all the animals.

    21. A must readA beautiful story and excellent English translation that keeps the mood of the quiet natural magic of the story Especially for children but will be enjoyed by anyone The cover picture is a generic picture, not from the book Is fun on Kindle to make the pictures larger Be sure that your brightness is a little higher for this book.

    22. This is a cute story about a little elf type creature that talks to animals and watches over a family The timing couldn t have been perfect for us because we visited an old time Christmas town the week prior to the book being available at the library and in the Swedish house the woman talked about and had a statue of the Tomte which is part of their tradition.

    23. November 2016 this is one of my childhood favorites and I was pleased to find it holds up at least for me Ben was super distracted while we read it, so we ll have to try again for the full effect I love that quiet, snow covered farm and the Tomten s silent language there s a bit of melancholy to the story, but it s also so peaceful.

    24. Definitely like this book Beautiful artistry and words My only reservations about the book are that the subject matter might be a little scary to young children reading about this fictional creature Can be used to teach animals.

    25. A Tomten reassures animals of hope in a long winter A nice book, that my oldest really paid attention to and then asked questions about the tomten at the end It must be thought provoking to a child of 4.

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