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The Con Man By Ed McBain Dick Hill,

  • Title: The Con Man
  • Author: Ed McBain Dick Hill
  • ISBN: 9781455873319
  • Page: 482
  • Format: Audio CD
  • When a young woman s body is fished out of the 87th Precinct s river, a street wise detective is on the clock to find the con man who killed her before he strikes again McBain forces us to think twice about every character we meet even those we thought we already knew New York Times Book Review Imagine your favorite Law Order cast solving fresh mysteries into inWhen a young woman s body is fished out of the 87th Precinct s river, a street wise detective is on the clock to find the con man who killed her before he strikes again McBain forces us to think twice about every character we meet even those we thought we already knew New York Times Book Review Imagine your favorite Law Order cast solving fresh mysteries into infinity, with no re runs, and you have some sense of McBain s grand, ongoing accomplishment Entertainment Weekly
    The Con Man When a young woman s body is fished out of the th Precinct s river a street wise detective is on the clock to find the con man who killed her before he strikes again McBain forces us to think twice

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    1. He snapped his fingers for the waiter, and while they waited for him to come to their table, she leaned over and whispered the three most expensive words in the English language I love you And he looked at her with tender guile and answered with the three cheapest words in the English language I love you Anyone can be a con man Some do it for cash.You can remain a gentleman, pursue a life of romantic criminal adventure, see the world, meet a lot of nice people and drink a lot of cool drinks, and [...]

    2. This is the fourth book in Ed McBain s famed 87th Precinct series and the one in which, it seems to me, he really finds his groove By now, the major characters have all been introduced and we are comfortable with their back stories and personalities Despite McBain s original intentions, Steve Carella has emerged as the first among equals in the lineup, and the series now has a settled feel to it.As the story opens, a con man is working the streets of Isola, McBain s fictional city where the seri [...]

    3. Several years ago put the 87th Precinct novels that have been released in kindle format on sale I bought a ton of them This is the second one I ve read, and I primarily decided to delve into the backlist because I read a article about Scandinavian Noir that suggested that one of the pioneering writers in that genre was influenced by McBain s 87th Precinct novels.Stylistically, these are very different from modern police procedurals, with very stripped down language and character narrative arcs t [...]

    4. The year turns and another 87th Precinct book breezes through It s April in Isola The cruellest month Cruel enough anyway as the con is well and truly on McBain relishes in his chosen theme The con and the conmen themselves get a thorough going over by McBain s philosophically edged examination The detectives of the 87th are trying to reel in a couple of tricksters who are working their way through the confidence trick handbook, fleecing the rich and poor for a fortune or a dime Arthur Brown and [...]

    5. These early Ed McBain novels from the 1950s are now old enough to qualify almost as historical mysteries and the language and attitudes often seem staid, stilted, and outdated Did policemen really used to talk like that I remember watching reruns of Dragnet years after the series first ran and I seem to recall that Sgt Joe Friday and his partner did, in fact, employ some of this terminology and exhibit some of those attitudes, so, yeah, I guess maybe they really did talk like that In spite of th [...]

    6. This 4th entry in the 87th Precinct series again features Steve Carella this time his deaf mute wife Teddy plays a big part While con men, big small, are featured, this book is really a murder mystery at heart.

    7. I have read two other books in Ed McBain s acclaimed 87th Precinct books I was in a bit of a book slump, so I thought I would check out The Con Man , the 4th in the series I like this series because it is realistic, the characters are usually likable, they are fast reads, and you can read them out of order I especially like the older ones so far because it shows me a glimpse of what the police system was like in an urban area in the 1950 s It s a fun little blast to the past.In The Con Man polic [...]

    8. A good book Two main stories for the 87th precinct in this one Detective Arthur Brown is the lead detective on a hunt for a con man tricking anyone from a young girl of her last 5 and sophisticated businessmen for hundreds Detective Steve Carella is the lead on the hunt for a man who is poisoning young women and dumping them in the river the floaters are found weeks or months later, making them much harder to identify and subsequently harder to track down the killer Carella s beautiful deaf mute [...]

    9. What s new The always good Ed McBain writes a good book What can you say that hasn t been said before I can t think of anything, but it does create a problem for me He wrote 55 books in this series, I ve only read 4 and I m 65 and I never read back to back books in the same series So I have to go now cause I got some serious catching up to do.Damn bucket list items, whatever happened to the concept of a leisurely retirement

    10. this will be the.3rd 4th mcbain story i ve readndlearently it is the 5thd all of them w i the last year or twoarts out everybody has a right to earn a livingat s the american way you get out there and sweat, and you make a buck and you invest that buck in lemons and sugar the water and ice, you get free you ve got yourself a little lemonade stand by the side of the road, and pretty soon, you re pulling in five bucks a week.hoorah and then the gov t comes and messes w your business plan as they d [...]

    11. The 4th book in the 87th Precinct crime detective series and my favourite so far Didn t start off too well as it delved too deeply into details of procedure I don t need to be told in great detail what the detective has to write in his report when a body is found I m also not that interested in knowing all the different methods of lifting fingerprints If you can give me those details as part of the story then fine but paragraphs just listing them all is not the way to do it as it bores the reade [...]

    12. Whether writing as Ed McBain or Evan Hunter, the author enjoyed great success for his inventive tales and fluent style Time, though, has moved the police procedural genre a long way forward the 87th Precinct series has period charm if you are kind or else feels simply dated.Having been a devotee many years ago, I cannot really believe that even then The Con Man was McBain at his best He has a trick of setting a theme the city in the rain, for example here and then knocking off an easy riff for a [...]

    13. Ed McBain s early 87th Precinct novels take place in the 1950s and they are as interesting for the clothes and the food and the attitudes of the time as for the clever plots Most important is our growing acquaintance with the detectives of the 87th and their old pals, informers, and girl friends and spouses This story circles around the new marriage of one detective to a woman who is deaf and so cannot speak and who, despite what the difficulties she sometimes has communicating, can get a messag [...]

    14. I ve been trying to read these books in order Although the plot of each is stand alone, the development of the characters defiantly builds from book to book Reading them out of sequence would probably result in the odd spoiler here and there.In this book there are a couple of con men loose in the city These form two separate cases with a little bit of overlap Even though this was written in the 50 s, it s still a decent crime story with lots of nostalgic value.I don t have book 5 so will take a [...]

    15. Steve Carella of the 87th Precinct is on the trail of a con man His only clue is a tattoo on the hand of one of his victims Ed McBain is a master of police procedural, mystery, urban noir, etc His books are packed with cops and crooks, danger and downtime, and the city in all its sleaze and in all its glory The Con Man is no exception If you want a book that will keep you up all night because you can t put it down, look no farther further.

    16. The 87th have a run of floaters that set Steve Carella on the track of a con man and murderer, while Arthur Brown is hunting for a trickster that takes smaller sums from easy marks but is annoy when 5 is taken from a working girl This is a simple easy to read detective novel that moves at a good pace and is consumed in two evenings The series is now taking on some shape that gets you looking for the next edition.

    17. You want me to follow him The cabbie watched Teddy nod, watched the door of Donaldson s car slam shut, and then watched as the sedan pulled away from the kerb The cabbie couldn t resist the crack What happened, Lady he asked That guy steal your voice The Con Man was my latest visit to the 87th I felt at home, as I increasingly do in these books, and very much enjoyed the read.Essentially, we get to watch some of the con men of the city go about their business Some are in it for the short con Som [...]

    18. This was the first Ed McBain book that I ve read but hopefully not the last because I loved the humour in it The characters were quite interesting and the plot kept me curious but it s mostly the style that I really liked.

    19. I found a treasure trove of fifteen Ed McBain books at a used book store I read that David Foster Wallace had an 87th Precinct novel called Fuzz as one of his favorite books, so I decided to give the series a try The Con Man was the earliest in the series that I found, so I started with this one The protagonist for this book is the precinct itself and whatever detectives catch the case The setting is The City What city you ask Whatever city has a river, a harbor and a seedy underbelly that churn [...]

    20. Back when I was in high school, I first met the characters of Ed McBain s 87th precinct While I can t recall which books I read, I remember enjoying them quite a bit A few years ago, when they started appearing on BARD, the Braille and Audio Reading download site of the talking book program , I decided to try one of them, Fat Ollie s Book to see if it would hold my interest To my complete delight, I enjoyed it just as much as those other long ago reads At that time, I promised myself that I woul [...]

    21. In The Con Man the fourth book in the 87th precinct series, circa 1957 McBain delivers a standard entry into the series There are two levels of con men on the loose one, the relatively harmless kind who is just out to cheat a few unsuspecting marks out of a few dollars, and the other the most deadly kind, the kind out to swindle hapless victims out of everything they have and then leave them for dead McBain s strengths lay in a couple of areas, both of which are present in this entry The first i [...]

    22. Read on Kindle Unlimited Outline to remind me.The Con Man a trickster taking money from an old woman for his own private charity, a cheater fleecing businessmen out of thousands of dollars, and a lady killer If the boys of the 87th Precinct know every trick he plays, then why are the bodies still washing up on shore Two con men act in unison and finally get caught by Detective Brown who has been on their case The two work as a tag team to convince a gullible person they do not know each other an [...]

    23. I love Ed McBain I especially love that his books or less hold up 50 years after he wrote them, though a cell phones would have really changed the ending of this story view spoiler Teddy Carella could have texted Steve from the tattoo parlor and she wouldn t have been chased and then threatened by Chris Donaldson, the con man who was wooing wealthy woman and then killing them with arsenic Rather than have strangers phone the police station when Carella was instead at home lighting cigarettes so [...]

    24. The fourth book in the 87th Precinct series, the title says it all as the members of the 87th attempt to track down various con men preying on the weak and naive members of The City, as well as involving themselves in a few cons of their own Written in 1957, my favorite dated aspects of the narrative When talking about pretty girls, it is noted that no one cares if you are smart so long as you have a beautiful phizz Pointing out the absurdity of something, it is stated that it takes the brass bo [...]

    25. This book was very late fifties fair since that was when it was written, but it was as much as part of the book as the investigation That can be off putting if you re not expecting the kind of low level privileged white dude attitude that colors descriptions of any women and minorities that show up.I liked the book well enough It did one of my favorite things in crime fiction, making sure to point out that it was not the victim s fault that she had been murdered The fault was always placed on th [...]

    26. This is Ed McBain s fourth 87th Precinct novel a series that eventually spun out to over 50 books , and I liked it just as much as I liked the first three, which is to say, a lot These books are a lot of fun to read in order, since the characters and their relationships develop from book to book, but McBain doesn t overload the narrative with personal details or vague allusions to previous occurrences, so one can really pick this series up anywhere.The Con Man is about than just the titular cha [...]

    27. A floater I found talk about the deceased to be interesting The notes taken The speculation, especially about the tattoo heart on the hand in the tender spot between the thumb and forefinger There was one man s anguish that could almost be felt.While I don t appreciate reading extraneous information about individual characters unless the telling is vital to the story, I did enjoy the telling of how Carella feels about his wife How he always delights in her With makeup Without the veneer of makeu [...]

    28. There is a nice afterword that explains McBain intended to kill off Steve Carella in the third novel, but the publisher balked explaining that Carell was the most important character Therefore Carella is recovered and back on the job 3 4 months after The Pusher s Christmas time frame This story is not about a single man, but a con man epidemic One story covers a pair of grifters who swindle money sought by detective Brown, the first African American detective in the series The second story invol [...]

    29. This is the first of the 87th Precinct novels by Ed McBain that I have read, and I d say a rating of 3.5 stars is great except it s got to be whole so 4 stars settles the score.Story There s a con man who is murdering women their bodies are found floating in the river, and they all have simple heart tattoos.Opening The story opens up well, you get a simple insiders look into the mind of someone on crime and when it becomes wrong and all.The characters There are lots of them cops living their liv [...]

    30. I m really getting into these 87th Precinct books, particularly as the cast of characters keep on returning and start to take on a strong presence in my mind This time, there s a con man on the loose as well as a killer, keeping the police department very busy There s a good mix of the crime stories and the personal lives of the police in this book, helping to cement the personalities of what have so far just been names.It s also good to see Teddy Carella getting a active role, she s such an in [...]

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