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Hell of a Journey By Mike Cawthorne,

  • Title: Hell of a Journey
  • Author: Mike Cawthorne
  • ISBN: 9781780270357
  • Page: 381
  • Format: Paperback
  • Mike Cawthorne only did one walk last winter 143 days, 1607 miles and all the Scottish 1000 metre peaks later he returned, having traversed some of the most treacherous terrain in the world This is the story of his remarkable journey.
    Hell of a Journey Mike Cawthorne only did one walk last winter days miles and all the Scottish metre peaks later he returned having traversed some of the most treacherous terrain in the world This is th

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    1. As challenges go this was pretty extreme Across the Scottish Highlands On Foot In Winter And bagging the 135 peaks over 1000 metres.The guy is insane.Strangley enough, no one had attempted this before but this is what Mike Cawthorne decided to do So he started preparations for the mammoth trek across the last of the United Kingdom s wildernesses Not only did he have to get fit, but he left caches of food at set points across the route that would enable him to keep moving He handed in his notice [...]

    2. Mike Crawthorne is a mad man.or at least those were my thoughts at the beginning of this book Walking 1607 miles, climbing all the Scottish 1000m peaks and taking 143 days to do it, pretty crazy right But to then do it during winter, there has gotta be something wrong with this guy As his journey progresses you realise his idea sort of makes sense, the mountains look different during winter, the colours, especially during sunsets are of a kind you ll never see anywhere else I wish I had the time [...]

    3. Gripping hell I walked all these hills in summertime, never winter, but it brought back all my own memories of being there It s a hard slog through mountains on your own, and this is on another level Like reading a book about climbing Everest or K2, from the comfort of home it s thrilling to imagine, but the account itself is enough of a cautionary tale to keep those who value life, limb sanity to do something a little safer.

    4. Read this book a few years ago, and it was really just a gripping account of winter in the Scottish Highlands as Cawthorne records his various walking routes and ascents of the Munros.Well worth a read if you have ever experienced winter in the Cairngorms for example, or indeed if you plan to It certainly brought back memories for me

    5. It meanders a bit, and due to its very nature is a little repetitive, but if you re winter Munro ing it should be on your reading list

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