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Mobsters and Miracles By Lavinia Lewis,

  • Title: Mobsters and Miracles
  • Author: Lavinia Lewis
  • ISBN: 9781937252236
  • Page: 306
  • Format: ebook
  • Narcotics detectives Lucas Manning and Danny DeRossa have been investigating the Valdez brothers lucrative cocaine business for a little over a year The case is as good as closed The Valdez brothers are being held in custody while awaiting trial and Tony Reyes general dogsbody and hired gun is in protective custody until he can testify against them Time for Lucas andNarcotics detectives Lucas Manning and Danny DeRossa have been investigating the Valdez brothers lucrative cocaine business for a little over a year The case is as good as closed The Valdez brothers are being held in custody while awaiting trial and Tony Reyes general dogsbody and hired gun is in protective custody until he can testify against them Time for Lucas and Danny to sit back and put their feet up Not if Ramon Torres has anything to do with it.When Torres a long standing employee of the Valdez brothers kidnaps Lucas to discover the location of Tony Reyes, it s up to Lucas partner Danny to rescue him But during their escape, they witness a startling incident a priest and a rabbi in a shoot out with Ramon s men What possible connection could a band of drug dealers have with the church and the synagogue Lucas and Danny have evidently stepped in the middle of something big, but can they stay alive long enough to find out what To complicate matters further, out and proud Lucas has fallen hard for his straight partner Danny But is Detective DeRossa as straight as he led Lucas to believe or could he return his partner s affections
    Mobsters and Miracles Narcotics detectives Lucas Manning and Danny DeRossa have been investigating the Valdez brothers lucrative cocaine business for a little over a year The case is as good as closed The Valdez brothers a

    One thought on “Mobsters and Miracles”

    1. I won t even bother with a review Writers are supposed to tell stories, but this one was all tell and no show And don t get me started with the idiotic mystery Or the juvenile characters Or the tropes Or You get the picture.

    2. OMFG this book ticked all my boxes Lots of action, great plot, very hot characters, divine sex scenes What else is there one of my favorite authors, Perfect

    3. 4 Surprised I Liked It Stars By all means, this should not have been a book that I enjoyed so much The way the plot developed would ve normally had me going Why 1 I am an unabashed addict for smut I like to have a lot of fun times wink wink nudge nudge in my M M romance books In Mobsters and Miracles, the smexy scenes were few and far in between.2 Even though this book is classified as an M M romance, the romance took a backseat This novel was of a crime mystery thriller with a gay romance betw [...]

    4. 4.5 starsLucas had loved his straight partner, Danny, for long Both were narcotics detectives at NYPD Little did he know, his supposedly straight friend had broken off with his girlfriend since he too had fallen for his partner But that issue had to wait because duty called view spoiler They had to find new witness since their current one was killed In the mean time, they had to deal with a married Catholic priest and an Orthodox rabbi who were killed before their eyes Not to mention possible in [...]

    5. This was a great book it was a nice mix of the mystery and romance Lots of running around and guns going off I loved Danny and Lucas together they were perfect mix I m not sure this will be a series but I wouldn t mind seeing of them

    6. 3.5 starsA pretty good cop crime mystery, nicely done and was a pleasant surprise Danny and Lucas work solidly together as a team and the eventual romance was a good fit to the relationship Pure escapism which was very enjoyable in parts and not a bad crime story on the whole, I liked it.

    7. First book I ve read by this author and it was interesting.Lucas, the first person narrator, and his partner Danny are narcotics detectives Lucas is openly guy and he has developed a hopeless crush on Danny At the beginning of the book, their undercover mission has been discovered and they were kidnapped by the bad guys They re able to free themselves, but the involvement of a priest and a rabbi in the case they re working on opens new scenarios in the criminal organization they re investigating [...]

    8. Mobsters and Miracles is a really nice story about two cops who have been partners for a year One is openly gay Lucas and the other is a closet bisexual man Danny Normally that would annoy me, but Danny s explanation view spoiler that he had been with women hide spoiler made sense to me There was a nice crime to be solved in this and it was dangerous Both MC s ended up injured at one point or another From the first chapter I was brought in and the romance was perfect too It was the right amount [...]

    9. 2, 2.5I don t know I seem to be in the minority here as everyone else seemed to 4 or 5 star it, so IDK.I had a problem getting invested almost immediately because something about Lucas s inner dialogue was off Not genuine or somethingjust offI love cops, I love partners, I love friends to lovers, but this just didn t reallyt me there I missed the buildup of the relationship It seemed like it was goingd then it skipped all the good stuff and skippedwell, skipped to good stuff but I had an issue w [...]

    10. A pretty readable m m action suspense mystery romance about two New York City narcotics detectives working on one case that suddenly gets far involved when they both get kidnapped by the dealers they re investigating While trying to escape, they witness a gun battle between their kidnappers and some clergymen, and they realize their case suddenly just got far complicated To add to that, Lucas our first person POV has very much fallen for his partner Danny, who is straight and very unattainable [...]

    11. Mobsters and Miracles by Lavinia Lewis4 StarsReviewed for heartsonfirereviewsThis was an enjoyable, fast paced book with a decent mystery and a lovely romance Lucas, out and proud, has been in love with his straight partner, Danny, for a very long time Knowing that Danny was supposedly very happy with his wonderful girlfriend was bittersweet to him What he didn t know was that Danny has always been bisexual and has just broken up with his girlfriend because he is in love with Lucas The romance i [...]

    12. Loved loved LOVED this book 3Seriously, it was just perfect for me The romance part was great, I loved how it was Danny, who made the first step and took initiative, because I m sick and tired of GFY stories, where the openly gay MC pursues presumably straight MC, constantly begging him to give their relationship a chance Also Danny s sexuality and why he d been hiding his bi orientation from Lucas was explained very plausible Both MCs are extremely lovely The mystery was really interesting too, [...]

    13. 3.5 starsOn the whole this is a great read Worth a read, maybe even a reread so I don t feel like I ve wasted my time It s enjoyable and funny and hot.I had minor problems with it which didn t make me stop reading or even wish I did They just served to annoy me.

    14. A Rabbi and a Priest walk into a drug cartel owned warehouseI SAID, a Rabbi and a Priest walk into a drug cartel owned warehouse They meet two cops in there One of the cops happens to be gay and in love with his partner No, not them.While the cops are busy staring into each other s eyes, the lackeys shoot down the Priest and the Rabbi The gay cop and his partner break eye contact and must now make certain that the drug lords who control the cartel end up in jail.To the book s credit, the crime p [...]

    15. The cardinal sin was committed in this book referring to a character by a different name Tyson or Tyler, make up your mind While the story was mostly solid, it was also mind numbingly boring in far too many spots It would have been so much better with a bit of care from an editor Unfortunately, this one appears to be self published Issues abounded in this book There were non American expressions and spellings that stood out sorely in an American setting And for Pete s sake, my one plea is that t [...]

    16. I haven t read this author so color me surprised that I liked this book so much And that s really saying something seeing as the romance was secondary and the mystery thriller action part was definitely in the forefront I loved the lack of drama involved in them getting together but the amount these guys were getting hurt, I was wondering if they d be able to stay that way I m guessing the author is British as we had a few instances of the different word usage but overall this was a super entert [...]

    17. Wow, wow Double wow Triple wow Wow What a trip this book was It s hard to rave about a rave worthy book without sounding like you rewellraving But I do have to rave about Mobsters and Miracles.I d never read any of Lavinia Lewis work prior to this book and hadn t a clue what to expect So what a surprise to be hit by an awfully powerful voice right out of the shoot From the very first words, I was drawn to the voice of the main character, Lucas Witty, snappy, gritty, cute, simple, sexy The dialog [...]

    18. i m an jerk b c i tend to lump lavinia lewis in with the serial authors and sort of write off her books as such so far, i m glad i set my bias aside i picked this up though i am curious as to why this is self published when her other books weren t, at least the ones that come to mind then again, this is much better writing and editing than her shifter s haven series published by total e bound, i think , so maybe that will work to her advantage having had her name out there already and probably g [...]

    19. I like it a lot It was very well written and I really do love banter between Danny and Lucas view spoiler I think harvesting organs is a little bit of a strech blushes hide spoiler I didn t believe in it at all But romance side of this book Yeah It was very well potrayed and both characters are funny and sweet Sometimes I did have a problem with Lucas He was too much like a Ty Grady in Cut and Run series from Madeleine Urban and Abigail Roux But all and all I like it, so 4 stars.

    20. I m normally NOT a fan of first person romances It just sucks to only get one side of a fiction romance story ButMust be the New Yorker in me that loved the dialogue both inner and with each other.I found this book very entertaining Both the romance and the crime solving mystery were enjoyable.

    21. I really liked this GFY cop story The author got a lot of the police procedures right so than other authors I ve read The only real niggle I had was this book really needed to have an American editor something fierce since the setting was New York Americans do not say fortnight or other British terms, that threw me out of the plot than once.

    22. This was great I hope it s the beginning of a seriesI fell in love with Lucas and Danny, I want to read about them.

    23. 3,5 stars.Nice mixture of mystery investigation and romance Nothing innovative and everything was resolved too easy, but it didn t disturb me, too much.

    24. Gawd I love cops vs bad guys stories, and this one definitely fit the bill It was exciting, funny, suspenseful, and I couldn t put it down All the qualities of a 5 star read for me.

    25. I enjoyed this book a lot, but I can t tell you why After reading some other readers reviews I thought maybe I wouldn t like it, but I did For me, it was just one of those books you click with and you like them I liked the first person POV and I believe the rest came with it It s not a romace book, but of a mystery with a love storyline, something I enjoy, but it s not what everyone wants to read.I will definitely check out other books from this author

    26. Loved it This genre is my favorite MM read The Cut and Run series, the Marshalls series, both of which I ve read through numerous times I really hope Lavinia Lewis has in store for Lucas and Danny Fast passed, engrossing subject matter, sweet and snarky dialogue What could you ask for I know stories about these lovable characters

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