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Skyworld: Volume One By Mervin Ignacio Ian Sta. Maria Budjette Tan David Hontoveros,

  • Title: Skyworld: Volume One
  • Author: Mervin Ignacio Ian Sta. Maria Budjette Tan David Hontoveros
  • ISBN: 9789710871501
  • Page: 429
  • Format: Paperback
  • Every legend hides a lieA murdered Skygodre emerges in modern day Manila.A Tikbalang prince plots vengeancefor the death of his father.And the Queen of the Asuangunleashes the mythical Bakunawaupon the streets of the city.Caught in their age old struggle is Andoy.a crippled orphan that discovershe is the fulfillment of a prophecydating back to Lapu Lapu himself
    Skyworld Volume One Every legend hides a lieA murdered Skygodre emerges in modern day Manila A Tikbalang prince plots vengeancefor the death of his father And the Queen of the Asuangunleashes the mythical Bakunawaupon th

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    1. Summer Komikon 2012 specialSummer Komikon 2012 saw the launch of Mervin Ignacio and Ian Sta Maria s Skyworld as a two volume trade paperback collection from National Bookstore which collected the graphic novel series originally self published by the duo I have the first three graphic novels, which were released in previous Komikons and of which I have done reviews here A fourth one was unpublished but is included in the second volume of the collection.The first volume collected Apocrypha and Tes [...]

    2. I am rating this first volume composed of Book 1 Apocrypha and Book 2 Testament as if I have not read its second volume The reason is that the second volume has the background of the story I would have liked this first volume if parts of that background were somehow captured into the narration.My favorite part in this book is the sudden appearance of Trese, the balding heroine of the Budjette Tan s famous series When I was reading that part last night, I got excited because I was not expecting i [...]

    3. I am a big fan of Philippine mythological stories and I believe its richness greatly deserves the spotlight This is why I really enjoyed reading the first volume of Skyworld The historical spin was very interesting a small part of me considered the possibility of the supernatural spin happening during the historic battle of Mactan between Philippine and Spanish forces Who knows, right The queen of aswangs, Rianka, was an effective antagonist However, while I knew why she had to exact that kind o [...]

    4. If this is adapted into a motion picture, then it will be the most ambitious fantasy flick the Philippine movie industry will ever produce I wish some producers would consider the idea But I doubt it s going to happen because of the problem of marketability But if there s one director who could pull it off, it would be Erik Matti, the creator of Tiktik and On The Job Enough of the crap.I re read this last night and it was a right decision I enjoyed it now than the first time I read it What I di [...]

    5. Initial thoughts 1 I m not so much of a fan of comic books but I thought of picking this one up as a support to the Filipino talents that created Skyworld.2 I think the premise of the story is very promising Another reason why I bought this is it explores the local folklore of the Philippines.3 The downside is that the plot is under explored, and the characters tend to fall flat.4 The sketches went a little inconsistent when it got a little light or blurry in one or two of its episodes.5 I think [...]

    6. Nice story Brilliant of them remaking the Battle of Mactan that way I d secretly rooted for Rianka, but she was so darn talkative and it annoyed me But I think that has something to do with the writing Writing was somewhat cringe worthy, but the graphics were fantastic.Oh look Trese s here I still don t like her anywhere near Skyworld because I can t help comparing both works with her around and Skyworld is much better, in my opinion, there I said it But she brought the Kambal with her so I forg [...]

    7. Yeah, we should have these kind of komiks to impart to our generations I am glad that Ian Sta Maria and Mervin Ignacio braved all the challenges to release this book Not only as an experimental story but the comics portrayed as their flagship project.And there is a cross over from our famous babaylan mandirigma Alexandra Trese I LIKE D

    8. Exciting plot Great artwork Impressive, just impressive The way how mythology and folklore and Philippine history were all connected in this book was just very well written This is by far one of the best Philippine literary piece i have ever read Not to mention, it s a graphic novel, a genre of literature I m mostly engrossed This book makes me proud of being a Filipino.

    9. This proves to be another successful attempt at bringing back our awe for the myths of old, and with the fight between the Aswang and the combined efforts of the human race Trese crossover and the Tikbalang, it is really worth reading.

    10. Book 40 for 2012 I have not felt this excitement and passion for the longest time Skyworld Vol 1 sent my heart racing and wanting for Please refer to my Skyworld Vol 2 Review as well

    11. The plot was really building up Its good, I look forward to the sequels However, the layout of the art is messy I hope they fix that up.

    12. I loved this graphic novel It featured ancient Visayan deities and even an epic prophecy that traced its roots to Jose Rizal and Lapu Lapu It also featured one of my fave characters, Alexandra Trese Here, she is older and acts as a mentor to our reluctant hero.

    13. The two books, Apocrypha and Testament, compiled in volume 1 of Skyworld were greatly told This is a story that mixes both our Philippine mythology and history to give us a wonderful reading experience Social commentaries, such as regarding the governance of our former President, was inserted with wit.Skyworld is one among the Philippine comics that was done right in delivering a story of substance One that deserves to be read by the current generation This 1st volume can definitely rock Manila [...]

    14. When I call this comic epic, I mean it in the traditional sense The story is grand, spanning thousands of years of Philippine history, both real and imagined The project of this comic is not unlike the Kojiki and Nihongi of Japan that infuses the country s history with it s mythology In Skyworld, Ignacio attempts to do the same, rewriting Philippine history and intertwining it with its folkloric narratives The story tends to be melodramatic, but I think that too speaks to the culture from which [...]

    15. I first heard of Skyworld from friend, he told me that if I liked Trese then I would definitely like this So then I grabbed a copy of this book With no regrets, I m glad I bought this.Definitely got captured with the illustrations Surprising elements are everywhere in the bookFrom Bathala to Aswangs From the past to present From the characters of this book to the characters of another Popular Aswang Themed Comics

    16. An excellent start to a wonderful series that tackles Filipino folklore and mythology The art is gritty which fits the plot line perfectly And it s always nice to see familiar, well loved faces Shout out to Alex and the Kambal.

    17. Not as fascinating and original as Arnold Arre s and Budgette Tan s works but it is still breathtaking and even enthralling I am definitely going to purchase the next volume when it comes out of the market.

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