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Skyworld: Volume Two By Mervin Ignacio Ian Sta. Maria Budjette Tan Gerry Alanguilan,

  • Title: Skyworld: Volume Two
  • Author: Mervin Ignacio Ian Sta. Maria Budjette Tan Gerry Alanguilan
  • ISBN: 978971087151
  • Page: 287
  • Format: Paperback
  • Every legend hides a lieThe Queen of the Asuang and her legionhave taken over the country.Alexandra Trese leads the resistancealong side Makabo, a Tikbalang warrior,and Kaio, the Duwende trickster.Trapped in their epic battle is Andoy,a teenage boy tasked with uniting an armyof Tikbalang, Enkanto, Kapre and Duwendeagainst the Asuang.But before he can lead them, he mustfirsEvery legend hides a lieThe Queen of the Asuang and her legionhave taken over the country.Alexandra Trese leads the resistancealong side Makabo, a Tikbalang warrior,and Kaio, the Duwende trickster.Trapped in their epic battle is Andoy,a teenage boy tasked with uniting an armyof Tikbalang, Enkanto, Kapre and Duwendeagainst the Asuang.But before he can lead them, he mustfirst recover a mystical swordthat was once part ofthe fabled Yamashita Treasure.
    Skyworld Volume Two Every legend hides a lieThe Queen of the Asuang and her legionhave taken over the country Alexandra Trese leads the resistancealong side Makabo a Tikbalang warrior and Kaio the Duwende trickster Tra

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    1. Summer Komikon 2012 specialWith this trade paperback, the Skyworld saga is complete What was envisioned as a series of four graphic novels is collected in a two volume collection published by National Book Store The first three chapters of the series were released intermittently in various Komikons but the fourth title was unpublished and can only be found in this collected edition During its launch at Summer Komikon 2012, I got the two volume set and had it signed by the creators Now, the remai [...]

    2. Book 41 for 2012 Finished the 2 books in one sitting last Sunday Sabi ni Gerry Alanguilan sa introduction nya sa Skyworld Vol 2, this comic book slaps you in the face like sledgehammer On my end, it felt like being slapped in the face by a sledgehammer, punched by a pay loader and bludgeoned by a backhoe Ganun katindi.If you have set a limit in your book comics shopping, please include Skyworld in your shopping list I cannot stress that enough Philippine myth peppered with national heroes and sp [...]

    3. It s supposed to be BANGIS butThe Print Why is it that the prints are misplaced What about these lost pages This will not give justice to the illustrator and to the writer of the comic book URGH Huhuhuh, the lost pages will remain lost forever, I cannot figure now the other scenes from these lost panels But if you think positively, these lost pages are like Yamashita Treasure, like legends meant to be hidden Like the creators tell us Every legend tells a lie.Skyworld is like the flagship project [...]

    4. A lot better than the first volume This includes the background story of the mythological characters in the first I am not sure it is the right storytelling but for a non comics fan like me, I would have liked the whole story if there were some background information about the characters right off the bat But for the comics fans, I guess the adrenaline packed actions in the first, even without the background story, could be a real treat already.I particularly like the opening scene that is set d [...]

    5. I loved Skyworld Volume 1 so I knew I was going to love Volume 2 Mervin Ignacio and Ian Sta Maria did not disappoint.I ve noticed that the art has improved and has become polished The first volume, IMHO, was raw and to my untrained eyes messier I expected better art and I am very happy that they delivered The banter between the characters is funnier this time around See page 42 for my favorite I love that the characters curse like normal people would Hah My only issue with it is that the endin [...]

    6. Nothing but sincere and heartfelt gratitude for the two who worked on this to make our myths come alive in the consciousness of the younger ones Who would have thought that something like this can be created through by passionate minds The story was great, the concept was great, and future Trese looked great.One thing, though where were the powerful exorcists I believe even in the arrival of Roman Catholicism, the myths still flourished, in fact integrated into this new religion altogether.

    7. I liked the first volume and I loved this one It s put together very well I m not a history buff but the different spins on Philippine history was impressive The fusion of myth, fantasy, and the often overdone good versus evil merited longer stops per page until the end The post apocalyptic or in this case, the post Bakunawa plot is itself an interesting area to flesh out if not in a comic book, then in a dystopian novel, perhaps It killed This entire volume did Well done, well done.

    8. I read this right after I read Volume 1 And here s what I thought immediately How would I put down a comic book that features Filipino urban legends, Alexandra Trese, Jose Rizal, Andres Bonifacio, Tomoyuki Yamashita and Barack Obama, all with important roles in one of the greatest tales ever told in the country Well it s the KID in me that made me love these comic books.

    9. For a book that I have such a high interest with, I can t believe I let it sit right on my bookshelf looking so comfortable for months This book is awesome I got introduced to the whole Skyworld mythos last year, when I was on vacation and saw it being endorsed in TV I saw it a week after on National Bookstore and gave it a shot The plot was interesting enough to have me flicking through its first volume s pages It was an enjoyable read, that first volume was but it didn t really gave me a satis [...]

    10. the last chapter felt rushed for me this was an epic that took place since the dawn of history, with the villain killing, manipulating, and virtually reigning from behind the scenes she was ambitious, wily, formidable, and undeniably evil her comeuppance was just begging to be served.of course she was bound to lose, but the way she did wasn t as hard as it seemed, and all that background story didn t seem significant any suddenly, all that preparation didn t seem important.i loved the cameos thi [...]

    11. 5 stars The world is filled with things you don t know about Gods and demons still walk this land, but now they wear different masks The secrets of your true history have been hidden and twisted through time Much of what was learned by your ancestors ha already been lost The wisdom of past ages, the honor of your bloodline, the ways of your warrior past all these have faded from your people s memories Ah how I wish there are graphic novels like this that incorporates Philippine history, myths, [...]

    12. Initial thoughts 1 I m not so much of a fan of comic books but I thought of picking this one up as a support to the Filipino talents that created Skyworld.2 I think the premise of the story is very promising Another reason why I bought this is it explores the local folklore of the Philippines.3 The downside is that the plot is under explored, and the characters tend to fall flat.4 The sketches went a little inconsistent when it got a little light or blurry in one or two of its episodes.5 I think [...]

    13. That was epic The story was a bit too dark for my taste but that doesn t diminish the quality of the book If these two guys are the future of Philippine Komiks, then we have an exciting future ahead of us It says in the endnotes that it took them a total of 10 years to finish the whole project I guess it was worth the wait You can actually see the improvement in the art from the first chapter to the fourth.I can t wait to see what Ignacio and Sta Maria do next in the field of comics I just hope [...]

    14. I first heard of Skyworld from friend, he told me that if I liked Trese then I would definitely like this So then I grabbed a copy of this book With no regrets, I m glad I bought this.Definitely got captured with the illustrations Surprising elements are everywhere in the bookFrom Bathala to Aswangs From the past to present From the characters of this book to the characters of another Popular Aswang Themed Comics

    15. One of the Philippine s finest graphic novel that tackles very well our culture, from our legends up to our history Skyworld takes us to a journey wherein stories we had heard and read from our childhood are revisited and re imagined Ignacio and Sta Maria has indeed created a masterpiece that will be among those that will be cited if your looking for a great Philippine comic book.More of my review at onemantra 2015 07

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