UNLIMITED KINDLE ✓ The Ramblings and Rants of a Middle Aged Mum - by Molly May

The Ramblings and Rants of a Middle Aged Mum By Molly May,

  • Title: The Ramblings and Rants of a Middle Aged Mum
  • Author: Molly May
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 150
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Humorous diary
    The Ramblings and Rants of a Middle Aged Mum Humorous diary

    One thought on “The Ramblings and Rants of a Middle Aged Mum”

    1. A diary of a mum of teenagers.Amusing and an easy read but made me jealous of her no working, lady that lunches lifestyle

    2. This book annoyed me, I didn t relate to it at all.Most mothers have to work full time and with two incomes struggle to pay bills, the woman in this book spends fortunes on her kids for Christmas and doesn t work if I had her life there would be no rantingMaybe I m being over sensitive but I feel many woman would not relate to this indulged fictionAnd would like to offer a different title the ramblings and rants of an indulged middle aged mum Grrrrrrr Enough said

    3. Very simple little book The story of a mum of two teenagers and their farther and her parents There are some bits that most people can relate to, there are some very funny parts and its well worth a read Its not an outstanding book but it made me laugh and it was fun.Alex

    4. This was the kind of book I like, with diary updates from a year in the life of the author I thought Molly was very funny and so much so that I have now started the second instalment I hope there is to come.

    5. Found this really funny and I could relate to a lot of it being a Mum of teenagers and going through the change.Read it in one sitting which is unlike me.

    6. Not entirely sure why I read this as I m neither ranty nor middle aged I felt I had nothing in common with this character and won t be reading any .

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