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Deep Water (Offset, #3) By Luke Alistar,

  • Title: Deep Water (Offset, #3)
  • Author: Luke Alistar
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 398
  • Format: None
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    Deep Water Offset None

    One thought on “Deep Water (Offset, #3)”

    1. Many may think that this book is just another story about a crazy inventor in a cluttered garage who comes up with a way to travel through time In the beginning, that s what it seems likeAnd then everything is turned upside down when Shane Oakley s sister dies in a horrible accident Shane is determined to finish his time machine in order to go back and save her.Then he gets a phone call I want a time machine One that works I haven t gotten one to work yet Then you had better make one work very s [...]

    2. I finished the exciting conclusion to Alistar s Offset trilogy only a few days after starting it With everything I do on a day to day basis and as slow a reader as I am, it s rare for me to glide through a book even a short book, like this one this fast Deep Water is certainly darker than the preceding two books, and it didn t conclude the trilogy like I expected, but the story was certainly satisfying, and I loved the message of the entire trilogy Recommended.

    3. I liked it and Luke, you did a good job, but Subliminal, The Unseen, and Snapshots Whisperer are in my opinion better Nice wrap up to the trilogy.

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