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The Bewitching of Alison Allbright By A.D. Langholm AlanDavidson,

  • Title: The Bewitching of Alison Allbright
  • Author: A.D. Langholm AlanDavidson
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 150
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Alison Allbright has always sought refuge in day dreams of having a glamorous mother and a lovely home, of being an exciting person, of doing all the things that the others at high school do and When Mrs Considine appears, spinning her amazing web of fantasy and making those dreams come true, Alison is completely bewitched.until she discovers the catch.
    The Bewitching of Alison Allbright Alison Allbright has always sought refuge in day dreams of having a glamorous mother and a lovely home of being an exciting person of doing all the things that the others at high school do and When

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    1. Alison Allbright is a high school nobody She is prickly and selfish, so she has no friends She resents being poor, living in a shabby home and not having the money to do the fun things her well off classmates do There isn t even money for class trips, so Alison has to stay behind All of her daydreams revolve around material things and the wish for And then Mrs Considine steps into her life.Mrs Considine is an upstanding citizen with tons of funds and a daughter who looks exactly like Alison Whe [...]

    2. Wow I seriously loved this book I wasn t sure what to expect, but I definitely wasn t anticipating it to be so suspenseful Alison dreams of a glamorous lifestyle and when it drops in her lap, she can t say no Even if it comes with a very high and weird price tag.It was kind of like watching a car wreck You re gasping and screaming No but you can t look away I kept hoping that Alison would come to her senses and realize what was happening to her The ending had me clutching my Kindle and turning p [...]

    3. The grass isn t necessarily greenerNever let anyone try to force you to be someone other than your best self Someone once said that gratitude is the parent of all virtues Good read for teenagers everywhere and especially for those who might struggle with maintaining an attitude of gratitude.

    4. My daughter and I both read and reviewed this book For this and other reviews, visit us at MotherDaughterBookReviews Here s what we had to say DAUGHTER SAYS What I liked and disliked about it I liked that the story was very mysterious and you never knew what was going to happen next Even though I tried guessing what would happen, it didn t really turn out that way It was extreme Only one time I guessed what would happen and that was something extreme that did happen At first, I thought the book [...]

    5. Source Downloaded from for free Alison Allbright has very few friends She keeps to herself, and never lets anyone come to her home because she is ashamed of the fact that she and her parents are poor.One day whilst in the corner shop, Alison s bike is run over by a blue Rolls Royce, and the driver offers to buy her a new bike.When the new bike arrives, it comes courtesy of a lady called Mrs Considine, who seems overly interested in Alison and asks if she may take her out on a daytrip to make ame [...]

    6. I don t really know what I was expecting from The Bewitching of Alison Allbright but what I got was this mysterious, makes you think story that I had to finish in one sitting Alison Allbright is selfish and shallow You would think that would have dissuaded me from reading this book but I could understand her naivety of wanting so much than she has especially at her age I can see that part of her personality turning some people off especially as the story progresses but there was something so me [...]

    7. This book was a very quick read It reads a bit like a fairy tale in a way, with good guys and bad guys This one also speaks about morals and character and is meant to teach somewhat of a lesson without being preachy Alison Allbright the main character in the story lives in a very affluent area of town Unfortunately, her family is on the lower end of the income scale She and her brother, Keith, are two of the poorest kids in the school, tending to miss out on lots They live in a little run down h [...]

    8. This story is so nicely weaved It starts off a little slow, but then refuses to let go The plot twists and turns with unexpected surprises, leading an every day girl into an intriguing dark fairytale without ever touching the realm of magic or fantasy Alison drew me in, but not because she s a sweet girl that everyone has to feel sorry for Oh no Alison has character flaws, big ones, and makes even worse decisions But still, I couldn t help but liking her maybe exactly because of these flaws At t [...]

    9. Even though this book is intended for readers age 10 14 and I m 37, I found myself really getting into the story and ended up staying up late to read the whole book I was pleasantly surprised to be continuously pulled into the story line The main character, Alison, is easy for everyone to identify with she lives in a town where all of her schoolmates spend the weekends on their family boats and have big BBQ parties at their mansions which of course have fancy names both the boats and the houses [...]

    10. This is a morbidly fascinating tale.Alison doesn t like the fact that she comes from a poor family She dreams of being rich and travelling the world She longs to make the kids at school feel jealous and wish to be her.She sees her dreams coming true when Mrs Considine notices her She is shown all of the wonderful things that can happen with money She is taken to Italy, she is given a nice wardrobe to wear, she is taught how to speak and act She sees the positive, but not the flip side to the wea [...]

    11. Alison Allbright is an awkward high schooler, whose just managed to ruin the only real friendship she s ever had Alison is obsessed with wealth and appearance Her family s economic status is an embarrassment to her and she spends her time daydreaming about the life she longs to have One day Alison catches a glimpse of a passing train and makes eye contact with a mysterious woman Alison is unable to shake the feeling that the woman was looking directly at her She imagines the woman is wealthy and [...]

    12. The Bewitching of Alison Allbright is a re release of Alan Davidson s 1987 novel of the same title Alison is quiet an shy and not living in her imagine ideal circumstances when she has the chance to live in the place of wealthy Mrs Considine s deceased daughter Alison serves a purpose to middle grade readers that the grass isn t always greener and sometimes you have to make the best of the life you re living and to recognize its happiness I think most people of a certain age can identify with Al [...]

    13. Really did not care for this book The main character is so hard to like, she is just nasty to everyone in her life Then a rich woman takes pity on her and treats her the way she thinks she deserves Alison wants to lord it over everyone, and is such a whiny little witch that I wanted something bad to happen to her She had so many chances to redeem herself, but didn t take any of them Was so glad when things turned out to be not what they seemed and she ends up in trouble The ending was just meh S [...]

    14. You know how with some books you try really hard to pay attention and keep turning the page, only to find yourself distracted by that paint drying on your wall Oh paint, though art lovelyYea, this is one of those books I ve read the summary, I ve read other reviews, I ve even started reading the book, but everything distracts me I put it down, and I don t even want to pick it back up The last book I forced myself to finish was Twilight, and we all know what a disaster that was So, I ll save my t [...]

    15. The Bewitching of Alison Allbright , is a suspenseful tale It is about a girl who is unhappy with her lot in life and gets the chance to live her dream life I enjoyed the the beginning and the end, but there was a spot in the middle where I almost stopped reading I was having a hard time reading her negative thoughts towards her family and to see how quickly she could give them up for monetary things It does have a nice message about how your attitude can affect that way you view your life I wou [...]

    16. Many people wonder what it would be like to live rich or to be someone else The grass always seems greener on the other side Allison doesn t like her life and feels sorry for herself because they are poor and she doesn t have any friends She daydreams of a different life and then later she actually gets to live like she once dreamed She soon found out that it wasn t like she thought it would be There are a lot of British English terms If you are not familiar with that be sure to look up the word [...]

    17. It was a very interesting book, different then anything we had read recently I read it to my children and they thoroughly enjoyed it There is one part of the book that was annoying The book was written in England, and at one point they go to Italy and meet some Americans The Americans spoke like they were from England not Atlanta The book would have benefited from a little research into the word choice of an upper class girl from the south Beyond that the book was enchanting.

    18. This is one of the first books I ever read on my kindle, and I planning on reading it again soon to get a better review this one is really just to remind me I do want to say that I loved it, and that it was amazing What drew me to this book was the cover, but it was the plot that kept me interested When I remember this book, I think of how much I enjoyed it, making me think that perhaps when I read this again, it will get five stars instead of four.

    19. This was a quick fun read The book reminds you that if your sudden good fortune seems too good to be true, it probably is Alison is not very happy with her life as it is and suddenly it seems to be getting much better But when she finds out she must give up her family in the process, she starts to see what she had.

    20. The Bewitching of Alison Allbright is a quick, suspenseful tale of a teenage girl discontented with her life, who finds herself actually living her dream life But is the dream better than reality Great book for a younger reader 10 14.

    21. Primer libro que leo en ingl s y la verdad es que me ha gustado mucho es un libro corto pero que consigue engancharte ya que es de esas historias que te deja con la intriga de saber por qu pasa todo.3.5 5

    22. I read this book in my teens some years ago and weas happy to see has got it as an e book I enjoyed it just as much as an adult as I did as a teen

    23. Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it Have you ever wanted to be someone else Have a better house Nicer things Find out what happens to one girl who gets it Great story

    24. The story line was good but felt that the ending was rather abrupt The idea behind the story was good Had been quite enjoying the story when it just ended.

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