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Dead Man's Hand By George R.R. Martin John J.Miller,

  • Title: Dead Man's Hand
  • Author: George R.R. Martin John J.Miller
  • ISBN: 9780553285697
  • Page: 188
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sin dejar de lado la ficci n especulativa y la creaci n de un universo paralelo en el que abundan los superh roes y los supervillanos con poderes sorprendentes, este volumen de la extraordinaria serie se aproxima al thriller La novela comienza un lunes de julio y se prolonga hasta la medianoche del lunes siguiente, y gira al, rededor de la investigaci n sobre el asesinatoSin dejar de lado la ficci n especulativa y la creaci n de un universo paralelo en el que abundan los superh roes y los supervillanos con poderes sorprendentes, este volumen de la extraordinaria serie se aproxima al thriller La novela comienza un lunes de julio y se prolonga hasta la medianoche del lunes siguiente, y gira al, rededor de la investigaci n sobre el asesinato violento de Chrysalis, la due a del Crystal Palace de Jokertown Todas las historias del libro, perfectamente entramadas entre s , constituyen un elaborado y ameno rompecabezas que nos conduce al fondo de un insospechado misterio.
    Dead Man s Hand Sin dejar de lado la ficci n especulativa y la creaci n de un universo paralelo en el que abundan los superh roes y los supervillanos con poderes sorprendentes este volumen de la extraordinaria serie

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    1. 3 1 2 starsI do have mixed feelings about this one, I did enjoy it but there were a few things that did deter me a little I went into this series blind due to not reading the other books in the series, so I did end up lost and a little confused in some areas, so I do recommend reading the other books first as not to get lost like I did Also, the book is written from different POV s, instead of changing characters with chapters it was done throughout each chapter and it did throw me off track a b [...]

    2. Dead Man s Hand is the seven installment in an adult fantasy science fiction series Although I m normally a big fan of these genres, this book didn t grab me the way I hoped I haven t read any of the other books in the series, and that might be a part of the problem I m sure that reading the previous books would help with understanding the overlying plot lines and knowing the characters better Sadly, I don t think that I ll be reading any of those either The story line was intricate and had lots [...]

    3. This volume represents the first irregularity in the Wild Cards series triad format Ostensibly, it s the final volume in the Puppetman triad However, Puppetman plays only a very minor, indirect role in the plot of Dead Man s Hand, with other baddies taking center stage instead It takes place over the same period of time as Ace in the Hole, but is set in New York rather than Atlanta although the story moves to Atlanta for the climax It s similar to GRRM s later splitting of A Feast for Crows and [...]

    4. It has been years since I read the first dozen volumes in this shared world series, and I had nearly forgotten just how good they are.The thrust of the books is that in 1946, an alien virus is released in the skies above Manhattan and infects the citizens of the island primarily it does affect people in other areas and other countries, but mostly it s New York that feels it Most people 90% affected die horribly A smaller percentage 9% who are infected become what are called Jokers they usually s [...]

    5. More horrorshow in superhero clothing Liked it probably isn t the correct term Engrossing Addictive Like a hideous accident from which I cannot look away I really do prefer my entertainment less gory BUT I much preferred this one to book six with its unending politics A murder mystery from book six is followed up on here to my grisly satisfaction It was good to see Wraith again she has terrible taste in men , plus I found Jay Ackroyd refreshing, what with him being a protagonist who isn t a brut [...]

    6. This was the first Wild Cards book that had a straight novel format as opposed to the mosaic patchwork the earlier books had Only two authors are credited, John J Miller and Martin himself The events of this book tape place concurrently with the previous volume, Ace In the Hole, which is set at the Democratic National Convention in Atlanta while this one is primarily set in New York It s a murder mystery that does wind up overlapping with the previous book It s a good story that does explain and [...]

    7. Dead Man s Hand is essentially the other half of Ace in the Hole, the story of Gregg Hartman s attempt to win the Democratic party nomination That book was too long, so an entire plotline, regarding the murder of Chrysalis, was sliced off and became its own book, Dead Man s Hand.As with the previous volume, editor Martin does a rather miraculous job of making this its own book Oh, I m sure there are some references to the events of Ace in the Hole that wouldn t make sense, but that was true of t [...]

    8. My reread review of Dead Man s Hand turns out to have some meat to it, spoilers ahoy Coming back to this volume as an adult, I find that I have a lot of strong feelings about it and none of those feelings are positive.The sex scenes are all terrible I probably knew they were terrible before but in hindsight they are REALLY terrible.Lots of time is spent on the Ti Malice subplot, but it s all resolved in the space of a few pages Compare this to the parallel Hartmann subplot which goes on and on w [...]

    9. Fun RideThis is an excellent series in a fantastic world full of strange and colorful characters It gets better with every book and each of them is memorable It has been years since I read the sixth book, but this one jogged my memory and I remembered a lot from the previous book than I thought I knew Still, this would probably have been even enjoyable if I had read them closer together Books 4 7 are part of an overarching story that revolves around a particular big bad, so I recommend not tak [...]

    10. I liked it, I liked how it gave the other side of events that happened in book 6 A lot of the things you are left wondering about get resolved in this book which was nice Plus most of the characters by this time are old favorites and getting to revisit with them is just a treat.

    11. I think this is my favourite of this series Jay and Brennan are the perfect characters for this and I really couldn t have told you who the murderer was until it was all revealed Loved it A great crime.

    12. This was a very satisfying end to this particular storyline I enjoyed seeing how everything played out and enjoyed the characters.

    13. A return to form after a disappointing sixth book This one focuses on two main characters, Jay Ackroyd and Yeoman in their separate efforts to find out who killed Chrysalis This book takes place simultaneously with the one before it, Ace in the Hole, but is set primarily in New York I occasionally found this book a little confusing it was hard to remember which character had discovered which information but overall, it was a fairly compelling read More what I have come to expect from this series [...]

    14. Mini review originally posted on Nightjar s Jar of Books.A sci fi murder mystery, set in an alternative version of 1988 New York, in which the Earth has been ravished by an alien sickness called the Wild Card virus which when it doesn t kill them turns people either into Aces super powered humans or into Jokers also super powered, but hideously deformed and consequently marginalised by society Chrysalis the Queen of the Jokers underground society is murdered and Jay Ackroyd, an Ace detective, an [...]

    15. I got obsessed with this series several years ago, and blew through most of them inside a couple of years I m currently going back and re reading some of my favorites Right after WW2, an alien race tests out a genetic plague by spreading it over the earth This advanced virus kills millions, but also give a small percentage of survivors super powers Those who do not die or gain useful powers are usually deformed with often useless physical mutations Those with the glamorous powers come to be call [...]

    16. Superficially the most conventional novel the Wild Cards series has yet thrown up, with only two leads vigilante Daniel Brennan and private eye Jay Ackroyd , two authors, and one plot an investigation into the murder of Chrysalis, the information broker with transparent skin whose secrets were as well hidden as her innards were visible Except that this wasn t originally conceived as a novel unto itself it was shaved off the previous volume, Ace in the Hole, to prevent that book from being imprac [...]

    17. As a mystery, the novel works rather well Certainly the identity of the killer is unexpected On the other hand, the authors don t quite let you feel this is a Mystery novel you re too focused on the action thrilelr plots resolving the story of T Malice, the master that enslaved so many Wild Cards characters, and the Shadow Fist gang who try to benefit from Chrysalis s murder One of the things I liked best about this novel was the focus on jokers Although the heros are an ace and a nat, there are [...]

    18. This volume finishes the second major storyline of the Wild Cards series It runs contemporaneously with volume six, but is primarily based in New York whereas most of book six was set in Atlanta at the DNC Unlike previous books which were written by a variety of authors and then either published as a volume of individual stories, or edited together as a longer story this volume is written as a full length novel by only two authors, George Martin and John Miler.The main focus of this volume is so [...]

    19. Although co written by George R.R Martin, and featuring his usual predilection for high body count with grisly means of despatch, this fell flat for me It is a competent, but not particularly exciting, whodunnit thriller featuring mutants, often with extra abilities, to give it a difference I guess Didn t really work for me, didn t really care about the characters, didnt even really care whodunnit.I stuck with it to the end, and it s okay there are far worse ways to pass a few idle hours, so thr [...]

    20. Another enjoyable volume in this series I liked this one better than the previous volume, perhaps because of the detective elements, or perhaps because it felt like a cohesive novel I liked the alternating viewpoints between Jay Ackroyd and Daniel Brennan, which served well to convey their sometimes parallel sometimes crossing lines of investigation The discovery of mother was particular twisted and cool, and I was surprised that Tachyon lost a hand to Mackie Messer I appreciate the fact that n [...]

    21. One of the best books in the series It takes place at the same time as the previous book, but most of the action is in New York rather than Atlanta A few scenes were retold from the 6th book, but from a different character s perspective, and I really enjoyed the way that was done.This reads like a noir whodunnit There really aren t a lot of new characters, but Yeoman s storyline is rounded out very well Also, Popinjay gets a lot of screen time, and since he s one of my favorite aces that makes m [...]

    22. This book follows both PopinJay and Yeoman mostly in New York It overlaps the time line with book VI which takes place mostly in Atlanta during the Democratic convention.Unlike other books in the series this one isn t a collection of short stories, it pretty much just alternates between Jay and Yeoman.I enjoyed it as you get a bit depth to the characters and their motivations than you can get when each character only gets a couple of chapters.

    23. Set in the wake of Chrysalis death and during the events of the last book Democratic National Convention in Atlanta.Continues the storylines of Jay Ackroyd Popinjay , Hiram Worchester, Yeoman, Wraith and Blaise Ti Malice is the predominant protagonist.Features the same cast of authors of the previous book, Ace in the Hole and is just as good imo.

    24. Dead Man s Hand Wild Cards 7 by George R.R Martin Editor Artist , John J MillerThe Dead Man s Hand is one of the best stories yet, I like that it focused on two main characters and intertwine the two stories, it also filled in the blanks left by ace in a hole, and makes me like the series even .

    25. Muy entretenido Quiz s el m s entretenido de la saga Aunque a costa de la profundidad de los personajes Pronto rese a en guioteca.

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