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Love and Other Perishable Items By Laura Buzo,

  • Title: Love and Other Perishable Items
  • Author: Laura Buzo
  • ISBN: 9780307929747
  • Page: 398
  • Format: Paperback
  • A wonderful, coming of age love story from a fresh new voice in YA ction Miss Amelia Hayes, welcome to The Land of Dreams I am the staff trainer I will call you grasshopper and you will call me sensei and I will give you the good oil Right And just so you know, I m open to all kinds of bribery From the moment 15 year old Amelia begins work on the checkout at WoolworA wonderful, coming of age love story from a fresh new voice in YA ction Miss Amelia Hayes, welcome to The Land of Dreams I am the staff trainer I will call you grasshopper and you will call me sensei and I will give you the good oil Right And just so you know, I m open to all kinds of bribery From the moment 15 year old Amelia begins work on the checkout at Woolworths she is sunk, gone, losthead over heels in love with Chris Chris is the funny, charming, man about Woolies, but he s 21, and the 6 year difference in their ages may as well be 100 Chris and Amelia talk about everything from Second Wave Feminism to Great Expectations and Alien but will he ever look at her in the way she wants him to And if he does, will it be everything she hopes
    Love and Other Perishable Items A wonderful coming of age love story from a fresh new voice in YA ction Miss Amelia Hayes welcome to The Land of Dreams I am the staff trainer I will call you grasshopper and you will call me sensei

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    1. Such a cute read Just the title and the book cover alone already made me want to take the book home which I did and which I didn t regret because this is one of the genuine, honest coming off age stories about being fifteen, being awkward and falling in love for the first time, about heartbreak, about the toughness of being at that crucial age of entering the world of adulthood and generally about growing up.Creatively told in the alternating POVs, Amelia s voice and Chris narrative through hi [...]

    2. As seen on The ReadventurerThis book spoke to me like only very few do It fit me like a perfect glove From the opening scenes when 15 year old Amelia is totally in love with and obsesses over her too old for her co worker Chris oh, those simultaneously horrifying and sweet K Mart check out flashbacks of Justin, cold sweat, mumbling and crimson cheeks to the humor, in equal parts witty, deprecating and pain filled Chris buys a sixpack of beer on the way to Rino s James Squire something or other S [...]

    3. It seems that almost every book with young characters runs a risk of becoming a mixture of love story and coming of age journey a combination that can easily turn stale, grounded in tropes, clich filled pseudo deep conclusions and quasi sophistication.After all, the pains of growing up are far from unique They seem stereotypical for a reason we all have been there And yet, while you are there, caught in the moments the years, actually of painful transition in no man s land between the trenches o [...]

    4. 4.5 stars Funny and true and sophisticated and charming and brilliantly Australian Reading this book just felt like a breath of fresh air I completely fell in love with it, it struck a chord with me and I know this book will resonate for a long time In fact, I already can t wait to re visit it.It s told from Amelia and Chris s POV but not in alternating chapters in chunks first from Amelia, and then from Chris When it swivels to Chris s POV it rewinds in time which was brilliant, as I was antic [...]

    5. Another great aussie novel, only this time I got warm fuzzies instead of gut wrenching depression Good Oil is light, funny, occasionally sad, and discusses some important issues in well written conversations that are as hilarious as they are thought provoking It s told from two different perspectives and I think it s the only novel I ve read that hasn t bored me when going over the same events from an alternative point of view it s also probably the only multi perspective novel where I can t mak [...]

    6. Actual rating 4.5 stars Lately I ve been lucky enough to add a few books to my all time favorites list, all of them Australian Raw Blue, for example, left me with this feeling of beauty and despair that just won t go away I realize that I ve been going on and on about Aussie authors and that I d even threatened to move there at one point, but I see no reason to stop Good Oil is just another proof of how special and engrossing their writing style usually is This story is about 15 year old Amelia, [...]

    7. Amelia Hayes works at the Land of Dreams, also known as Woolworth s which isn t American Woolworth s but instead a Australian grocery store Who knew I just read about it on For a large part of this book I was picturing them working in a Rite Aid CVS type deal and I couldn t figure out how they could have so many registers facepalm Also, they wear bow ties Anyway, she works there a few times a week to earn money while she finishes up high school Most of her co workers are vacuous drones but she d [...]

    8. It is always pleasant when you approach a book with certain expectations and then, after reading it, you realize these expectations were widely exceeded.That s exactly what happened to me with Good Oil I knew the book is Australian always a good sign , that it is YA and I thought it would all be about fluff this theory supported also by the cover that reminded me of a billboard for a Kate Hudson movie Doesn t the girl there remind you of her I also suspected that this would be a coming of age st [...]

    9. 4.5 starsFull disclosure This review has little to no objectivity It s barely even a review The whole experience of reading Good Oil was so fraught with nostalgia and personal resonance that any ability I had to critically analyse it was chucked out the window before I d even finished the first chapter Bottom line is I can t run my own race I m constantly checking what s happening in the other lanes Chris Oh, well Love is pain Or is it beauty is pain I wouldn t know about the latter, but the for [...]

    10. I think that what this book shines with is the simple truth that sometimes the people that you don t end up with are just as important as those that you do end up with I spent quite a lot of time in high school mastering the craft of the unrequited crush the rehearsed conversations should the opportunity ever arise , the anticipation, the agony, oh the agony In one memorable period, when my middle school best friend and I were sadly parted by some trixy school district boundaries, I ended up hav [...]

    11. Previously released in Australia under the name Good Oil, Love and Other Perishable Items is one of those reads that are one hundred percent refreshing You sit, you read, you enjoy the time you spend with it, and then you move on Nothing profound happens, nothing even that exciting happens Actually, nothing really happens at all other than an average year in an average teenage girl s life This is what initially sent me into indecision about how to rate this book after I turned the last page I li [...]

    12. 2.5 3 stars.Okay I m just going to get straight to the point this book was a pretty epic disappointment for me Why It had so much going for it I loved Amelia, Chris through Amelia s eyes made me swoon but what the hell happened It was like build up, build up, change POV, go back in time, catch up, change POV, climax, sadness, boring talk, the end.Perhaps the male jerkiness aspect just shirted me off, or the fact that Amelia was so wrapped up with Chris, or the way things panned out I donno I m f [...]

    13. I am Chris, your friendly staff trainer You ll be with me for three hour shifts I will call you grasshopper and you will call me sensei And I will give you the good oil Right I don t even know where to begin with this book I loved itlet s start with that It made me think about a lot of thingsere s another point to offer But, there s just so much that makes up this story and to try and dissect it would just be criminal I had no clue what to expect with Good Oil Heck, I didn t even know what it st [...]

    14. Oh Gawd To be a 15 years old again and be that naive little girl who wears her emotions on her sleeve and feels to much and thinks so hard and dreams of a guy who she could never have simply because a few numbers are in the way and your life will never be the same again cause he gave you that kiss that he never shouldn t have and you ll pine away for the rest of your youth, till that One Day he comes strolling back in your life, years later, and proclaims his love for you, finally has come at la [...]

    15. 4.5 starsI don t read contemporary YA that often, but when I do, I almost always go for Australian There s just something about the complex subtlety of their prose that pulls me right in each and every time I first read Good Oil title of Aussie edition almost two years ago and it remans, to this day, one of my favorite contemporary books It is, after all, yet another proof of how special and engrossing their writing style usually is There must be something in the water This story is about 15 yea [...]

    16. I can t run my own race I m constantly checking what s happening in the other lanes Initial Final Page Thoughts YES, AMELIA, YES nods in approval.High Points.Amelia Check out girls Intellectuals Aimless drifters Wanderlust Literature Drunken house parties Blushes, butterflies and tingly toes Late night phone calls Swapping letters Grey s Anatomy Phew that was close shifty look Half off flowers Plenty Low Points.Hmmm, I go into my minimal problems in my heroine hero sections so it would be ridicu [...]

    17. This book is a pleasantly surprising read,because it was refreshing,fun,and cute novel It would remind you of who you were when you were fifteenwhen you come to meet Amelia, the first narrator in this book,who was crushing on a guy Chris , the 2nd narrator and who was much older than her 21 years old She made me miss my high school life,when I too was only 15 and finding myself,trying to fit in with everyone,and trying to be noticed by my first serious crush who was also 21 that time.I never tho [...]

    18. He didn t move straight away He looked at me and, with full eye contact for maximum impact, said You are the real thing, youngster I hope you will never change Before moving slowly back to his own register I know a compliment when I hear one, even if I don t fully understand the nature of it The hammer shot that last nail in one strong blow.Wow This is such a honest and heartfelt coming of age story It brought back so many memories of being 15 trying to figure out the world and of course having [...]

    19. The tears did it for me I have to give it 5 stars Good Oil Australian slang for useful information, the truth, a good idea Courtesy of the koalanet australian I have to thank my Booker friend Arlene, who shared this very helpful website to get me through the slang in this book, which were numerous IMO But that just adds to the authenticity of this book, which I enjoyed and appreciated Now, let us see if I have any Good Oil to give.This book might just appear to be another coming of age book and [...]

    20. I can t review it without spoiling it for you so DON T READ THIS if you don t want to know anything about the book, the characters, the ending , but if I could give it negative rating I would I gave it one star just because it means I didn t like it What s the point of this book Nothing happens for like 7 8 of this book and in the precise moment when something is about to happen and I am like ok, maybe it wasn t that pointless , then everything goes down end of story.Am I the only one feeling th [...]

    21. Well, I can t believe how much I loved this book It s the type of book that perhaps many people would find completely average however to me it struck a real chord.It s the reasonably familiar story of a fairly naieve 15 yr old girl who develops an all consuming crush on an older boy at her work Told through stream of thought diary like entries, from both Amelia and Chris, we as the reader get a very rich insight into the very different thinkings of both the characters.I think the reason I enjoye [...]

    22. It really must be something in the water down there Laura Buzo has that Melina Marchetta quality to her writing Good Oil was all consuming while I was reading it, but when everything was said and done it is hard to place what is so special about this book That is, the uniqueness of the book seems to stem from such well rounded characters and true to life scenarios which shouldn t be such a great feat from writers But apparently it is Good Oil is the story of a fifteen year old girl with a crush [...]

    23. 4.5 stars Good Oil was another book full of Aussie filled goodness which I extremely enjoyed Good Oil does a great job of capturing the essence of being a teenager it reminded me of the many things I wanted to do like go to adult parties, but couldn t get to do so as I wasn t considered old enough, experiencing that fluttery feeling in your chest when you see the guy you ve been crushing on for ages, having a big smile plastered on your face as soon as someone mentions his name, having the whole [...]

    24. I love the cover Amelia looks absolutely ecstatic, and like a good friend of mine, I found myself wondering, What the hell is she laughing about That s just one of the reasons I went out and got this It seems I am having a love hate thing going for Australian YA I have loved every single book that I have managed to get my hands on But HATE the fact that it s almost IMPOSSIBLE to find them over here I need books just like this one.Amelia is a fifteen year old in love with a 21 year old I know it [...]

    25. I kind of loved this one This book reminded me of a mixture of CK Kelly Martin s contemporary reads with Lia Hills s The Beginner s Guide to Living This isn t a typical YA novel, in that it features a character who is 21 then 22 in the story along side the 15 then 16 year old Both Chris and Amelia have fantastic and distinct voices.Amelia takes a job at Coles, a local grocery store, and that s where she meets and falls for Chris, the much older than her boy They develop a relationship, but while [...]

    26. My review can also be found on my blog Collections.Good Oil is told from the perspective of 15 year old Amelia Hayes It s about her life From school to her family and to her job at the local supermarket But it s mostly about Chris Harvey, Amelia s 21 year old co worker Chris is funny and friendly, and even though there s a six year age difference between them, he s the guy Amelia is in love with.The story also includes diary entries written by Chris There s to him than just the funny, easy goin [...]

    27. The Good Oil is an example of what is absolutely right with comtemporary Aussie YA fiction Did I have massive expectations coming into this book with all the rave reviews and the shortlisting for the 2011 Prime Minister s Awards and the fact that the blurb on the back made me think I would love this Of course I did And the fact that it melted my heart at the end and made me give it four stars despite the risk of me over hyping it is testament to that.I loved 15 year old Amelia, who to me read ex [...]

    28. 3.5 4 Stars, I can t make my mind upThis took me back to being an awkward, shy, slightly odd 15 year old When every little thing is a major event and the future doesn t exist past next week I think a lot of people will relate to Amelia and Chris While this doesn t show their lives past that one year, it gives an accurate portray that I really enjoyed.

    29. You know what I like about aussie books They tell you the truth This is a picture to show you the awesome dedication of this book I m a collector 3.5 starsTwo POVs Two main characters, Amelia and Chris.The amazing thing of this book is that each POV its is own story, has its own world and characters and both are very different something that some authors fail to accomplish while exchanging POVs.Two stages in life.You have Amelia 15 Dreamer, idealist, innocent 1st love problems.And then you have [...]

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