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The Quilt Walk By Sandra Dallas,

  • Title: The Quilt Walk
  • Author: Sandra Dallas
  • ISBN: 9781585368006
  • Page: 412
  • Format: Hardcover
  • It s 1863 and 10 year old Emmy Blue Hatchett has been told by her father that soon their family will leave their farm, family, and friends in Illinois, and travel west to a new home in Colorado It s difficult leaving family and friends behind They might not see one another ever again When Emmy s grandmother comes to say goodbye, she gives Emmy a special gift to keep herIt s 1863 and 10 year old Emmy Blue Hatchett has been told by her father that soon their family will leave their farm, family, and friends in Illinois, and travel west to a new home in Colorado It s difficult leaving family and friends behind They might not see one another ever again When Emmy s grandmother comes to say goodbye, she gives Emmy a special gift to keep her occupied on the trip The journey by wagon train is long and full of hardships But the Hatchetts persevere and reach their destination in Colorado, ready to start their new life.
    The Quilt Walk It s and year old Emmy Blue Hatchett has been told by her father that soon their family will leave their farm family and friends in Illinois and travel west to a new home in Colorado It s d

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    1. Emmy s father has decided that his fortune lies in Golden, Colorado in 1864, so he packs up the family and heads out from Illinois with provisions to set up a building supply company Emmy s mother isn t thrilled to leave her family and friends, and it s hard for Emmy to leave behind her cat, but she embraces the adventure They join a wagon train that includes young Mrs Bonner, a newlywed whose husband is abusive, and Joey, a young boy Emmy s age The days are long and somewhat tedious on the trai [...]

    2. A terrific five star historical read about the courage of a young girl, the sisterhood of women, and the power of quilting A great tale to add to the western expansion canon.

    3. When Emmy Blue s father announces his plan to move his family to the mountains of Colorado, Emmy looks forward to the adventure The Wild West sounds much exciting than becoming a lady and learning to quilt However, she learns that adventure also means sacrifice and hard work After leaving friends, family, and her pet cat, Emmy starts a new life on the trail to Golden, Colorado.On the wagon train, Emmy and her family experience hardships and strengthening experiences They make friends and even s [...]

    4. Based on a true story of a family s move from Illinois to Golden, Colorado, this tale for children tells quite nicely the hardships of overland travel, the loneliness of the trail, and a girl s slow understanding of the way quilting binds together women as well as fabric.

    5. Perhaps it is because of working on a quilt called the Prairie Queen but I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this book while I was quilting This is the story of the Hatchett family as the pack up their wagons to head west to Golden, Colorado Emmy Blue learns to quilt as she walks along the wagon on the trail Emmy Blue also learns the hardships of life on the prairie as the family makes their way to a new and better life.

    6. In the 1860s ten year old Emmy Blue Hatchett accompanies her father and mother as they leave their farm in Quincy, Illinois, for Golden, Colorado where he plans to establish businesses to supply the goldminers needs The journey is far from easy, even at the start as Emmy s mother and aunt must make difficult choices about what to take and what to leave behind Although Emmy is excited about the adventure, she is also surprised at how dangerous the trip is, and how quickly luck can turn from good [...]

    7. Full review at Cracking the Cover The Quilt Walk is an understated book that has to it than first meets the eye Author Sandra Dallas allows her story to unfold through Emmy s eyes And there s a lot to see Like most children, Emmy is observant than many would expect During their trek, Emmy comes to see her parents and other adults in a new light The issues women faced during this time period are not hidden, neither is the physical abuse a new bride suffers It is important to note that these sit [...]

    8. Ten year old Emmy Blue Hatchett and her family leave their Illinois farm and head for Colorado to establish businesses to supply the needs of Gold Rush hopefuls The challenging journey forces difficult decisions on every family member, as they choose what to keep and what to leave behind, but Emmy is excited by the adventure and keenly observant as the story progresses This book would be a fine companion volume to the Little House Wilder series While Emmy is similar to scrappy Laura, her mother [...]

    9. Set in 1864, this historical fiction novel tells the story of a family joining a wagon train to travel from east of the Mississippi Quincy, IL to Golden, CO during the Colorado gold rush In pursuit of his dream to become a landlord for businesses catering to miners and prospectors, the father has taken the unusual step of going ahead to scout out opportunities and to prepare for the arrival of his family prior to undertaking the journey with them on the wagon train However, the reason for their [...]

    10. The Quilt Walk by Sandra Dallas is her first children s book I d recommend this book for any Laura Ingalls Wilder fan, or anyone who likes to read about pioneers and the gold rush Emmy is a young girl who leaves Quincy, Il in 1864 with her parents and Aunt and Uncle for Golden, Colorado Her father has spent a year out in Golden, and has returned with a plan to go into business as a builder Reluctantly, her mother agrees to go, and they begin their journey in a covered wagon Quilts are a major fa [...]

    11. I did not realize this is a book for ages 9 and up Nevertheless, I enjoyed it It is a good book to teach young girls about maintaining a positive attitude There is a woman in the story who is abused by her husband The author makes it clear that this is not the way a marriage should be The story is told from the point of few of the little girl who has a very healthy relationship with her mother, father and is open to making friends.

    12. I have been waiting for Sandra Dallas to bring this story to younger readers and here it is Just about every aspect in the journey to Colorado ring true to the 1860s except for a couple of modern expressions okay and a real sense of the vast prairie landscape Looking forward to including this with Colorado historical fiction for 4th graders and up.

    13. The book was a very good story about a family traveling west in order to have a better start The characters were very realistic and the obstacles they had to overcome were page turning.

    14. A fabulous story that is so satisfying I felt like I walked the prairies of Nebraska with Emma Blue and her family.

    15. This book was pretty great I ve read it over and over throughout many years, and this book will always remain on my top ten list this book is about a ten year old girl named Emmy Blue Her family decides they are going to move out of their sweet community in Illinois, and travel to Colorado, where they hope to find some gold, and start a new life I loved this book, and I definitely recommend this book to anyone who likes short reads, or likes to cozy up with a great book Definitely recommend this [...]

    16. I liked this historical fiction than I expected Being a middle school librarian, my reading consists primarily of teenage angst or wizards or both While I believe these books are critical to today s readers, the story based on an actual quilt, teaches the reader about perseverance, bravery, and loyalty Although not perfect, it inspired me to research the actual quilt, which led to further interest in the settings in the book I believe it could be a catalyst for classroom projects on western exp [...]

    17. Such a darling book that made me love quilts even if that was even possible Great characters, great story, great morals, just really nice upper elementary read.

    18. A quiet and comforting book that strikes the delicate balance between historical realism and readers desires for everything to turn out all right.

    19. Young Adult book of a girl and her family They travel out west to Golden, Colorado in 1864 If you quilt, you ll enjoy it a little .

    20. On many levels, this is my kind of book From the antics of some tied laces to the smallest of scraps that make the difference, this young reader debut from S Dallas is top notch Excited to read the corresponding nonfiction version and see the quilt that inspired this fictionalized story red thread and the shared fabric of so many pioneers and all in the Golden museum Colorado ho

    21. If you like books that take place back in 1864, this is the book for you The Quilt Walk is a historical fiction book I really enjoyed this book because the author put great detailing in everything and overall, it was an amazing book Emmy Blue is a young girl who lived in Quincy, Illinois Her dad decided it would be better off if they move to Colorado Emmy Blue loves adventures but she wasn t so excited about moving away from all her friends and family In this book, the story takes place mostly i [...]

    22. Do you like books that take place in the past with lots of adventureWell this is the book I think you should read.This book is historical fiction filled with lots of adventure an is one of a kind.Overall I thought the book was great and loved how the author used detail on how the characters got to Golden from Illinois This story takes place in the 1860s The setting really is in a wagon traveling to Golden.Many lady s and young women loved to quilt, but not Emmy Blue Emmy was a 10 year old girl w [...]

    23. I enjoy historical fiction I do And I enjoy a good pioneer story The Quilt Walk is a middle grade pioneer story It was satisfying for what it was Emmy Blue and her mom and dad are traveling with a wagon train to Golden, Colorado Her aunt and uncle are also going Her dad and uncle are the ones who really, really, really want to go Her aunt and mom, well, they d have been happy spending the rest of their lives right where they were Her mom is outwardly accepting of this change Her aunt complains [...]

    24. Sandra Dallas is one of my favorite authors I found this book at the library on the shelf with the other Dallas books It was so small that I knew it was a children s book On the back of the book it said, Ages 9 and up I decided that I am 9 or up so I read it.In the author s note, Sandra Dallas says that this book was based on something that really happened.Margaret lived in Quincy, IL and one day her father comes and tells the family they are moving to Golden, CO In those days, males made the de [...]

    25. This book seems very accessible to younger readers I know it was written for them, but sometimes even books written for middle school kids seems challenging semantically This was very easy There were some very serious themes domestic violence, infant loss, family struggles, and overtones of male chauvinism from the paternal figure, but it s all handled softly not to overwhelm young readers.The story is about Emmy growing up into young womanhood as her family heads west There are some neat histor [...]

    26. This is a fictional book based on a true story.Emmy Blue is having to leave her friends and family behind because her Pa wants to move to Golden Colorado Gold was found in the mountains remember Pike s Peak or Bust and her Pa, instead of becoming a gold miner, instead wants to set up a block of buildings to sell items to the miners This is the trip to Golden that Emmy Blue tells.Emmy learns throughout the trip, the hardships of the people traveling, and learns a lot from her parents about how a [...]

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