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The Ronin: A Novel Based on a Zen Myth By William Dale Jennings,

  • Title: The Ronin: A Novel Based on a Zen Myth
  • Author: William Dale Jennings
  • ISBN: 9780804834148
  • Page: 373
  • Format: Paperback
  • A novel based on Zen mythology, this story is told with humour and irony, in the tradition of realistic Zen mysticism It is the tale of Ronin, a masterless 12th century samurai knight, who slashes his way up from the gutter to a position of wealth, honour, and status.
    The Ronin A Novel Based on a Zen Myth A novel based on Zen mythology this story is told with humour and irony in the tradition of realistic Zen mysticism It is the tale of Ronin a masterless th century samurai knight who slashes his

    One thought on “The Ronin: A Novel Based on a Zen Myth”

    1. In the table of contents of this English written novel, there are altogether 27 chapters in which we would find no chapter number inside instead each starting with a seemingly Japanese style, sword related drawing followed by a phrase For instance, presumably Chapter 1 A great rustling behind him 2 Watching from the shadows 3 The honor of being chosen etc p 13, 19, 25 so I could not help finding such a chapter style mysteriously exciting and I enjoyed reading since the beginning However, I could [...]

    2. OK so aside from all the rape, and the rape, and the raping of the rapist, and a little rape, and a large dose of vengeance, I felt like this book has to be given some credit for the Karate Kid There is a definite Mr Miyagi character in the book and a strong candidate for Daniel san I felt like a lot of the fleshed out scenes were gratuitous and unnecessary and were probably not part of the original Japanese folklore So in some ways, I am going to say Jennings might have been a perv However, th [...]

    3. The best book I own Sometimes I wish it were the only book I owned The prose is quick, zen and enticing It reads like a movie and leaves you wanting.

    4. It is always very difficult to pick a favorite Can you pick a favorite child Probably.This is quite possibly my favorite book I ve looked for an audiobook for years, but have never found one But that s no reason to dock any stars, this is easily a 6 star in my book This is based on an old zen tale, about a Samurai and his story through life Amazing action and humor, but will also pull at your heart strings and make you stop and think I cannot even put into words how incredible this book is.Do yo [...]

    5. This is a well written tale It s central character is a ronin, an unemployed warrior, who has mastered the outer strength He is powerful, strong, skilled, experienced, angry and cruel No one can defeat him in combat or bring him to justice He is his own justice He encounters someone who annoys him, he hurts with with his sword If they annoy him any , he kills them, sometimes in one cut, at others, if he wants them to suffer, he cuts them so they die slowly.Not exactly the main character most peo [...]

    6. This delightful novel takes a Zen Tale and elaborates into a longer work A Masterless Samurai Ronin selfishly moves through his universe like a human typhoon, causing death, destruction and great pain in his wake The son of one of his victims vows to avenge his father s death, knowing that several young samurai have already been killed attempting to stop the savage renegade After several years pass, the Ronin meets an elderly sage who is working diligently to dig a cave passageway through a moun [...]

    7. Some people will love this book, but not everyone I found myself liking parts of it very much, but not liking other parts at all For example, there is a female character whose personality and development I just found hard to believe, even though the developing personality of the central ronin character was interesting even when he was of a monster than anything.The writing was mostly very good, although I found the resolution to be a tad annoying Among other things, a time estimate to carefully [...]

    8. This is one of those rare gems nobody has ever heard of but which can change a person s life To me that was the case when my summer job in a book store was over and I chose to treat myself to a book I had a bit of a samurai thing back then so the cover and blurb were enough to make me buy this one and ever since I first opened it in the bus, I was hooked by the satirical prose which always made me feel just a little bit stupid because I saw in myself so many of the things the author was making f [...]

    9. A shocking tale of a masterless samurai set in 12th century Japan William Dale Jennings recounts a Zen myth in the form of a novella that plots the rise and fall of a brutal Japanese swordsman The writing style is wonderfully colloquial The depraved antics of the ronin are recounted in gory detail, while the story of a young boy s martial training at the hands of an old master is beautifully told.The boy is determined to have his revenge on the ronin, but in true Zen style, nothing is as it seem [...]

    10. A good book It was short and interesting, I thought the story was very unique and filled with many asian japanese anecdotes as far as I could tell and the characters were colorful.But then the book ends so suddenly and fast It really comes too such an abrupt ending and I was left searching for a lost page almost Now most books when they do that it is a terrible ending or a lame ending and you are frustrated with the book or author or characters But for me the abrupt ending went well with the boo [...]

    11. A Zen myth, spanning many years as the titular Ronin and a young Daimyo find the calmness and solitude to temper their impetuosity.The Ronin at the start is a whirlwind of desires and destruction The Daimyo is the son of a woman who ran off with him after killing the boys father.There are a lot of good points raised in the manner of a fable, along with dry humour.The ending is completely unexpected and a good finish to a good book.

    12. You can t step in the same river twice, and you can t get revenge on that evil Ronin because now he s all cool and shit.

    13. If you like to read genre stuff by now dead authors with the ability and desire to describe balls as in testicles a number of different, yet equally erotic, ways, you ll love this one I, however, only moderately enjoy such flashy strokes of the pen.

    14. Brilliant, well written, strange, frightening, a minor masterpiece and I am utterly at a loss as to why I haven t heard this yet.

    15. kemampuan untuk memaksa atau bahkan untuk membunuh bukanlah kekuatan yang paling absolut, kemampuan untuk menghantui pikiran orang lainlah yang demikian.

    16. I love this story, and I can t tell you how many times I ve read it I m not going to review it, I m not going to analyze it I just suggest that you read it.

    17. Zen myths are weird This one is kind of a Sisyphus story in Japanese packaging all individually wrapped, but strangely unsatisfying.

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