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Penguin By Polly Dunbar,

  • Title: Penguin
  • Author: Polly Dunbar
  • ISBN: 9780763634049
  • Page: 448
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A quirky new tale from a rising talent in which a bossy little boy receives a surprising comeuppance.When Ben rips open his present, he finds a penguin inside Hello, Penguin he says What shall we play But Penguin says nothing Even when Ben tickles its belly, sings a funny song, does a dizzy dance, stands on his head, sticks out his tongue, and resorts to increasA quirky new tale from a rising talent in which a bossy little boy receives a surprising comeuppance.When Ben rips open his present, he finds a penguin inside Hello, Penguin he says What shall we play But Penguin says nothing Even when Ben tickles its belly, sings a funny song, does a dizzy dance, stands on his head, sticks out his tongue, and resorts to increasingly rude and drastic measures, Penguin makes no response What will it take for Penguin to say something or for Ben to understand what Penguin has to say Fresh, spare illustrations bring whimsy to this wonderful tale, in which a silent Penguin turns marvelously eloquent and a little boy finally gets his heart s desire.
    Penguin A quirky new tale from a rising talent in which a bossy little boy receives a surprising comeuppance When Ben rips open his present he finds a penguin inside Hello Penguin he says What shall we play

    One thought on “Penguin”

    1. An adorable book to delve yourself in It is hardly a minute read, but this duration would be one memorable time for you.

    2. A 30 second read And good 30 seconds For a quick relief from solving equations or writing codes or whatever are the jobs you really like to do but have become bored after doing them sometime.Happy reading

    3. Having been given a set of Penguin book ends for Christmas and having always been an avid Penguin book collector, when I saw a book called Penguin I just had to have it.And speaking of presents, Ben received a well wrapped present and, undoing it he discovered a penguin inside He greeted the penguin, Hello Penguin But the penguin did not speak.Ben tried again, What shall we play , he said holding up the penguin When there was no reply he resorted to Can t you talk The penguin still said nothing. [...]

    4. This book is an instant classic The kids in my class loved it, and I loved it, too The drawings are charming and full of personality, and the text is simple but effective, packing a rhythmic punch PENGUIN is the story of an outgoing boy who is given a reticent penguin as a present The penguin may be a man of few words, but he proves to be a loyal friend and not the least timid The story works nicely as either a fantasy the penguin is a real animal or as a realistic portrait of Ben s imagination [...]

    5. For his birthday Ben got Penguin Hello, Penguin said Ben Penguin said nothing Ben was determined to get Penguin to speak, so he tickled and danced and stood on his head Penguin said nothing Ben put Penguin on a rocket and shot him to outer space, but Penguin came back to earth as silent as before Finally, Ben tried to feed Penguin to a passing blue lion Unfortunately, the lion decided to eat Ben because he was being so noisy But Penguin came to Ben s rescue And then Penguin spoke to Ben, a long [...]

    6. This is a very strange story about a little boy who receives a penguin for a pet and is very frustrated when the penguin does not respond to him in any way, despite his very creative efforts The ending is quite sweet and interesting and while I liked the story, I thought that a similar story, Princess Penelope s Parrot, had a satisfying and appropriate ending or perhaps I just like it when naughty children get their comeuppance view spoiler After all, Ben did try to feed his penguin to the lion [...]

    7. This is a hilarious story about a little boy who is frustrated with is mute penguin Well, he thinks his penguin is mute until something extraordinary happens The antics that Ben, the little boy, goes through to get his pet Penguin to speak will make adults smile and little ones chuckle as they recognize themselves Imagine all of the I would do this statements this book will get from any child or group of children you read it to The writing and the illustrations are spare, but pack a wallop Polly [...]

    8. First off, I have a kid named Ben, so having the main character s name be Ben really made it fun for my kids This really entertained my 3 5 yr old kids, which doesn t happen often in non rhyming books The sentences are short and easy and the pictures are simple yet charming There are funny things that appeal to kids a lion eats a boy because he was yelling, but penguin saves the day and the overall message is sweet that you can be friends even if you don t talk like each other As a parent of a c [...]

    9. Penguin is just brilliant This is one of my go to choices for Storytime sessions Penguin is not too long, not too wordy, and has just the right blend of text and picture The illustrations are clean and unfussy, and allow children to spot what s happening right away The text lends itself perfectly to being acted out with the story The twist at the end never fails to give the kids that lovely ohhhhh moment when they work out that Penguin just expresses himself a bit differently Heartwarming messag [...]

    10. I loved this book I thought it was very creative, entertaining, and had many unexpected elements The illustrations used where excellent They really helped the story along and hold the interest of the reader This story is about a little boy who gets a toy penguin for a present He does everything possible for the penguin to play with him but the penguin just sits there Then out of no where the small boy gets eaten by a blue lion Well the toy penguin go to the boys rescue or will he continue to do [...]

    11. So cute Took Zack to a library storytime this morning and they read this so we had to check it out and read again Precious illustrations story about a boy who tries to get a penquin to talk but the penguin remains silent all the while retaining exactly what the little boy, Ben, is saying to him Great ending Picture books that are quirky and than your average plot like this are a true delight.

    12. A story about a little boy called Ben who received a Penguin for a present Ben tries many different ways to get Penguin to speak to him with no joy until eventually, with a little twist at the end, he succeeds A simple, repetitive story with lovely illustrations that children will warm to.Age range 4 6A good story to read to young children or to have on a class bookshelf.

    13. OK Might be a little disturbing because the boy tries to feed his penguin to a lion and then the lion eats the boy.

    14. Both the pictures and the narration were amazing The shock at the end when Ben is eaten by the lion is just stunning, but it s solved well Great

    15. Penguin doesn t talk with words and neither does Alena This book made me think of her She seemed to like it.

    16. Cute, has repetition and a rhythm, but not a lot of plot or new words to teach with Was quick to translate.

    17. The highlight of this book was when the lion ate the stupid child known as Ben because Ben was too noisy I was disappointed that Penguin got Ben back.

    18. This is fun and funny Spoiler alter My favorite part is when the kid gets eaten by a lion for being too noisy Great to pretend that s the end for a moment.

    19. This picture book is about a small boy called Ben who receives a penguin as a gift, however he quickly becomes frustrated when the penguin will not respond to any of his invitations to interact or play This is a humorous book that young children would enjoy, especially when Ben is eaten by a blue lion I do feel the lion is an odd edition to the story as it appears from nowhere Perhaps Dunbar is cleverly showing different emotions children experience through friendships, or that the penguin and t [...]

    20. This book was odd and the illustrations are really cute I think the book fell flat honestly It is not fantastical enough to be clearly fantasy, and it is too simplistic for that The boy is given a penguin and then a lion just happens to be hanging around The boy gets eaten The penguin defends him No moral, no subtle explanation of imaginationjust weird.

    21. This story is about a little boy, Ben, who receives a penguin as a gift Ben is eagerly excited to play with his new penguin but cannot comprehend that the penguin is not real Ben makes several attempts for the penguin to talk but the penguin continues to remain silent Ben even tries to scare the penguin by feeding him to a passing by lion All of Ben s attempts seem to go unnoticed by the penguin until something happens to Ben It is at this moment do we really get to see the penguin s true colour [...]

    22. This is a story about a little boy who receives a penguin for a present He spends all his time trying to get penguin to speak or move or talk or change his expression, but penguin does nothing the little boy gets so mad that he sends the penguin off to outer space, and still, the penguin says nothing He tries to feed the penguin to a passing lion, but the lion doesn t want to eat the penguin because he likes the penguin, but the boy is being mean and loud, so the lion decides to eat the little b [...]

    23. Dunbar, P 2007 Penguin Cambridge, Massachusetts Candlewick Press Dunbar s book offers a humorous story about a boy named Ben that happens to receive a speechless penguin as a gift one day When the story begins Ben constantly try s to communicate with his new penguin but finds it difficult to get him to speak At first it is hard to tell what the outcome of the book is going to be, until the penguin finally decides to speak up Polly Dunbar s story along with her appealing illustrations allow the r [...]

    24. A really great bedtime story The illustrations are simple and beautiful The text allows for lots of dramatic voices, acting out and pulling faces, with lots of opportunity for interaction between the reader and those being read to Everyone can take part in the drama of the story and it is a lot of fun The deeper meaning of this tale about the arrival of a new sibling in a house and the frustrations felt by an older child was totally over my head Now it has been pointed out to me, I do think it i [...]

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