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Snakewater Affair: A Spider Latham Mystery By Liz Adair,

  • Title: Snakewater Affair: A Spider Latham Mystery
  • Author: Liz Adair
  • ISBN: 9781590383063
  • Page: 411
  • Format: Paperback
  • I know there was a problem with the mine at Snakewater, said Jade It wasn t as profitable as Dad thought it should be, and he sent Stan up to investigate And what did Stan say asked Spider I don t know He never came back The police say that he got on the plane to come home, but he never picked up his luggage when he landed He disappeared xml namespace I know there was a problem with the mine at Snakewater, said Jade It wasn t as profitable as Dad thought it should be, and he sent Stan up to investigate And what did Stan say asked Spider I don t know He never came back The police say that he got on the plane to come home, but he never picked up his luggage when he landed He disappeared xml namespace prefix o ns urn schemas microsoft com office office style COLOR black mso bidi font size 10.0pt Something is fishy at Brick Termain Enterprises, and Spider Latham has been hired to figure it out Did the regional manager run off, or did something sinister happen to him You ll love this latest mystery from Liz Adair style MARGIN 0in 0in 0pt Author s Bio Liz Adair graduated from Arizona State College with a Bachelor of Science in Educationyle mso spacerun yes She taught for several years, becoming a reading specialist The author of two previous Spider Latham novels, The Lodger and After Goliath, she has also run a specialty wholesale bakery and been a full time wife and mother to her husband, Derrill, and their seven childrenyle mso spacerun yes The Adairs live in Ferndale, Washingtonyle MARGIN 0in 0in 0pt
    Snakewater Affair A Spider Latham Mystery I know there was a problem with the mine at Snakewater said Jade It wasn t as profitable as Dad thought it should be and he sent Stan up to investigate And what did Stan say asked Spider I don t kno

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    1. Finished this book in a day while waiting at the airport and on the plane While I knew from the beginning of the story whodunnit , I didn t know HOW, so it was still a mysteryDeputy Sheriff Spider Latham was quicker coming to the solution than I was, and in this 3rd installment, I think I appreciated his concern and earnest prayers for his wandering adult son the most.

    2. I could not resist my second visit with Spider Latham in this third adventure sent by adept author, Liz Adair, and was once again warmed by her lovely tough but moral protagonists.When father Spider kneels beside his reluctant and troubled son Bobby to pray, you know that this is a caring dad of the old fashioned kind When the same man hurtles over a cliff on a mountain bike in his second attempt to ride this new fangled machine, or takes a punch in the face in a case of mistaken identity, you a [...]

    3. Snakewater Affair A Spider LathamHope to see Spider Latham MysteriesHaving read all the later Spider Latham Mysteries I have been waiting impatiently for book three in the series to be produced as an e book Purchased it the first day it became available on Liz Adair did not disappoint me The story has a lot of twist and turns but is very believable If like me you have read the later books first this brings some clarity on some of the later happenings Even if all Liz Adair books can be read by [...]

    4. Spider Latham takes on finding a missing person, along the way he uncovers all is not what it seems on the surface This story predates al the current Spider Latham eBooks and was originally published in paper only.Once again Liz Adair has written a story that is near impossible to put down, her storytelling skills keep the reader guessing until Spider ties up the case in those last few pages As a Spider Latham fan it was great seeing the origin of Spider s relationship with Brick Tremaine.I rece [...]

    5. Spider as private investigatorYou know when you are talking to a friend and they re telling you a story Ya, that s Liz Adair Spider and his family are so real, but not in a tear jerking way and it could have been The mystery has layers and unravels in a reasonable and believable way I enjoyed all the little asides like the civil war cannon You gotta read it to find out

    6. I really like these Spider Latham mysteries Great characters great plots This one has Spider trying to figure out why a successful guy married to the boss s daughter would skip town Of course, there is always than one way to describe skip town maybe disappeared Or died

    7. MysteriesEnjoyed another Spider Latham story Enjoy the human side as he deals with personal and family issues as well as the mystery solver

    8. Spider live with his wife and dieing mother in a little ranch house For most of his life, Spider has worked in a local mine, when to company closed down he retired When Panaca s sheriff died he was elected to take the position.After having two exiting adventures in The Lodger and After Goliath, Spider thinks that he might be able to get some rest But when a friend calls to see if he could help he knows that he must take on the job.Spider is selected to solve a mysterious disappearance of Stan Lu [...]

    9. This was just okay Not a real page turner, in my opinion Evidently the author LDS author writes a series of mystery novels using this main character named Spider Latham She obviously has a real thing for writing oddball names into her stories Spider Then there s a woman named Honor and a loner named Cougar and several others who have just as strange of names After a while you start to really feel the author is about thinking up oddities like these than just telling a story The story seems like [...]

    10. Book three of the Spider Latham Mysteries is a great murder mystery book The setting is Panaca a small mining town that has become so by the closing of the mine The Story is about Spider, an out of work miner, that wants to stay in the home he and his wife build there Times are tough, but his luck changes when after the death of the Sheriff of his town he is asked to take the position As a favor to an agent he knows, he goes to see the respectable owner and self made millionaire of a mining outf [...]

    11. This is the third book in this series that involves a small town deputy sheriff in Nevada He s an affable guy with a perky wife who has a lot of common sense They are LDS and the books are filled with references Spider gets involved in solving mysteries in each novel and in this one he gets to travel to Washington and make a little extra money They have been barely hanging on since the mines closed and he had to take the law enforcement gig They are engaging characters, although sometimes he s a [...]

    12. Good book no explicit sex, graphic gore, nor bad language Spider takes some time off his deputy work to go check out the Snakewater Mine at the request of Brick Tremain At first everything seems OK, then it starts smelling Lots of options on who could be the bad guy Tender moments with Spider and his mother and Laurie his wife and Mother Latham also.The characters are so realistic especially Spider and his wife you gotta love em

    13. Another Spider Latham Mystery I love these stories because they have great characters that you can really like They re regular people with flaws and strong points and they live their lives and most of them keep their covenants And the ones that don t give you the story and mystery to be solved I can t wait to get the next one

    14. While it is better than the first book, I just didn t have the heart to give it three stars It was a good story, but I just had a hard time reading it I m not quite sure where the connection was lost between the book and I, but someone who is older than my two decades and couple years might enjoy both the plot AND the style.

    15. I like Spider Latham in anything Some of the stories are a bit religious for me, but after the first book, I felt like the religion was about what the characters did in their lives, and less about the author thinking out loud.

    16. This may be a comparative rating on book 3 I rated books 1 and 2 as 2.5 stars I felt like this book was so much better than the first two that I am almost not objective enough to decide the rating It would be at least 3.5 stars but I settled on 4 in the euphoria of the moment.

    17. This time Spider is hired to do some private detecting He is hired to look into a mysterious disappearance He uses his milling expertise as well as interest in and knowledge of people some interesting people presented here Enjoyed it.

    18. I wasn t sure if I was going to like this mystery by a Mormon thing, but Liz put just the right amount of suspense and churchy stuff in These books are good reads

    19. I liked this book better than the other Liz Adair novel I read I read this one first and liked it better than The Lodger but probably won t read another Adair novel soon.

    20. Spider Latham is such a great guy I felt the story was very believable so it read as if a true story Being LDS, I enjoyed the spiritual enlightenment as well.

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