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Play Power: Exploring the International Underground By Richard Neville,

  • Title: Play Power: Exploring the International Underground
  • Author: Richard Neville
  • ISBN: 9780394440538
  • Page: 349
  • Format: Hardcover
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    Play Power Exploring the International Underground None

    One thought on “Play Power: Exploring the International Underground”

    1. Richard Neville was one of the big figures of the 1960s youth scenes After making a name for himself by founding the subversive review OZ in Australia, for which he faced an obscenity trial, he went on to issue his conterculture publication from the UK while roaming the world to report on what the Underground was up to PLAY POWER is an exhaustive 300 pages compilation of anecdotes about the Underground scene, mainly 1967 to early 1970, with a few references back to the American civil rights move [...]

    2. Very much of its time, and just as irritating as you might expect an exposition of hippie ideology to be However, Neville does have some really interesting ideas particularly in section four on work and leisure Begs the question how might we be living today if leisure time rather than consumer goods havd been our primary motivation.

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