UNLIMITED BOOK Ø The Naked Chef Takes Off - by Jamie Oliver

The Naked Chef Takes Off By Jamie Oliver,

  • Title: The Naked Chef Takes Off
  • Author: Jamie Oliver
  • ISBN: 9781401308247
  • Page: 198
  • Format: Paperback
  • In The Naked Chef Takes Off, Oliver returns to offer readers easy and delicious stripped down recipes Oliver features mouthwatering breakfasts, tapas, roasts, fish, and desserts Each recipe is accompanied by Oliver s commentary, which will encourage and inspire cooks of all levels The Naked Chef Takes Off has sold than 150,000 copies in hardcover in the U.S.
    The Naked Chef Takes Off In The Naked Chef Takes Off Oliver returns to offer readers easy and delicious stripped down recipes Oliver features mouthwatering breakfasts tapas roasts fish and desserts Each recipe is accompa

    One thought on “The Naked Chef Takes Off”

    1. I love Jamie and his thoughts about veg and home cooking In this book though everything is so Italian Well I don t like pancetta or Parma ham, honestly, I don t like any cured, hard meats But most of the recipes have them, which is a little sad for my home cooking.And since I have worked in quite a few kitchens now already, some of the things were familiar to me already but that is not a bad thing, I just got a bit inspired to do something like that at home as well.Nevertheless, there were few [...]

    2. The first cookbook I cooked almost half the recipes from So much yum Reads like lit apparently he speaks his recipes aloud and they re written by someone else Could be urban myth.

    3. This is the last purchased book of Jamie Oliver s cooking in my bookshelf I bought this hard copy soon after it was out on the shelves in 2000 Again a cute book with lots of delicious looking pictures Wow, I still have a marker in on p.219 baked carrots with cumin, thyme, butter and Chardonnay Sometimes it is difficult to know how to present vegetables in a different, interesting, tasty way.I even tried his Chocolate twister bread turn out was interesting, but I am not the official bread maker i [...]

    4. I love pasta I can eat it everyday and be happy This book is full of great pasta recipes I have now prepared all of them and they are all winners I also made the roasted beets this summer and it was to die for Even those who think they don t like beets would probably love Jamie s recipe I m now starting on some of the starters and snacks This is one my favorite all time cookbooks.

    5. Jamie s way of cooking a glob of this and a crank of that s right up my alley Everything I ve made that s been inspired by this book has been freakin fabulous My fave is the avocado watercress new potato salad just toss it all together with some good olive oil, fresh lemon, salt and peppa Mmmmmmm

    6. I got this as a birthday present when I was 16 Stared at the beautiful pictures for ages, and when I began actually making some of the recipes, found they were excellent as well I am especially fond of the Roast Chicken, the Asian salad I add noodles for a no cook meatless dinner , and the Pukkolla, best make ahead breakfast ever.

    7. This book, known as The Return of the Naked Chef where I come from, is the Jamie Oliver book I use most frequently, except perhaps Jamie s Dinners The latter section on sauces, pickles, dips etc is outstanding.

    8. Even if you re not a fan of Jamie Oliver, this book has a good range of basic recipes and lots of ideas for informal entertaining, although there s a bit too much of the pile it all on a plate and invite everyone to share approach.

    9. This is a re read for me Thanksgiving is next week This book taught me how to make the bomb baked chicken with lemon, I highly recommend it A little free form than most cookbooks, but lots of fun and great pictures.

    10. brother got me this for christmas haven t done even a fraction of the recipes yet, but just from reading it i can tell i m going to love it everything looks so tasty and he explains it all so i think even an extreme novice would be able to do a lot of the recipes jamie oliver is my jam

    11. My favorite and only cookbook I love the ravioli with ricotta cheese and pine nuts and basil Also I ve made the pot roast with peaches and sunchokes, which taste like really savory potatoes Its delicious slathered in peach juice Yummy.

    12. Jamie s recipes are easy to follow The risotto recipes are delicious and simple to make The photography in this book is wonderful.

    13. It is actually a bit above 3.5 stars It is a nice book, nice new recipes, but not so much different from the previous one.

    14. this is a tricky book to cook with as several of the recipes include errors but the photos and the ideas are fun, and the layout is pretty

    15. One of the best cookbooks I have read in years Has a veritable forest of tags for recipes I am going to try.

    16. Always delicious recipes, and non deceiving pictures it shows the food in a I could have made this way.Success guaranteed with this book.

    17. I enjoyed the recipes in here and have had trouble deciding what to make first I borrowed it from the library and I would like to buy a copy.

    18. Although Jamie is adorable and his recipes are lovely easy, I found it somehow obnoxious that all receipes imitated his actual way of speaking casual, choppy, a little too cute.

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