Batman By Craig Shaw Gardner,

  • Title: Batman
  • Author: Craig Shaw Gardner
  • ISBN: 9780708843505
  • Page: 130
  • Format: None
  • Here is the novelization of the blockbuster Warner Brothers summer movie of 1989, Batman, from the author of The Lost Boys movie tie in and the Ebenezzum fantasy series Stars Jack Nicholson, Michael Keaton and Kim Basinger Original.
    Batman Here is the novelization of the blockbuster Warner Brothers summer movie of Batman from the author of The Lost Boys movie tie in and the Ebenezzum fantasy series Stars Jack Nicholson Michael K

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    1. I first saw the Batman 1989 version when I was 8 years old, and I thought it was the coolest movie ever since Star Wars I ve been a die hard Batman film ever since Michael Keaton was a great Batman and Jack Nicholson was phenomenal as The Joker.The book follow the movie fairly well Batman wages war on the criminal underworld of Gotham City, but when the Joker comes to power, he takes over the underworld and wants to rule Gotham City, but also shows interest in Photographer Vicki Vale, who show s [...]

    2. Normally I am a big fan of reading books before their movie adaptation is released This is one example of where I preferred the movie to the book Don t get me wrong, I am a fan of Craig Shaw Garder, and I think the book was well written, however there were some really out of place scenes in this adaptation that I felt did not fit the overall flow of the story For example, most people will recall the scene in the movie where Bruce Wayne shows up at Vicki Vale s apartment and the two have an argue [...]

    3. Ties both the new and old versions of the movie together, but when I get the visual picture of the Joker, I always picture Heath Ledgers version To me, that is the Joker that can be Batman s ultimate enemy Jack Nicholson looks like a clown in comparison.

    4. One of the very first books I ever read I still have the copy and I get chills reading it Viva la Burton s Batman

    5. I loved this film for many reasons it was a Tim Burton film with a score from Danny Elfman I was hooked, however it was also the introduction of a new kind of Batman Up till that point Batman was a cheesy 60s psychedelic roller coaster that just didnt reflect some of the comics and graphic novels coming out at the time Year One So yes when this film came out I loved it okay watching it now especially with the later incarnations to compare against has taken some of the wow factor out of it and I [...]

    6. I became a Batman freak when the Tim Burton version arrived in theatres I started reading the comics I wore a Batman t shirt to school Even tried to make my own mask out of cardboard Yeah, that was an embarassing disaster And though I rarely do, I bought and read the novelization.As with all novelizations, the book differs from the movie here and there The book author works with the script prior to the final cut of the film being assembled What I enjoyed about this novelization was some of the c [...]

    7. Man, having this book since childhood, I reread it after than 20 years to realize that the story still holds up One of the better reads for Batman fans would be the movie script novelizations Something about how a book translates into a movie, or how a script translates into a book, makes it really interesting for its comparative viewing Joker is quite the gang leader

    8. Gotham City was a total crap mess Decent people shouldn t live here, said the Joker in a rare moment of clarity They d be happier someplace else Like Metropolis, perhaps.Full review here superheronovels 2012 07 21

    9. I love the film this book ties in with, and though I m not really a big fan of movie novels, this one wasn t bad It was well detailed, though rather fast paced, and it had several screenshots included.

    10. A good novel in and of itself An advisory for the purists out there author based his work upon the shooting script, not what appeared via the final edit, so some detail discrepancies occur.

    11. As a young Batman fan, I couldn t wait for this movie to be released And I wasn t disappointed it was this point in time that Tim Burton became my favorite movie director.The book was a fun read, and certainly worth spending some of my hard earned cash on.

    12. damn i miss novelisations that came out before the movie this was on sale about 5 weeks before the film came out and being a 15 year old movie nerd I had to have it nostalgia gives it 3 stars, but it was likely 2 stars

    13. It definitely wasn t the moviebut it wasn t a bad read either Although I m not sure I d be able to read the book and watch the movie that closely together might drive me crazy But being able to read one of my favorite movies is amazing

    14. I read this twice when I was a kid, before even seeing the movie Pretty much the only book I can say that about.

    15. Surprisingly good book I didn t expect much to by honest but as fan of Batman I really wanted to try it What I ve got is a good book with good characters.

    16. My Brother and I fought over this book every chaptor Great story and enough little things to keep you reading even when you seen the movie 3 times.

    17. I really don t know whether this was a good or bad book I do know that I read and re read it when I was twelve years old, and for that it has earned its 5 stars.

    18. I was disappointed that the Cowboy Batman Batman chasing the Joker through Gotham on horseback a nod to the Lone Ranger, I suppose scene wasn t in the movie.

    19. Published in 1989 a few weeks before Tim Burton s massively successful film, this novelization by Craig Shaw Gardner is a bit rough around the edges, and I don t mean from shelf wear Gardner s approach to writing is hit or miss, but fortunately, despite being very workmanlike, his Batman novel is a good read.Gotham City is a cesspool of crime We begin with a family trying to find their way home through the crowded, dirty city at night, only to be waylaid by a pair of muggers while taking a short [...]

    20. A nicely done movie adaptation.Since I don t normally write reviews unless I have something specific to say, here s the break down of how I rate my books1 star This book was bad, so bad I may have given up and skipped to the end I will avoid this author like the plague in the future.2 stars This book was not very good, and I won t be reading any from the author.3 stars This book was ok, but I won t go out of my way to read , But if I find another book by the author for under a dollar I d pick i [...]

    21. Craig Shaw Gardner s novelization of Tim Burton s 1989 film Batman is probably as good as such a book could be Some novelizations will work better than others in the case of something like Batman, much of the appeal of the film is in its visuals, Burton s wonderful sets, costumes, etc.Gardner does an adequate job with the creatively unrewarding task of adapting Batman into book form I m sure it wasn t monetarily unrewarding, and might have even been kind of fun to write Some of the narration and [...]

    22. Boom shakalakalaka, Boom shakalaka Very cool novelization with some deleted scenes from an earlier version of the script, good descriptions of Batman, almost exclusively given from Vicky Vale, thus allowing the hero to remain mysterious, and brilliant presentation of the Joker I liked it than The Dark Knight novelization of Dennis O Neil

    23. Not bad Captures the movie very well, bringing back some memories from the first time I watched it I do find some thing s interesting, particularly the scene with the statue that wasn t done in the movie As well as the fact that there were no cops at the climax between Batman and Joker.Not a perfect Batman story but a decent attempt B

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