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The Amazing Spider-Man: Mayhem in Manhattan By Len Wein Marv Wolfman Stan Lee,

  • Title: The Amazing Spider-Man: Mayhem in Manhattan
  • Author: Len Wein Marv Wolfman Stan Lee
  • ISBN: 9780671820442
  • Page: 309
  • Format: Paperback
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    The Amazing Spider Man Mayhem in Manhattan None

    One thought on “The Amazing Spider-Man: Mayhem in Manhattan”

    1. The first Spider Man novel isn t too bad It captures the flavor of the seventies Spider Man comics to a tee You can see this story in your head, played out over two or three issues Unlike a lot of these sorts of initial adaptations, it doesn t spend a lot of time going over Spidey s origin Wein and Wolfman seem to understand that if you re buying a Spider Man novel, you already know a bit about the character The story is fast paced, and even though an astute reader will know who the Master Plann [...]

    2. Comfort fiction A quick, easy read with characters that are incredibly familiar Nice to have a book written by people who write the comics, rather than those by novelists who happen to read the comics.As incredible as it may seem, I think I ve owned this book since it came out in 78 or 79, but have only just now read it I might have found it much interesting and exciting had I read it when I was 18, but hen again, perhaps not.There s nothing earth shattering here No new information or new take [...]

    3. This is a pretty good book It s a short and easy read which is nice Unfortunately it is super dated so reading at times was a little odd Plus Spider Man is way to whiny Still I enjoyed it enough to get the next book in the series.

    4. The major interest in this book is as an historical curiosity, the first book in the first series of novelizations for a comic book company The marketing driven idea did not last long and did not deserve to With a couple of exceptions, most of the books were written by comic veterans, not actual prose writers, and their inexperience shows This is nowhere truer than in this, the first of the series and the first ever Spider Man novelization Wein and Wolfman find an uneasy balance between giving [...]

    5. Doctor Octopus has a plan to shut down the refineries of the nation s top eight oil magnates Once the government learns of your unfortunate predicament, he tells them, you will be unable to prevent extensive research into various alternative energy sources In the end, Spider Man thwarts Doc Ock s scheme But you have to wonder Who s the villain of this story And who s the hero Looking back, maybe Peter Parker should have taken the night off and gone to the movies with his girlfriend Eco terrorism [...]

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