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The Bulwark By Theodore Dreiser,

  • Title: The Bulwark
  • Author: Theodore Dreiser
  • ISBN: 9789997406132
  • Page: 237
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The story of Quaker faith in the conflict of twentieth century materialism.
    The Bulwark The story of Quaker faith in the conflict of twentieth century materialism

    One thought on “The Bulwark”

    1. Dreiser is one of my favorite authors, and this is in my top 5 favorite books The dialogue is somewhat difficult they are Quakers, so there is a lot of thees and thous but it lets you get a feel for their world It is basically just about a family and the events that shape and change their lives I think because I found a lot of parallels with my upbringing 5 siblings, grew up Mormon I was especially touched by it Its just a good story about growing up and parent and child releationships that I th [...]

    2. Dreiser is just great I wish he wrote books My ranking of my favorite books by him would be 1 American Tragedy2 Sister Carrie3 The Bulwark 4 The Financier5 The Titan6 Jennie Gerhardt

    3. I ve always liked Dreiser s writing I ve always found his books engrossing, easy to read, and I ve always enjoyed the clarity of his prose This book was a little deeper than his other works He explores religious faith, falling away from faith family connections broken and restored, the effect of wealth on people and the choices people make and how these choices reconcile or don t reconcile with their values it s basically about alienation and reconciliation His descriptions of Solon s perception [...]

    4. J ai d couvert Dreiser en 2011 avec Sister Carrie, qui avait t un coup de c ur L occasion de lire un autre de ses romans avec Masse Critique tait trop belle Tout d abord la quatri me de couverture n est pas tout fait fid le au r cit, les pratiques de la banque o travaille Solon n entrent pas rapidement en conflit avec ses valeurs, loin de l , on a l impression qu il s agit l du clou du spectacle, mais pas du tout, il s agit d un l ment de la toile de fond, qui intervient clairement tr s tardivem [...]

    5. This is one of Dreiser s lesser known novels It s a powerful story of a stalwart Quaker a bulwark of the faith who must deal with rebellious children, and materialism in his community I ve read it twice now and still think it s a great story.

    6. I ve been mildly obsessed with Dreiser for the past two years, working my way through his books I found an original edition of of this in my local library and had to check it out Pun intended If you are reading this book, it s probably not your first Dreiser so I recommend The Last Titan book show 1 , which gives great context around when and why he wrote his various works I believe The Bulwark was started early in his career but his progress stalled so much that it was finally completed and pub [...]

    7. I was deeply amazed by the faith which supported the main character through his life It seems to me that nowadays you can hardly come across such faith and devotion to religious ideas I used the word religious but it doesn t fit here As concerns Solon it wasn t religion, it was his way, lifestyle.Unfortunately when we are into something important and worthy in our opinion, sometimes we miss something even significant and crucial Solon was stuck in a way He refused to admit that his children liv [...]

    8. I d read An American Tragedy, and this work was so different from that one It is the account of one man s belief system and his struggle to maintain that system throughout his life and in the raising of his family It gives a glimpse into a very different culture, and for that, it s interesting, but it s not an exciting read in general.

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