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All My Noble Dreams and Then What Happens By Gloria Whelan,

  • Title: All My Noble Dreams and Then What Happens
  • Author: Gloria Whelan
  • ISBN: 9781442449763
  • Page: 492
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Rosalind is caught between two worlds as Gandhi s nonviolent revolution takes hold in this standalone companion to Small Acts of Amazing Courage.Rosalind inhabits two worlds in 1920s India There is the world of her heritage English to the core, with a strict father who is a major in the British Indian Army, a muted mother, and a tutor to educate her within the walls of thRosalind is caught between two worlds as Gandhi s nonviolent revolution takes hold in this standalone companion to Small Acts of Amazing Courage.Rosalind inhabits two worlds in 1920s India There is the world of her heritage English to the core, with a strict father who is a major in the British Indian Army, a muted mother, and a tutor to educate her within the walls of the luxurious estate her family occupies And then there is the world of her homeland or the land that feels like home, anyway The world where followers of Gandhi surround her, and the streets are full of poverty and the whispers of independence.The two worlds are colliding, and despite what Rosalind has been raised to think, she begins to resent the heavy hand of British rule When her father s military position provides Rosalind the opportunity to meet the Prince of Wales, she has the chance to tell him about the injustice she witnesses in the streets of India Rosalind desperately wants to do what is right, but will she have the courage to and what will be the consequence
    All My Noble Dreams and Then What Happens Rosalind is caught between two worlds as Gandhi s nonviolent revolution takes hold in this standalone companion to Small Acts of Amazing Courage Rosalind inhabits two worlds in s India There is th

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    1. A superb sequel to that beautifully simple book Small Acts of Amazing Courage It s 1921, and Rosalind, Max and Raman are still following the progress of Gandhi s peaceful resolution to free India from British rule Rosalind secretly teaches a group of Indian children in a makeshift school while progressing in her own education, and Max and Raman publish the Gandhian newspaper Young India to keep the nation informed of the progress of its emancipation.Whelan brings weighty themes into the realm of [...]

    2. This was a great story I have studied about India s struggle for freedom and although this book is fiction, it accurately shows many facts of that struggle I really enjoyed it.

    3. This sequel to Small Acts of Amazing Courage continues Rosalind s story Rosalind lives in British controlled India She is the only daughter in a well off family, though she avoids the Club and all of the other British girls there Instead she runs a small school for the village boys, one that is not government sanctioned and so can continue to run She is a follower of Gandhi, something her father certainly does not approve of He wouldn t approve of the school either, but he doesn t know about it [...]

    4. This sequel doesn t quite have the punch of Small Acts of Amazing Courage, but it s still very good Since it sets up a love triangle I m rooting for Ramon Max was too grumpy in this one and ends on a mysterious note, it definitely looks like this is going to be a trilogy It bothers me that Rosy lies and disobeys so frequently It s a bit of a murky area, because often what she s doing looks like the right thing Still, it s not necessarily imperative that she do those things I just don t agree wit [...]

    5. Cute sequel not as well written, but covers a large scope Appreciate that Gandhi s letter is included in full at the end, with appropriate info in authors note Definitely recommend these books.

    6. Interesting historical book from the perspective of an English girl living in India during the British occupation Took awhile to get into, but offered strong values and insight into human rights.

    7. This book impressed me I don t remember ever reading an anti racist children s book like this before Sure, there are plenty of children s books about slavery, the Civil War, the Civil Rights Movement, but this book dealt pretty ably with the question of what it means to wrestle with being a white ally in a racist colonial society and it did it outside of those aforementioned eras, which are important, but they are written about so frequently that kids can get the impression those were the only e [...]

    8. This is another beautiful historical novel by one of the best middle grade historical fiction writers of today Gloria Whelan paints such a descriptive, incredibly rich and detailed picture of India that I couldn t help fall in love with it myself She presents a lot of weighty issues in a way kids can easily understand The characters all have different viewpoints on what should be done and how which helps the reader form their own opinion Readers can also draw parallels to the American Revolution [...]

    9. After first meeting Rosalind James in Small Acts of Amazing Courage, I was eager to read the second installment of her story The first book ended with Rosalind returning to India after a brief visit to England and a strengthening of her love for India and a resolve in her beliefs of an independent country.This novel picks up about a year later Rosalind is not only studying with an English tutor, but she is also teaching a small group of Indian boys Schools for the native Indians have been closed [...]

    10. I wish there was an option to give a book a hundred stars I would click that one for this little book I checked out this book in June and subsequently renewed it four times, knowing that it was a book that I should read because it was about an important and serious topic, and therefore making it a book that I never felt like actually reading because it seemed like too much work But yesterday I had a minute and finally picked it up my daughter had read it and loved it and found to my surprise tha [...]

    11. This is a wonderful book all the so, since it is in fact a book for older children At the outset, one would really wonder if the subtleties and complexities of the last couple of decades of the British Raj in London could be expressed adequately in such a format But, indeed, the National Book Award winning author handles them with a deft touch that never feels preachy yet conveys quite adequately the desperation of the inhabitants of India to win their freedom from domination by the British, mo [...]

    12. I thoroughly enjoyed Small Acts of Amazing Courage, this book s predecessor, and was delighted to realize that there was a sequel Not only does the author capture the sights, sounds, flavors, and complicated politics of India during the 1920s, but she has created a likeable character in her protagonist Rosalind James Despite her father s position as a major in the British army and the family s privileged status, Rosalind sympathizes with the desire many Indians have for independence and freedom [...]

    13. Readers who missed Rosalind s adventures in Small Acts of Amazing Courage, as I did, will still get plenty of enjoyment from the second installment Rosalind s family lives in India, where her father is an administrator and quite high up in the British government Rosalind herself loves India, and feels that British occupation is slowly killing the place she calls home her eyes are open to the poverty and growing unrest and she unabashedly supports Gandhi and his call for the hartal, or peaceful s [...]

    14. This is an incredibly fast read except for the moment when I figured out that 4 of my pages were bound out of order in the ARC very surreal It s also an excellent primer on British Indian relations for young readers, and a good coming of age privilege confrontation lesson Rosalind Rosy is not only growing up and trying to balance her desires to spend time with friends vs her familial obligations, but is also figuring out how to be a responsible ally without being an unconscious suppressor I hope [...]

    15. Rosalind has a foot in several different worlds It is the 1920 s and as the daughter of British official she has a place in the comfortable and exotic society of the English who rule India She also creates a world for herself among the idealistic youth, both Indian and English, who support Gandhi and believe India should rule itself During the Crown Prince s official visit Rosalind manages to meet the Prince of Wales, and in an effort to open his eyes to the real India sets in motion events that [...]

    16. The author s theme of All My Nobel Dreams and then What Happened was to further educate people on India s struggle against Britain for their freedom This is shown from both perspectives For example, while in India, the main character, a British native named Rosalind is on India s side Rosalind meets and becomes good friends with a European royalty who believes that Britain is doing India a favor by supplying them with government The author is showing everyone deserves to be free despite their sk [...]

    17. gr 6 10 243pgs1921 India London, England 17 year old Rosalind finds herself caught between two worlds Unlike her British parents, Rosalind is in favor of India s independence and is very vocal in her support But when the Prince of Wales visits India, she can t help wanting to meet him When her friends ask her to give the Prince of Wales a letter supporting Indian independence, Rosy must decide if she is willing to risk getting in trouble to get it to him.Readers do not need to have read the prev [...]

    18. I like to read as many of the hopefuls for the Newbery award and the title of this one really attracted me I love historical fiction and India in 1921 is a great time and place to drop in There are also some great descriptions of India My problem is with the narrator because of the title I expected of her her passion seems inauthentic and her voice is somewhat distant Her age is also problematic for me given the book s audience age, and the age of the narrator s voice, I was thinking Rosalind w [...]

    19. I have dim but fond memories of Homeless Bird and haven t read Small Acts I m afraid this one didn t really wow me I enjoyed the history and there are some excellent descriptions of India There s a pretty big gap between the age of Rosalind upper teens and the apparent age of this book s audience, which seems to be middle grades But while Rosalind s friendships and activities are mature, there s nothing to make it inappropriate for younger readers For me, the book s weaknesses were that Rosalind [...]

    20. In this sequel to SMALL ACTS OF AMAZING COURAGE, Rosalind s convictions about the need for India s independence from Britain grow in strength and sophistication In slightly implausible plot developments, she is able to talk about this issue with both the Prince of Wales who is visiting India and with the King himself, at a ball in England where she is formally presented at court Max continues to be her primary romantic interest, but what are the chances of handsome, well educated Raman Stay tune [...]

    21. All My Noble Dreams and then What Happens by Gloria Whelan How much I loved Small Acts of Amazing Courage but honestly, this book can be read independently Incredible, powerful title filled with reflection, confidence, and voice I especially loved being thrown back in time to feel the turmoil that people in India were living in and how another country reacted to British rule Since Hong Kong used to be under British rule, I am able to compare experiences I read in Gweilo to experiences in All My [...]

    22. I was mostly through the book before I realized it was a sequel I have always loved Gloria Whelan s storytelling, and in this case, it was strong enough to stand alone from the first book, Small Acts of Amazing Courage, although I do want to go read the first book now An interesting slice of history in India during the 1920s and the Indians struggle for independence.

    23. A historical fiction novel set in India during the 1920s Told from the point of view of a teenage British girl, Rosiland whose heart is torn between her love for India and it s people and her traditional British upbringing Rosiland struggles as she advocates for India s liberation from Britain while unknowingly imposing her customs and dreams on India s people All My Noble Dreams and Then What Happens describes a time and place often forgotten in our history books Beautifully written, gripping w [...]

    24. Historical fiction set in India in the early 1920s Rosalind James and her family are living in India as her father is a high ranking official in the British military Rosy is torn between her loyalty to her family and her desire to help the Indian people attain their freedom The story is filled with historical details of India s fight for independence, as well as colorful descriptions of the beautiful land and culture Reading the book is sure to make you curious about this time in history.

    25. Coming of age in India in 1921, feisty British born Rosalind finds herself at odds with her father, a British officer preparing for a visit from the Prince of Wales, as she sympathizes with the native Indians and their struggle for independence under the influence of Mahatma Gandhi Whelan artfully captures the sights, sounds and smells of the era and the cultural clash between the ruling British and the poverty stricken Indians A perfect pick for historical fiction fans who are drawn to tales fr [...]

    26. Rosalyn lives in India, but hopes for the freedom for India in the early 1900 s Her friend s Max and Ramon also believe India should be freed from British rule Her father is a proper British Civil Servant so she is at odds with him often She meets the Prince and even the King, passing on to them the need for India s freedom Some info about Gandhi, his letters and writing for the India press.

    27. I didn t realize that this was a sequel when I read it I definitely need to order the first book called Small Acts of Amazing Courage for the library I hope Gloria Whelan writes a follow up novel This one was really enjoyable and I would love to know how India s quest for freedom progresses with these characters All My Dreams and Then What Happens is an excellent example of historical fiction that will undoubtedly appeal to our students.

    28. Set in India in the early 1920 s Rosalind, daughter of an English military hero, lives in India where her father is now a member of the British ruling party To the dismay of her father, Rosy sympathizes with the campaign for Indian independence from Britain, and is an admirer of Gandhi This book will appeal to girl readers themes include teenage resistance to parental control, anti imperialism, and idealism vs realism.

    29. A quick read about a young English girl living in India and very upset by how poorly the Indians are treated She is from a fairly wealthy family and has the opportunity to meet the English royalty where she is able to tell them how she feels about the terrible injustices towards the Indians Gandhi is mentioned many times and finally things do get better through her insistence Great book for middle school kids.

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