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Zoete tranen By Madeleine Wickham Annemarie Verbeek,

  • Title: Zoete tranen
  • Author: Madeleine Wickham Annemarie Verbeek
  • ISBN: 9789044327359
  • Page: 259
  • Format: Paperback
  • Fleur Daxeny is bloedmooi en levensgevaarlijk Ze draagt altijd zwarte kleding en verslijt meer mannen dan schoenen In de krant zoekt ze naar rouwadvertenties, waarna ze op begrafenissen van wildvreemden verschijnt, op jacht naar rijke, argeloze weduwnaars en hun platina creditcards Fleurs laatste verovering is Richard Favour, een saaie maar welgestelde zakenman Als eenFleur Daxeny is bloedmooi en levensgevaarlijk Ze draagt altijd zwarte kleding en verslijt meer mannen dan schoenen In de krant zoekt ze naar rouwadvertenties, waarna ze op begrafenissen van wildvreemden verschijnt, op jacht naar rijke, argeloze weduwnaars en hun platina creditcards Fleurs laatste verovering is Richard Favour, een saaie maar welgestelde zakenman Als een zonnestraal dringt ze zijn leven binnen Maar wanneer Fleur eindelijk de kans krijgt in Richards papieren te snuffelen, blijkt al snel dat zij niet de enige is die op zijn geld uit is Moet Fleur op haar instinct vertrouwen of zo hard weglopen als haar zwarte Prada pumps haar kunnen dragen
    Zoete tranen Fleur Daxeny is bloedmooi en levensgevaarlijk Ze draagt altijd zwarte kleding en verslijt meer mannen dan schoenen In de krant zoekt ze naar rouwadvertenties waarna ze op begrafenissen van wildvreemd

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    1. Sophie Kinsella brings charm, wit, depth and laughs to her stories Everything that Madeleine Wickham seems to lack.This is my fourth Wickham book and what a stupid book What a distasteful protagonist I honestly don t think I could ve disliked a character than Fleur.I started this book with the hopes that it would be an interesting read albeit light The premise of this book, the plot, seemed very interesting, original even A lady who crashes funerals in search for wealthy, vulnerable men to [...]

    2. Published 10 07 2007Author Madeleine WickhamThis book was light hearted, fun, sweet and had a little bit of mystery in it Madeleine Wickham Sophie Kinsella doesn t disappoint with this book In my opinion it is one of the best written by Sophie Kinsella The was the first one of the Madeleine Wickham books that I read as soon as I finsihed it I purchased the rest of the books and couldn t wait to read them It is a must read for anyone who loves Sophie Kinsella books and anyone who loves romantic a [...]

    3. This is disappointing, especially coming from the author who gave us the Shopaholic series The premise is interesting enough a woman who lives off widowers, hopping from one funeral to another with a little help from a couple of gay friends But the characters aren t fully developed and I had a hard time finding any redeeming quality in the main character that justified a whole family falling in love with her and ultimately, too easily forgiving the way she has used them From what I read, all she [...]

    4. I was very pleased to find out that Madeleine Wickham was Sophie Kinsella, as I loved her books What pleased me even was that Madeleine Wickham takes a darker, deeper look into her characters than her Sophie Kinsella books offer There is hilarious comedy, but there is also deep sorrow within this book.Fleur Daxeny picks up rich men at their wife s funeral She finds Richard Favour, and the story takes off from there What could be a light hearted and shallow story is actually quite deep, particul [...]

    5. I picked this up so that I could have a fluffy book to read over the holidays, one that I could just pick up and read without doing much thinking It fit the bill.However I found it was very slow at one point, I picked it up and was surprised to find that I was half way through, despite the plot not having picked up much at all I think the author was trying to do too many things at once, lay down too much character development and subplots and not very succinctly, frankly and didn t quite succeed [...]

    6. 3.5 starsThis was a pretty good story about a professional gold digger who dupes wealthy widowers into falling in love with her before absconding with all the cash and gifts she can convince them to part with The story rolled along quickly and kept me interested, but it was the characters I really liked There was a really good mix of nice people and arseholes I haven t read much of Sophie kinsellas work, but I might have to dig out some books by her.

    7. True rating would be 1.5 stars somewhere between didn t like it and it was OK When Madeleine Wickham morphed into Sophie Kinsella, apparently she acquired the ability to create characters with a few redeeming qualities to offset their character flaws i.e compulsive shopping.

    8. Although I like them, I m not the biggest fan of the Shopaholic series But I always really love Kinsella s other work This is the first of her s I ve read where she was writing as Madeleine Wickham and I hope it s not the last.When I started reading this I knew I was going to love it but I figured as it was chick lit, it would be pretty predictable I was wrong This book actually surprised me I thought I had the story all figured out and then BOOM, Zara shows up.I was also really shocked that we [...]

    9. Fleur has made a career out of crashing funerals and memorial services so that she can work her way into recently widower s lives She earns the widower s trust then takes them for all she can and moves on But, when she meets Richard Favour things start to change She finds herself feeling comfortable and fitting in with his family When her daughter comes to visit and fits in too Fleur realizes she is going to have some decisions to make But is Fleur ready to give up the high life and to settle in [...]

    10. i picked this up because i like sophie kinsella s books so sue me this was as fluffy as i expected i read it while i was sick perfect for passing the time without expending too much brainpower , but kind of a head scratchere titular gatecrasher is fleur, a charming 40 year old redhead who crashes funerals to win the hearts of wealthy male attendees she wins their trust then connives to take them for every penny she thinks she can get away with, generally through a bizarre scheme i didn t underst [...]

    11. I really, really wanted to give this book 4 stars If it weren t for the abrupt ending with the sooooo many loose ends which remain untied, I would have given this a much higher rating The ending ruined EVERYTHING.Don t get me wrong, I enjoyed the fun, fluffy read In fact, I was at times so absorbed by the storyline that I just couldn t put it down Wickham gave all of her supporting characters good, solid and interesting backgrounds Unfortunately, she failed to explore the full potential of expan [...]

    12. The thing is that i was really interested int he story and the characters of this novel.Richard and his mysterious dead wife, Gillian and the life she gave up,l Philippa and her hideous awful marriage , Antony, poor little sweet Antony, with his boyish imperfections and insecurities, Crazy Zara and her obsession with her father and her faked American Accent I liked the plot and how easy it was to read not that that is a standard requirement of mine, but anyone who is a fan of this author probabl [...]

    13. This story had a great potential I was expecting light humour, romance and lots of personal development by the main character Fleur What I got was a very selfish, 40 woman, with no heart and no respect for others Her journey was very shallow and self centred Her goal was to use as many man as possible for as long as possible to get us much money from them as possible She was a gold digger without morals, who didn t know what love is, what friendship is and most of all what motherhood was.Richard [...]

    14. Well, I didn t realize this book was from the late 90s Oops No biggie though This is my first Wickham book, and I only just started reading Sophie Kinsella, so I saw it at Target and figured I d give it a shot The story seemed cute.The only thing I really liked about it is was that it was in third person And that s because I ve been reading mostly first person lately, so it was nice to know what was going on in everyone s head But that s about it.The story was kind of disappointing.I liked the i [...]

    15. I absolutely LOVE Sophie Kinsella, so when I found out that that was just a pseudonym and that Madeleine Wickham had written other books, I was thrilled I was so excited when I read the description of this book, I thought it would top most romantic comedy books I ve read It started off good, but I wasn t too drawn to Fleur, the main character Throughout the book I kept willing it to get better, but it never did It wasn t very funny, and it didn t really reflect on the characters pasts much I fel [...]

    16. Madeleine Wickham, who is Sophie Kinsella s alter auteur wonderfully wicked and delirious in her sophisticated writing I loved the rather adult style of The Gatecrasher as the main character transforms her life over the course of a calm yet collected journey At its heart, this story really weighs in on one woman s swinging back and forth between two ways of life Ultimately, she certainly has a lot to lose if he follows her head and much to gain if she listens to the pure pitter patter of her hea [...]

    17. I am just going to put it out there, though I half heatedly enjoyed sleeping arrangements I do not like Sophie Kinsella writing as Madeleine Wickham Its not that the books are bad though they are not good either its just the characters are lacking any depth and the story was lazy and just sort of ends, no round up, no big build up Nothing It just ends, I was so shocked by this I actually checked I hadn t lost any pages And it isnt just in the gatecrasher, I found the same in the other ones.Altho [...]

    18. Eindelijk Een anderhalve maand later heb ik dit boek uit Ik dacht bij het aanschaffen van dit boek Ik vind de boeken van Sophie Kinsella altijd wel leuk dus als ze onder haar eigen naam schrijft moeten ze toch ook wel leuk zijn Niets is minder waar Ik vond dit boek erg tegenvallen Op de n of andere manier wist het verhaal me niet te pakken En het einde vond ik ook erg open Toch sta ik nog open voor een ander boek ook onder haar eigen naam geschreven want ik ben wel van mening dat je pas kunt oor [...]

    19. Have to be honest, I prefer Sophie Kinsella to Madeleine Wickham yes, I know they are the same person This book kept me entertained when I was stuck at the dentist s office however, I was at the dentist and waiting for a while so I think anything would have kept my attention I think this book was ok, nothing amazing Read Sophie Kinsella s books before you read Madeleine Wickham s books because Sophie s books are 100% better.

    20. Meet Fleur Daxeny She s beautiful, charming, cunning, and than a little ruthless Emotionally scarred after becoming an orphan at the age of 16, she has decided on an unusual path to riches No menial job or boring suburban housewife fate for her Instead, she has perfected the art of gatecrashing ie pretending to be a vague, long ago friend of rich deceased women so that she can be a sympathetic ear shoulder for the grieving husbands One thing leads to another, and before long she is using their [...]

    21. Ich habe schon viel gutes ber Sophie Kinsella geh rt, und war deshalb schon sehr auf dieses Buch gespannt Doch leider hat es mir nicht gefallen berhaupt nicht.Story Fleur besucht Beerdingungfeiern um sich an die Witwer heranzumachen und an ihr Geld zu kommen Nachdem sie sich ein sch nes Leben gemacht hat haut sie wieder ab Die Story beginnt als sie den einen Mann verl sst und sich auf zum n chsten Richard macht, der dann doch ganz anders ist alle anderen M nnerIch habe das Buch schon ewig Zuhaus [...]

    22. When I read the back of this book, it sounded like a bit of an overdone story woman goes after rich men and cons them out of money each time And to be fair, it was a very predictable story that felt like it had been done before However, I did really enjoy it and it was interesting from start to finish Unfortunately, the ending was particularly clich d as she falls in love with the man she s trying to con and the characters were not particularly well rounded Some things like Zara eating disorder, [...]

    23. This is an incredible, fantastic book but don t take my word for it, read it yourself You will fall in love and in hate with these characters sometimes love hate with the same character It will keep you guessing and hoping till the very end Just be prepared to feel so much for the characters you will not want to put it down but you will have to put it down to take a break because your emotions will be on a roller coaster I loved the plot, you think you know where it s going but you really don t. [...]

    24. 3.5 stars This was cute Nice fluffy contemporary I really liked all of the characters and man, can she write a jerk Lambert He was terrible But in a good way, it was good friction there Really liked it Actually kept me guessing a little bit, but in the end was able to predict the outcome.

    25. Thinking it was going to be light and fluffy, I was mildly surprised to find how well thought out the story was The characters had surprising depth, the premise of the book was intriguing, and I found myself simultaneously rooting for and against the protagonist Fleur Daxeny is a beautiful woman with an interesting way of earning a living she charms the pants off of bereaved widowers, weaseling her way into their lives in order to get access to their credit cards and steal all she possibly can b [...]

    26. A book by Sophie Kinsella writing as Madeleine Wickham.Well I said from the beginning of this challenge that I wanted to read a wide variety of genres and I have just read what some would call my first Chick Lit Now this book probably obviously wasn t written for a 40 year old bloke with a bald head who likes football and Newcastle Brown Ale drunk straight from the bottle And so it was interesting to take a look at this particular kind of book from an aspiring neurotic writers point of view.Fleu [...]

    27. This book has been on my to be read pile for quite a while now, and I m extremely happy to get it off I have no idea why I took so long to finish this, a week back, I had enough time to read, but I completely ignored that I had a book waiting.On to the review I have read multiple Sophie Kinsella books but only two of her books writing as Madeleine Wickham, and I enjoyed those two books as I enjoyed this one.The Gatecrasher is about a woman who goes to funerals to hunt for rich men So basically s [...]

    28. If you ve ever seen Wedding Crashers, the part where Will Ferrell has turned into a funeral crasher, well that s the life of Fleur Fleur s ultimate goal is to get the big bucks To do that, she scours funerals, trying to find a widower who can support her life She weasels her way in, gains their trust and runs of with their trust, money that is.But this time, her daughter Zara has gotten involved and this may be her final go round.I picked up this book because I loved every Sophie Kinsella book a [...]

    29. Primo libro di Madeleine Wickham, carino, ma pu fare di meglio Molto di meglio Innanzitutto non ho ben compreso la motivazione del brutto carattere di Fleur Non ha una vera e propria storia drammatica alle spalle, e il suo non voler lavorare del tutto ingiustificato Mi piaciuto comunque il piccolo approfondimento fatto sulle tradizioni del luogo dove prima la protagonista abitava e in particolare la strana abitudine di dover regalare le cose quando si dice che sono belle Il finale l ho trovato u [...]

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