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The Legends of Light By Gill Shutt,

  • Title: The Legends of Light
  • Author: Gill Shutt
  • ISBN: 9781475072334
  • Page: 195
  • Format: Paperback
  • A high fantasy saga in six poems For adults and young adults Crafted to be enjoyed by readers who do not normally read poetry, but do enjoy fantasies such as Eragon, The Lord of the Rings, and the sagas of Norse legend.Each poem builds upon the last to weave a tapestry of magic, dark creatures, and romance.
    The Legends of Light A high fantasy saga in six poems For adults and young adults Crafted to be enjoyed by readers who do not normally read poetry but do enjoy fantasies such as Eragon The Lord of the Rings and the sag

    One thought on “The Legends of Light”

    1. I really enjoyed this book I am a fan of poetry in general, but this was different from most poems that I have read The poems all told a story, they were not abstract or vivid descriptions of nature which I love as well but this book reminded me of some of Tolkien s poems from The Hobbit or The Lord of the Rings In my opinion, high fantasy lends itself really well to verse because in high fantasy the characters often keep their history through song and poetry I could really feel as though these [...]

    2. After reading through the first poem in a separate book The Quest for Elena the Fair , I really wanted to read the rest of the poems As soon as I began to read the second poem, Wizards Conflict, I was disappointed because the writing and characters were, in my opinion, much better in the first poem The witty and flowing writing just wasn t there Thankfully, the disappointment did not last long because the rest of the poems soon made up for it except for the fifth poem, The Glowering, which I was [...]

    3. This review may contain spoilers I received this book as part of the read.ewpeat offer from Grey Hart Press.I have to say, I m not a big poetry fan I read a couple that a friend of mine wrote, but that was it However, I kept coming back and looking at this particular book I was drawn to the idea of fantasy poems, each telling a story.I have to say, my favourite out of the poems was definitely the first one I did like the way each of the poems were connected together, but a lot of the relationshi [...]

    4. A great saga Each narrative fits into an overall story arc The verse itself is wonderfully written and the world it is used to describe is rich There is enough here to imagine the world the story is set in to be vast and sprawling, with many stories of great deeds and tales to be taken from it.It is certainly a book to read in one sitting This is when I got the most enjoyment out of it Although reading the tales individually has its charm, it really comes into its own when read cover to cover.To [...]

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