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Our Husband By Stephanie Bond,

  • Title: Our Husband
  • Author: Stephanie Bond
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 162
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • They re three women with one thing in commonOur Husband.When they found out about his cheating heart, they wanted to get even But how even Fate has just thrown a curveball at the women in Raymond Carmichael s life all three of them When they meet at his hospital bed, they discover they re all married to the same man And when Raymond suddenly dies, the police suspecThey re three women with one thing in commonOur Husband.When they found out about his cheating heart, they wanted to get even But how even Fate has just thrown a curveball at the women in Raymond Carmichael s life all three of them When they meet at his hospital bed, they discover they re all married to the same man And when Raymond suddenly dies, the police suspect that one of these spunky ladies has committed murder.The Socialite Blond, post menopausal, and mad as hell, Beatrix always suspected Raymond married her for her daddy s moneyenty one years ago.The Doctor Smart, small town family physician, thirty five year old Nathalie had ironically insisted on only one thing from her husband of seven years.absolute honesty.The Stripper Twenty one and an exotic dancer, Ruby would have chalked up her brief marriage to a learning experience.if she hadn t been pregnant Now they re three women left with a man s betrayal and worse, each other But one thing they each insist they didn t kill Raymond What can they do Something outrageous and probably impossible stick together to catch a murderer.
    Our Husband They re three women with one thing in commonOur Husband When they found out about his cheating heart they wanted to get even But how even Fate has just thrown a curveball at the women in Raymond Carm

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    1. I have read some of Ms Bonds Body Movers books and knew I had enjoyed those, but I was a little skeptical about reading this Yet my gut instinct, and all the reviews both for and against the book said I should try it Now I know I should always listen to my gut I see the the writer of the synopsis is comparing this book to Waiting to Exhale but I just don t see it one little bit.This book was funny, mysterious, kept me guessing through the whole thing The characters are likeable and well drawn if [...]

    2. The story is about Beatrix, Natalie, and Ruby who all get a call one evening that their husband has been in an accident and is in the hospital When they get to the hospital they discover each other and their dead husband They were all married to one man, Raymond, at one time and now they are being investigated for his murder The rest of the book is about them trying to clear their name from murder charges While they figure out how to deal with each other and the connection they now have I enjoye [...]

    3. I picked this up as my free book for August through the Prime Lending deal I hadn t read a Stephanie Bond book before, but the reviews were good, and hey, free lending, right I ve gotten to be a little cranky recently or maybe it s just that I ve read a series of mediocre books It s been a while before I ve fallen into a book and found it to be a lot of fun without nit picking it mentally This was a lightweight, enjoyable read that I just flew through.The characters considering they re pretty ca [...]

    4. 3.5 to 4 stars The 3 women are well written, very different from one another, and I felt the author did a good job with the story telling I felt like the story was real There is enough humor in it to make you smile and enough of a tiny budding love interest to put a goofy grin on your face I have been forever ruined to humorous books after reading the best humor of all time in Darynda Jones Charley Davidson series Nothing will do after Darynda But this book wasn t bad at all and I did overall en [...]

    5. Three women each receive calls from officials letting them know their husband has been hospitalized after a car accident The three women all end up in the same patient s room and are stunned to learn that they are married to the same man, Raymond Carmichael, a charming, handsome bigamist, compulsive gambler, debtor and shortly thereafterad man Ultimately murder is determined and the three wives are implicated This is a humorous novel with a touch of mystery and romance The plot is a bit light, b [...]

    6. When small town doctor Natalie Carmichael gets a visit from the local pawn broker loan shark concerning gambling debts her husband has run up, she s mad enough to kill her husband Hours later she gets a phone call from the hospital saying her traveling salesman husband has been involved in an auto accident, she heads off to confront him Once she gets to the hospital she meets Beatrix and Ruby, her husband s other two wives Things quickly go downhill for the husband as he passes into the great be [...]

    7. Three women find out their husband is leading a triple life when they are all contacted after he is involved in a car accident Although this is classed as a humorous romantic comedy there is an underlying theme that makes you sit up and really think about how these three, very different, women especially socially, educationally and professionally were in love with the same man The author has a nice writing style, the dialogue is good and flows easily and the story is well paced A good read.

    8. Overall rating 3.5 starsGenre Chick LitPlot 7 10Ending 7 10Writing 8 10Natalie 8 10Beatrix 4 10Ruby 6 10Humour 0 10Feels 4 10HEA N A

    9. Synopsis After Ray Carmichael is in an accident his whole world falls apart when his three wives learn of each other Yes, unbeknownst to his wives Ray is a bigamist Beatrix is the bitter, rich and cantankerous first wife Natalie, the second wife, is a doctor in a small town and fills the good girl role Finally, Ruby is the third wife who is a very young stripper with the brains and maturity of a can of tuna As expected, Ray s three wives hate each other when they first meet at the hospital Unfor [...]

    10. Original review at my blog.Please note that Our Husband is Stephanie Bond s debut novel the version I read is a re release Check your bookshelves before you buy, in other words.So, on to Our Husband, a romantic mystery in which three wives learn that they re married to the same husband, who of course didn t tell them what was happening Stephanie Bond s wicked sense of humor, combined with a well trained ear for dialogue, bring all three women off the page err Kindle screen , making each one s pe [...]

    11. This book is a story about three women from different walks of life Nathalie is a doctor, Beatrix is a socialite, and Ruby is a stripper However, they have one thing in commona husband Raymond.When the husband is in a car accident, all three are called to the hospital, and later Raymond dies of a heart attack At the hospital they find out they are all married to the same guy, Raymond After the autopsy, it is decided he was murdered Eventually, all three women are arrested for the murder, but the [...]

    12. What do you do when you rush to the emergency room to pick up your husband after he has an accident, just to find that there are two other women there claiming to be his wife And then you find out he s been bankrupting you and the others , and then he dies of a heart attack, apparently brought on by finding all three of his wives in the hospital room At first you hate the other wives, and all of you try to hide it from the world, but then the police arrive just as he s being buried and announce [...]

    13. This was my first Stephanie Bond book I loved it Our husband is the story of three women married to the same man Raymond Carmichael When is is injured in an automobile accident, this truth comes to light He is married to Beatrix, the rich socialite for 20 years, Natalie the small town doctor for 6 years, and recently married to Ruby, the red headed stripper When they all meet each other for the first time in the hospital their lives are turned upside down What will happen when Raymond ends up de [...]

    14. When I first started this book I thought it would be just a funny, quirky book But as I ventured into it I found the suspense and the surprise ending really threw me off How one man actually managed to keep three wives and managed to get one pregnant without all the others knowing is in itself a little out there But as I read through the book I began to find myself sympathizing with all three It s a cute story with a bit of laughter, a bit of suspense and a dash of anger for the man who created [...]

    15. I thought this book would be great fun because Stephanie Bond s Body Movers series is hilarious I was wrong It s was amusing, but not funny It was fun, it was interesting, but it was kind of sad too It s the story of a 3 women who get a call that their husband has been in an accident and needs to be picked up at the hospital, then all 3 find out they re married to the same man The first, a rich socialite bitch, the second is a country doctor, the third, a sweet airheaded stripper I enjoyed the b [...]

    16. This was a really cute story about three completely different women that find themselves thrown together under very difficult circumstances To wit, they find out they re all married to the same guy, and when he dies under mysterious circumstances, they re all suspects I really liked that every chapter was in a different wife s voice, and how it all came together in the end There s even a little bit of romance thrown in I look forward to reading other books by Ms Bond.

    17. It was a good distraction for travel, especially with the kindle version at 2 It was mercifully mostly free from unnecessary romantic fluff for the plot though the scenes that did involve that were a little stomach turning to me It kept me engaged wondering how the murder investigation would pan out However, the ending was slightly unsatisfying as the resolution of the mystery of who killed the husband seemed to come from left field.

    18. This was a great read while I was flying back from vacation, it was hilarious I really couldn t figure out who the killer was because these wives kept you laughing with their antics and trying to prove their innocence Wife 1, the wealthy socialite who had means and motive Wife 2, the doctor who had motive,means and opportunity Wife 3, the young stripper who had means and opportunity and a secret Who did it to the bigamist or in this case trigamist

    19. A fun read I have been reading too many serious books lately and wanted something a little fluffy This one filled the bill.There are some laugh out loud moments when three wives discover they are married to the same man The middle of the book is a good mystery and the book ends with a lighter, humorous touch.I came to love all three of Raymond s wives and would love to see them back for a sequel.

    20. This was a funny mystery I really enjoyed the whole storyline and the characters The 3 women Ruby, Beatrix Natalie were funny in their reactions to their husbands infedelities The story kept me interested all the way through the end I would have rated it a 4 if the ending would have been suspenseful stronger I was kind of dissapointed with who the killer ended up to be

    21. Cute little book silly but amusing about three women who are married to the same man who dies which allows them all to get to know one another

    22. Three very different women make the most of when their husband dies, although it was a shock that their husband was the same man.

    23. It was good for what it was It kept my interest and I enjoyed the characters I would recommend it for a day when you just want an easy readybe a rainy sunday or something.

    24. Great characters, a mystery with a dose of humor and romance and an unexpected twist at the end, and a fun road trip This book was very entertaining.

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