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Day of the Living Pizza By Vickie Johnstone,

  • Title: Day of the Living Pizza
  • Author: Vickie Johnstone
  • ISBN: 9781301567690
  • Page: 245
  • Format: ebook
  • A comedy horror to sink your teeth into.Detective Smarts of Crazy Name Town has a problem Doctor Boring and his receptionist have been bumped off, and the only clues at the scene are some olives, tomatoes, mushrooms and sprinkles of oregano With the town folk dropping like flies and strange figures stumbling down the streets, Officer Dewdrop has an idea.
    Day of the Living Pizza A comedy horror to sink your teeth into Detective Smarts of Crazy Name Town has a problem Doctor Boring and his receptionist have been bumped off and the only clues at the scene are some olives toma

    One thought on “Day of the Living Pizza”

    1. This book review was written by my son, Gage Bailey age 14.My name is Gage Bailey and I am 14 years old I read this story in a book called The Gage Project a book of short stories by various authors that supports the Ronald McDonald houseazon The Gage ProjecI really liked this story It was funny and the author did a great job of making zombies out of something most kids love Pizza The names she used Detective Smart and the fact that a mystery was woven into a zombie book made it so much fun The [...]

    2. With the crusty, irregular surface of pizza, and its various toppings olives, tomatoes, mushrooms and a sprinkle of oregano I wonder how come no one before has come up with this notion, the crazy notion of a murder mystery bubbling with humor, with Pizza and Pepperoni People who are zombies I find it so wonderful that the author, Vickie Johnstone whose poetry I love fashioned this particular story for a particular young reader, 14 year old Gage, and for the particular taste no pun intended of th [...]

    3. Who would have thought a story about people turning into Pizzas would be so funny, especially when there is some mystery mixed in for good measure Vickie Johnstone, author of several other fun and witty novels will make you laugh with Day of the Living Pizza Her character names alone will give you pause for a belly laugh I m glad to have stumbled on this story and discovered the Gage Project I hope it has been tremendously successful.

    4. This was a good book how ever I do wish the author had done to make it interesting I look forward to reading of this author s work.

    5. I am a big fan of Vickie Johnstone s Kiwi series and had heard good things about this particular book so I downloaded it and am glad I did.This book was written to raise money for a charity and the reader is rewarded for his her purchase with a laugh out loud, entertaining story Day of the Living Pizza was written for the younger generation but anyone who wants a good, goofy, fun read will get a kick out of this story It is silly but that is what makes the story so enjoyable to read The author h [...]

    6. I couldn t help it, I found myself laughing aloud many times as I read this story The idea of someone running down the street screaming while a giant pizza man chased her was both funny and scary I struggled between wanting to eat a pizza and being laughingly grossed out.Vickie wrote this story as contribution to an anthology for the Gage Project A project to entertain a child going through surgery with the prospect of a lengthy recovery time Proceeds from this book will go to charity This book [...]

    7. Day of the Living Pizza by Vickie Johnstone is a great little escape and loads of fun I love that it is written for a children s charity There are so many clever lines that had me laughing This is silly short tale will amuse and entertain Even though there are zombies and horror, it is not at all scary Done in a smart way for young paranormal and science fiction lovers Also, one that loves a good detective mystery Day of the Living Pizza is a adventurous tale and the author managed to get one of [...]

    8. Weirdest kids book I ve ever read with my kids Had to stop in the middle because we just couldn t get through it.

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