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Foreign Faction - Who Really Kidnapped JonBenet? By A. James Kolar,

  • Title: Foreign Faction - Who Really Kidnapped JonBenet?
  • Author: A. James Kolar
  • ISBN: 9780984763207
  • Page: 311
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Over 15 years have elapsed since JonBen t s body was found in the basement of her Boulder, Colorado home Diametrically opposing theories of her kidnap and murder were publicly espoused by Boulder Detective Steve Thomas and retired Colorado Springs investigator Lou Smit in 2000 after a grand jury failed to announce an indictment, or release an official report regarding theOver 15 years have elapsed since JonBen t s body was found in the basement of her Boulder, Colorado home Diametrically opposing theories of her kidnap and murder were publicly espoused by Boulder Detective Steve Thomas and retired Colorado Springs investigator Lou Smit in 2000 after a grand jury failed to announce an indictment, or release an official report regarding their year long inquiry into the matter This was the last time that any authoritative law enforcement voice stepped forward to explore the innermost details of this unsolved murder investigation Foreign Faction blows the cover off the lone intruder sexual predator theory, and reveals startling new evidence that heretofore has only been seen by a select few Kolar s work offers an entirely new perspective for the events leading up to JonBenet s murder on Christmas Day 1996, and it will ultimately redifine the public perception of one of the most unusual murder investigations this country has ever witnessed.
    Foreign Faction Who Really Kidnapped JonBenet Over years have elapsed since JonBen t s body was found in the basement of her Boulder Colorado home Diametrically opposing theories of her kidnap and murder were publicly espoused by Boulder Dete

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    1. In the faces of our children we are granted the opportunity to glimpse the future and the untimely death of one irrevocably changes us all As criminal investigators, it is our chosen duty to go willingly into the breach in defense of the weak and the powerless to stand tall in the face of adversity, and to seek the truth no matter where the course may lead Justice deserves no lesser effort A James KolarJohn and Patsy Ramsey at a press conference in May 1997 offering a 100,000 reward for informat [...]

    2. Spoiler Alert Reading through the book, I took a few notes along the way, so here is most of the evidence which Kolar presents as indicating an inside job Please don t read any further if you have not read the book 1 Patsy Ramsey said that she took time to do her makeup which the arriving officer observed , but proceeded to wear the same dress she had been wearing the previous evening at a party.2 Patsy cried during the morning, and one of the times that Officer French looked at her when she had [...]

    3. I find that often, I m influenced by the latest book I read I ll read a book by someone who thinks an intruder killed JonBenet Everything will pretty much make sense, so I ll feel that that s what happened Then I ll read another book by someone who feels JonBenet s parents were responsible Hmmmm well, that seems to make sense too.But what if JonBenet wasn t killed by intruder, or by her parents Hmmmm that s the theory James Kolar lays out, and I ve gotta say, I think it makes the most sense of a [...]

    4. Out of all the books on the case that Ive read, If your a believer in the intruder theory, read this, and you won t be any.

    5. A must read if you you want the real facts and evidence in this case If you really believe an intruder murdered JonBenet, you definitely need to read this The attorney general who cleared the Ramseys is not telling you about all of the DNA evidence The author lays out all the evidence and you can decide for yourself what really happened Too bad the book not available on kindle, I splurged and bought the hard back but it was well worth the money to me.

    6. Very good read Drop the intruder theory and you ll see all signs point to an accidental murder and a cover up by the Ramsey s it seems Burke flew under the radar and the DA were timid in the face of high priced attorneys.

    7. MY REVIEW AMAZING Clearly disproves the intruder theory and writes about evidence facts uncovered since Thomas s book was released I have no doubt in my mind that someone in the family either Patsy or Burke accidentally killed JonBenet and the parents staged a coverup NO DOUBT Thank you to A James Kolar for writing this book about his work and making the facts known Seems like Boulder County had one idiot after another as a DA who backed down to the Ramsey Defense Team.Only reason I gave it 4 st [...]

    8. This is hands down the best book on the murder of JonBenet Ramsey Det Steve Thomas s book is also a must read for anyone interested in the case A James Kolar brings the advantage of recent important information and the ability to speak freely than Det Thomas could.It is filled with concise reviews of well known facts and new, well documented information It is written with intelligence and specificity by an insider a former police chief who was asked to examine all of the evidence in the case w [...]

    9. Friends and family can attest to my addiction to this book It was my first true crime and riveting to the very end If you love a mystery full of surprises and have always had a fascination with the JonBenet case, this one is for you For the longest time, I questioned the involvement of the family, and with the latest news of the indictment, I thought I would read up on the case It is amazing how at every turn, the police were blocked Every time some revelation came to light that discounted the i [...]

    10. Very informative view from the police side of the investigationo bad this case will never be brought to justice.

    11. Mr Kolar begins his book with the version of the murder which was given by the Ramseys and endorsed by a lot of the prosecutors and police, where a foreign faction of several people entered the home and did the kidnapping turned murder Mr Kolar then goes through the evidence, showing pros and cons of each as it applies to the intruder theory He ends with his own theory which says there was no intruder, only the family was involved He leaves it that it was probably 9 yr old Burke Gets you wonderi [...]

    12. I have long been intrigued by the murder of Jonbet Ramsey, and recently found this book which I hadn t read about the murder Jonbenet was found in the basement of her home, several hours after she was found missing and a ransom note left for her father Having read almost all the books about Jonbenet s murder I found this one I almost gve up on it immediately because the opening chapter set out the most bizarre account of a kidnapping, but luckily realised the author was setting out this hypothes [...]

    13. The book explained every single evidence found in the house and it all comes down to one suspect Burke The older brother of JonBenet This little boy had serious problems from the beginning and I could see why his parents would want to cover for him This kid needed help but unfortunately , he committed the ultimate crime and obliged his parents to cover all his tracks It makes sense now why they hired a sea of attorneys and refused to have Burke interviewed by the police The parents knew they ha [...]

    14. While it has been some time since I have read any of the other books about JonBenet, this has been my go to reference on the case since I ve read it All the facts are clearly laid out I haven t had any problem going back to find something Kolar makes a good case for his argument, and the book is really only held back by needing a thorough editing for spelling, punctuation, and other typos.

    15. UNREAL Apparently can buy anything Well presented work from an expert on the case who had access to evidence knowledge that others did not Most authoritative work on this case to date.

    16. SSAAAADDD This sweet little girl was killed by her brother and the parents, in fear of losing him also, and feeling a need to protect their only remaining child, a mentally disturbed boy, covered it up Poor Jonbenet, a beautiful, but exploited child, never received Justice.

    17. the beginning started out good but by the middle it was a lot of repeating and way before the end you know who he thinks did the murder wait for it to come out on kindle for free not worth buying.

    18. My review here in light of my rating is really important I rate on how good of a read it was rather than anything else, and good is really subjective when you are reading anything about true crime I m a parent of three year old twins and this was probably not a really wise choice for my late night reading But for a week or two I was out of books and funny I wanted to say thumbing through , and you usually think of paper, but I was going to say the kindle libraryd I guess I probably was literally [...]

    19. Short and Sweet Foreign Faction utilizes a four part structure to illustrate a thorough and factually driven picture of JonBenet s murder, the aftermath, and the debate that continues until this day An absolute must read for anyone seeking information on this case Foreign Faction opens with a telling of what, based on interpreted evidence and John Ramsey s on record statements, an intruder scenario would look like It turned me off at first, and I must admit it was due to my own biases I ve alwa [...]

    20. Kolar s theory hinges on a few details of the case, namely 1 inconsistencies in the Ramseys recollection of the morning s events this doesn t necessarily equate to an intent to mislead 2 cobwebs around the basement window believed to be the intruder s entrance spot this was not the only way an intruder could have come into the house I believe a backdoor was also found open, but Kolar spends little time on this, if any 3 the Ramseys surrounding themselves with a moat of lawyers from the very begi [...]

    21. If you liked this book or are interested in reading it, this thread on Reddit is a must read A James Kolar answers a bunch of submitted questions, and his answers are thoughtful and illuminating I m adding a star because of how impressed I am with him I admit I was very annoyed by how coy the author became at the end when discussing his real theory as to what happened I completely understand his no doubt legal reasons for the ambiguity, but I m still annoyed, heh After reading this, I absolutely [...]

    22. Not bad, though it takes some while for the author to disclose his involvement with the case, and his attempts at humor sometimes were a bit off Also, this book really could have used a good, thorough edit wrong word usage homonyms such as waive wave , incorrect comma usage, misplaced modifiers, apostrophes used with plurals, and things like this bothered the hell out of me while reading I liked the author s theory in the case and wanted to know about it, but I felt he just danced around his co [...]

    23. I am so disappointed with this book James Kolar shares some extremely interesting information that could lead to JonBenet Ramsey s murderer being revealed, but it is buried so deep into the book that I think I would have missed it if I hadn t been looking for it I knew what I was looking for from posts on websleuths I understand that he can t really come right out and say what he is saying, but at least don t hide it near the end of chapters and chapters and chapters of unaccountably dull materi [...]

    24. I am not a cop I am not an attorney The closest experience I have to either is being an attorney in high school mock trial for 4 years Usually I was on the defense side The theories contained in this book kept me up at night I have forced other people to talk to me about this case This is one of the most bizarre and sensationalized cases ever Kolar left me with many questions than I had when I began However, I feel as though he presents what could have happened better than anyone else It all ma [...]

    25. This was a pretty interesting book by the former head investigator for the Boulder, Colorado DA office who took over the investigation into the murder of Jonbenet Ramsey The author gives a great synopsis of the history of the investigation and the development of various theories of the investigators and the various political twists and turns of the 20 year investigation The most interesting parts of the book are how the author seriously calls into question the intruder theory of the crime throug [...]

    26. Foreign Faction gives an interesting look into the murder of JonBenet Ramsey I have heard great things about this book and was excited that my local library was able to get it in for me At first, I was not sure what people were raving about Around page 250 or so in, I finally figured it out I couldn t put it down from there There were quite a few things mentioned in the book that I had not heard of before Though, he doesn t come straight out and tell the reader who he believes killed the little [...]

    27. I remember the JonBenet Ramsey case and couldn t believe it happened 20 years ago 20 years I never really knew than what the UK news had told us, so when I saw this book I decided to give it a go.The author does an excellent job of going through the physical evidence, the statements, and the possible reasons for the actions of the family in the aftermath, without it being gratuitous His theory of it being view spoiler the older brother, who was then protected by his parents, hide spoiler seems [...]

    28. After casually following this case in the media since it happened, I read a long piece about the many inconsistencies and anomalies surrounding the murder So when I saw this book was written by an actual insider, an investigator who worked the case for the state of CO, I bought it.The book is organized well and the information is presented as if the reader is new to the case While the writing itself is a bit shaky here and there and there are several misspellings, the evidence is clear The write [...]

    29. I was little when this horrible tragedy took place I remember seeing the supermarket tabloids and feeling so sad that someone could do this to a child JonBenet Ramsey was the same age as my little sister so it really hit home for me.My interest became renewed in this while perusing a message board Many of the posters recommended this book and it really stuck out to me since he was an investigator and not just a true crime writer I already knew what to expect because of the boards but it was real [...]

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