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Red Esperanto By Paul D. Brazill,

  • Title: Red Esperanto
  • Author: Paul D. Brazill
  • ISBN: 9788866652090
  • Page: 154
  • Format: ebook
  • Red Esperanto is a noir short story set in Warsaw, Poland In snow smothered Warsaw, boozy English hack Luke Case encounters Jolanta, a beautiful young woman with a gangster husband.
    Red Esperanto Red Esperanto is a noir short story set in Warsaw Poland In snow smothered Warsaw boozy English hack Luke Case encounters Jolanta a beautiful young woman with a gangster husband

    One thought on “Red Esperanto”

    1. Red Esperanto practically drips in the alcoholic sweat of the journalist Luke Case, not to mention some of his other bodily fluids Luke is a head case in ways than one I ll not elaborate on that and will let you discover that for yourselves.We meet him in a room in Warsaw where he s forcing down whisky and soaking up the atmosphere His companion is a prostitute who has than one admirer, not all of whom are as gentile as Case.Case is sucked gently oh yes into a game that lies within a love squa [...]

    2. The Warsaw Tourist Bureau is not going to be using Red Esperanto to flog the city to visitors While some of the nicer bits of the city make it into the tale, Brazill sketches a city that would rival Brixton for grit From the sordid panorama of a hooker s squalid flat with its view of sex shops, peep shows, 24 hour bars, booze shops and kebab shops the hapless narrator, journo Luke Case, stumbles his way into incongruous Irish pubs and a casually dangerous relationship with the second hand clothe [...]

    3. A Brace of Femme FatalesI ve become quite a fan of Paul D.Brazill s fiction He didn t disappoint with Red Esperanto Set in Warsaw around Luke Case who is an English teacher with a taste for booze and dangerous women Luke ultimately bites off than he can chew when he meets a gangster Jola Will he survive long enough to get another drink in An enjoyable short story with Brazill s trademark wisecracking characters and dark settings There is some excellent photography within this story too.

    4. The despair and self loathing of the title character palpable throughout in a grimy and sordid tale The author clearly knows his location as he paints the wider picture of Warsaw he paints, interspersed among the vivid locales, really paints a wider picture to give the story some setting and wider picture As per usual with Mr Brazill the characterisation is sharp and the dialogue sharper the story itself forms nicely as the pages turn with a great ending to tie it up.Good stuff.

    5. Un noir come quelli di una volta E lo scenario esotico di una Varsavia criminale immersa in un clima di ordinaria violenza Avvince, questa short story all americana, e convince il protagonista Luke Case, giornalista semi alcolizzato alle prese con un mondo pi crudele di lui Imperdibile.

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